Shawn Josiah’s Perpetual Income 365 Review: Best for Beginner Affiliates

September 6, 2023

Shawn Josiah’s Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing course. He claims to have a top-secret algorithm that Netflix and other big companies allegedly use to make money. But ultimately, Perpetual Income 365 teaches beginner affiliate marketers how to make money online by using automation software to promote Perpetual Income 365. Its done-for-you software appeals to aspiring affiliates with no prior experience or education about the topic.

Perpetual Income 365 is more of a software than affiliate marketing course. Members take part in an 8-step program that helps them generate passive income 365 days a year. The process involves solo ad and email marketing automation (which you will have to pay for).

In this Perpetual Income 365 review, we break down how PI365 works, the cost, its pros and cons, and if it is the best course for beginner affiliates. We’ll also discuss who it is for, how much money and time you need to earn money, who Shawn Joshia is, and who really makes money in the program.

Pros and Cons of Perpetual Income 365


60-day money-back guarantee

Beginner-friendly video instructions

Provides a short course on Solo Ads and traffic

Low entry price

No need to subscribe to landing page software, you’ll be provided with landing pages

Active community in Facebook groups


Upsells are offered in two different pricing with no difference in features

You can only sell one product for now: PI365 itself

The software is buggy. There are cases where landing pages don’t appear

The Money Pages can’t be edited

Additional cost to sign up for an email list software

Fake testimonial videos from actors and actresses from Fiverr

Trial Price

The trial price is $9 for 2 weeks.


$47/month or $297 lifetime. Various upsells are available with two different pricing for the same features (downsell price). You can join an elite group for $997.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is a 60-day money back guarantee. Like every other ClickBank affiliate marketing program.


PI365 originated in 2020.


PI365's reputation is poor. Reviews mention exaggerated income claims and fake scarcity tactics.

How Much Does Perpetual Income 365 Cost?

- Trial Price

⁃ The trial price for Perpetual Income 365 is $9 for 2 weeks.

- Monthly Subscription

⁃ The monthly price for Perpetual Income 365 is $47.

- Lifetime Purchase

⁃ The price for lifetime access to PI365 is $297.

- Email Management

⁃ The cost for email management add on for PI365 is $15. This is the basic package.

- Elite Facebook Group

⁃ Pay $997 to access the elite group for Perpetual Income 365.

- Upsells:

⁃ There are two prices for each upsell. The Perpetual Income 365 page will offer a discount when you try to skip the purchase or exit the page. The discount will not affect the features. There’s no downgrade, meaning you were paying for something overpriced in the first place.

5-clicks Profit Activator

The 5-clicks Profit Activator upsell for PI365 costs $197.

Upon exit, 5-clicks Profit Activator will only cost $147.

5-clicks Profit Activator

The Email ATM for PI365 costs $297.

The discounted price for the Email ATM is $197.

Perpetual Asset Multiplier

The initial price for Perpetual Asset Multiplier is $127.

You can purchase the Perpetual Asset Multiplier for only $97 after discount.

What is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing course that will teach you about a "top secret algorithm" (Micro Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm or MCCA). Shawn claims that big companies use this algorithm. The course claims to teach you how to make money online with 94.8% of the work done for you. For a base cost of $47, beginners with no prior experience, education, or special skills can start a new recurring income stream. PI365 claims you can generate up to $11,340 monthly.

Shawn Josiah launched the course in 2020 to “exploit the loophole” and introduced MCCA. There is no way to confirm that companies such as Netflix use the same concept

MCCA is a marketing gimmick where you offer people a free or low-priced introductory product. This increases the odds that they will buy more from you later, so long as they’re happy with the initial purchase. Shawn uses the same approach to price PI365.

Is Perpetual Income 365 the BEST affiliate marketing course for beginners?

