Jason Wojo Review: 3 Major Controversies You Should Know About

March 26, 2024

Jason Wojo is the owner and CEO of Wojo Media. The 2018 social media marketing company offers social media account management, content creation and distribution, website design, and platform strategy. Jason also has created several courses on running profitable ads and creating your own SMMA, as well as has a mentorship program. In this review, you'll find out all about Jason Wojo, his controversies, Wojo Media, his programs and services, and what his clients say about him.

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Jason Wojo Controversies

There are several controversies regarding Jason Wojo and his social media marketing company, Wojo Media. Several YouTubers have made videos exposing Jason after about 30 of his editors reached out and complained about not being paid and sent tons of evidence, including raw video footage and conversation screenshots. A YouTuber, under the name MARKIE, even received a cease and desist order from Jason after creating several videos to expose his practices and getting in direct contact with him.

jason wojo review

Jason is also accused of using freelancers to work on his own clients. This could explain why some clients complain that Wojo Media is disorganized with the people working on the campaigns not being coordinated. The following screenshot shows the coordinator for Wojo Media asking an editor if they would like to work on another client of Wojo Media.

jason wojo review freelance

Jason Wojo's Social Media Accounts

A YouTube channel named Orlando SEO Expert also investigated Jason Wojo's business and pointed out the fake following on his Instagram. You can tell this by analyzing the proportion of followers vs engagement rates. You can also tell fake followers through their spam comments. Jason's comment section is spammed with emoji comments, unrelated marketing, or hate comments from people calling him out.

YouTuber MARKIE also exposed a list of Jason Wojo fan accounts after it was sent to him by Jason's disgruntled editors. There were hundreds of these accounts.

jason wojo review list

They explained that Wojo Media used freelancers for its marketing using a now deleted Discord group. Jason would upload raw videos on the group and any editor can take and edit this video and post them on their sites. They get paid based on the views their video makes. During the back and forth between MARKIE and Jason, it was reported that some editors started getting paid after much delays. It's hard to believe someone who says they earn 7-figures and yet do not hire editors full time nor even pay freelancers.

jason wojo review payout

Jason has also been called out for his controversial videos. Dubbed as a "Andrew Tate wanna be". One of his viral video calling people who go to the Gym as "stupid". Jason Wojo's height is 6”1, and he weighs 145lbs and never goes to the Gym as he calls it a "waste of time". In email exchanges between MARKIE and Jason, Jason explained that he didn't want to create such videos anymore, hence why he told his editors to stop and yet they continued to edit because they wanted money.

Jason Wojo's Press Exposure

Orlando SEO Expert also explained how Jason paid to have articles written on various publications to build legitimacy. He used an article on LA Wire as an example and pointed out that you can pay to be featured on news sites like these.

LA Wire

Jason Wojo is also featured in NY Weekly Magazine 30 Entrepreneurs under 30, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, and many others. To sum it all up, it is hard to recommend a social media marketer who buys fake followers to promote his own ad agency. A business needs followers who are potential customers in order to grow. Jason's dubious business practices is a concern and why I would not recommend him.

Jason Wojo Review: Pros and Cons of Working With Jason


Jason Wojo has proven effective when working personally with several clients.

Wojo Media's Ad Creatives packages are successful.


Jason is reported to just kick clients of the slack channel and stop business with them if they are, as he calls it, "downright annoying".

Several clients have complained that employees of Wojo Media are uncoordinated and all over the place, resulting in many delays.

Jason has been accused of being unprofessional and of withholding refunds.


Wojo Media currently has 3 programs: Jason Runs Ads, 6-Figure Agency Accelerator, and 1 Million Views. Jason also offers a high ticket 1-on-1 mentorship.

Refund Policy

Each program has their own refund policy, although there have been several complaints regarding clients unable to get their refund.


Mixed reviews because of unpaid workers and client complaints.

Who Is Jason Wojo?

jason wojo review

Jason “Wojo” Wojciechowicz is a digital marketing entrepreneur from Daytona Beach, Florida. He is mostly known for his skills in paid advertising. Jason Wojo got his money by learning how to Facebook ads. Using what he learned from Tai Lopez’s social media marketing agency course, he created his SMMA , Wojo Media. His company has since expanded to other services such as ad creatives and mentorship programs.

Dropping out of culinary school, Jason worked 3 jobs while still living in Newburgh, New York. He worked as an assistant at a life insurance company, a marketer at a financial firm, and at Staples for 14 hours on the weekends. He took business administration at Mount Saint Mary College while working on his SMMA business. One of Jason's first clients, Hustle Island HQ, which grew to 24,000 paying customers in less than a year, was his first taste of success. Today, Jason grew Wojo Media into a 7-figure business.

Jason Wojo's Net Worth

The revenue of Wojo Media is estimated to be less than $5 Million. Wojo Media generates revenue from their digital advertising services, ad creatives packages, and course sales. Jason has created and sold multiple training programs under Wojo Media.

Wojo Media

Wojo Media offers a variety of services is their Ad Creative Packages that range from script writing, filming, and editing to multi-platform ads and social media management. They also offer ad creative packages which prices range from $997 for Florida locals to $3,997 + airfare and Hotel/Airbnb for the Elite package. Under Wojo Media, you can also book a 1-on-1 mentorship with Jason Wojo himself where he will also run your ads.

Jason Runs Ads

jason runs ads

Jason Wojo's previous offer where he would run your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. This service has now been integrated with the 1-on-1 mentorship under Wojo Media.

6-Figure Agency Accelerator

jason wojo review 6-figure agency accelerator

Jason Wojo's 6-Figure Agency Accelerator is an SMMA course. For $97, you will get access to the 5 module training program, private Facebook group, and the support team. With this course, you will learn everything you need to create, managed, and scale your own SMMA.

1 Million Views

jason wojo review 1milviews

Jason Wojo's 1 Million Views are fill-in-the-blank video scripts. These scripts will get you 1 million views in 60 days. You can get access to the video scripts for only $10.

What Do Clients of Jason Wojo Say?

Reviews on Jason Wojo and his businesses have been bombarded with both positive and negative fake reviews. It is also worth noting that the Wojo Media website has some of the same testimonial from his previous websites, such as Jason Runs Ads. There following are some reviews online that appear legit.

The positive reviews, which I verified as legit businesses, mostly praise the effective ad campaigns. The negative reviews talk about the lack of coordination between the outsourced teams, delays in launching ad
campaigns, and refunds not being honored.

In summary, from the reviews we can tell that Jason Wojo knows how to run ads campaigns and do digital marketing efficiently and this was his ticket to early success. We can also tell that since he is outsourcing work in order to scale his business, the effectiveness of Wojo Media would vary.

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