No, Perpetual Income 365 is not the best affiliate marketing course for beginners because it is more of a software. PI365 is selling an opportunity to make money online instead of necessary skills to be an effective affiliate marketer. While you get to learn about the basics of affiliate marketing, the focus of the course is about teaching you how to sell PI365 to others. Automation and a done-for-you is their big selling point. The question of this being a sustainable way to generate passive income depends on how much you’re willing to pay. PI365 runs on Solo Ads and email marketing campaign automation, which can get expensive.

What skills do you need to make money with PI 365?

You need no skills to make money with PI 365. The course offers beginner friendly videos and step-by-step guides for their users. One thing that might be 100% necessary to make affiliate commission with the program is money itself. It might be beneficial to have an understanding of email marketing, affiliate product, paid traffic, and online marketing to make better decisions.

How does Perpetual Income 365 work?

The Perpetual Income 365 system works by leveraging Solo Ads and social sharing. As an affiliate you will have access to different resources including templates, solos, and elite group if you choose to pay for them.

Here’s what the inside of the program looks like:

What's in the Perpetual Income 365 Program?

A user-friendly software, a clear dashboard, instructional videos, and eBooks are in the Perpetual Income 365 program. The module is divided into two parts, MCCA toolbox and Income Leverage Bounty which help users optimize their use of the software and maximize profit.

Here is the breakdown of the program:

  • Step 1: Link your ClickBank account to your ClickBank ID to earn commissions
  • Step 2: Integrate your email autoresponder to send promotional email swipes to leads. You will need to have a GetResponse ($15) account for this.
  • Step 3: Activate the Perpetual Asset Multiplier ($127) for a done-for-you website/funnel setup.
  • Step 4: Activate the Email ATM ($297) which automatically sends high-converting email swipes to the collected leads.
  • Step 5: Use your 5 Clicks Profit Activator Money Page Add-Ons ($197). The features will help you increase the conversion rates of your money pages.
  • Step 6: Create your money pages, which are lead capture pages.
  • Step 7: Mindset Video
  • Step 8: Use the traffic crusher and Solo Ads to order traffic to make sales and build your email list.

When you join the Perpetual Income system, you're given access to some extra fast action bonus:

✅ Recurring Revenue Master Plan - An in-depth blueprint for creating recurring revenue streams online.
✅ Tiny Subscriptions, Big Profits - How to create and market low-cost subscription products that generate steady revenue over time.
✅ Income Commander Master Guide - Comprehensive guide to building a successful online business.

How Much Can You Earn With Perpetual Income 365?

You can earn up to $11,340 monthly with Perpetual Income 365. However, your results depend on your investment. Perpetual income 365 will provide you with a free squeeze page. You can either follow the steps they provided to generate money through affiliate sales and traffic to your website or find a way to do so. In short, the amount of traffic and sales that you get depends on the money and time you’re willing to spend. If you're aiming for consistent income and big profit, you must be willing to pay for ad traffic and the automation of your email campaign.

Who is Perpetual Income 365 for?

Perpetual Income 365 is for beginners. They market Perpetual Income 365 software as a low-effort way to make money for those who don’t have experience or prior knowledge in affiliate marketing.

Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam?

No, Perpetual Income 365 is not a scam. You will receive the promised materials upon payment, but the result of your investments depend on how much extra you are willing to pay and how much time you’re spending on it.

Does Perpetual Income 365 have a good reputation?

Being beginner-friendly sounds good for an affiliate course. However, PI365 used fake scarcity tactics and exaggerated claims to promote his course. This affected how the public views Perpetual Income 365. It doesn’t help that when you try to search for reviews from users, you will find “script-sounding” posts. These Perpetual Income 365 reviews in Quora, Reddit, and even TikTok are just means for the users to share their affiliate link.

Perpetual Income 365 User Reviews:

You can earn up to $11,340 monthly with Perpetual Income 365. However, your results depend on your investment. Perpetual income 365 will provide you with a free squeeze page. You can either follow the steps they provided to generate money through affiliate sales and traffic to your website or find a way to do so. In short, the amount of traffic and sales that you get depends on the money and time you’re willing to spend. If you're aiming for consistent income and big profit, you must be willing to pay for ad traffic and the automation of your email campaign.

Kareen Pierre from Canada made $624.34 from June 11 to Jun 13 2020 after joining PI365. Like many users of the program, she doesn’t disclose the amount she spent on ads.

Kathy made a total of $515.18 in two months. She suggested purchasing all of the upgrades, and Solo Ads from Shawn. Kathy shares how active the facebook group is and how she got a 1-on-1 session with Shawn because she purchased all of the available upgrades.

Ali earned $2192.84 in a single month by spending “as much as she can” to buy traffic.

What support is available for PI365 members?

Support available for PI365 members includes:

✅ Facebook group access to other members
✅ Facebook group access to Shawn
✅ Live Streams with Shawn, live Q&As

Is PI365 worth my money?

No, PI365 is not worth your money. The ROI is significantly low and the expenses of running solo ads can add up without guarantee of success. Although they market PI365 to make a passive income stream and eventually financial freedom, the investment from your end can be a lot of money. Unless you have a significant amount of money to throw into Solo Ads and the upsells, there are better options for you to make money online.

Will spending this kind of money on perpetual income 365 actually make you money?

Yes, spending this kind of money on Perpetual Income 365 can actually make you money. But, you'll also need to spend a lot on ads. In this affiliate program, many success stories look like this:

Rich is happy to announce his first affiliate sale of $136. Looking at his post, you’ll see that he had to purchase an upsell and clicks to get this sale. Here’s a breakdown of that:

Perpetual Income 365


Email ATM


800 Clicks via Udimi




How much work is needed to make money with Perpetual Income 365?

Not much work is needed to make money with Perpetual Income 365. If you have the money to run all the included automations, you only need to complete the instructional videos and eBooks.

Who’s really earning in PI365?

The vendor is really earning in PI365. Shawn also sells his solos along with other lists that he’s an affiliate for. It’s a profitable venture for him but solo ads are not the use of your money especially if you’re a beginner.

Who is Shawn Josiah?

Shawn Josiah is a successful affiliate market who belongs in ClickBank's platinum circle. He is a 7-figure entrepreneur who made his fortune in affiliate marketing. He then shares it to others so they can also make money with little-to-no-effort.

Shawn worked as a data scientist for Netflix. PI365 was born when he claimed to get his hands on a top-secret algorithm that Netflix uses.

Is affiliate marketing still profitable in August 2023?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still profitable in August 2023. To make a profit, you must know how to engage your audience. Effective affiliate marketers know how to identify products their audience might want to buy. And of course, produce quality content that ranks in search engines.

Is affiliate marketing easy for beginners?

Affiliate marketing is easy for beginners. It’s low-risk, inexpensive, and easy to scale. You’re also skipping the idea-generation part of becoming a merchant since you’re already consuming products. All you have to do now is to start publicly talking about them on social media or other platforms.

What should I do first in affiliate marketing?

The first step in affiliate marketing is identifying your niche. Consider your passion and interest. Then, analyze your competitors. Finally, assess the market demand.

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Local Lead Generation is Betterfor Online Income

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. But, the biggest challenge in affiliate marketing is generating traffic! You can promote as many links as you want, and create as much content as you want, but if no one is seeing it, it will go nowhere.

Let’s take the case of Perpetual Income 365. Members are often stuck in the cycle of purchasing clicks and ads for traffic. Some also create content to drive traffic to their money pages. It takes time, money, and effort to get close to a profitable result.

There’s a better way to drive traffic. My recommendation? Local lead generation. I’ve been doing local lead gen since 2014, and I can guarantee that it’s easy to learn. It’s my #1 recommendation as it proves to be scalable and profitable.

Invest your time and effort in a business venture that actually delivers perpetual earning. With local lead generation, you can earn up to $2000 by renting out ranked websites to small businesses. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make money online with low maintenance cost, try local lead generation.

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