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115 Passive Income Ideas to Get Money to Work for You in 2024

November 29, 2023

Are you tired of your "side hustle" taking up too much of your time with little to no return? 

Have you found yourself trading more time and energy for monpey, rather than more money than time?

This is a list of the 115 best ways to make a passive income... a TRUE passive income.

Now, at this point, it should be made clear that there isn't a real silver bullet called "passive income," and anyone who would tell you otherwise is out to steal something from you.

A true passive income still comes with an initial investment of either time or money to get going, and then it will provide a continuing return without any additional trade. 

Start implementing some of these suggestions today to start paying your bills while you're off the clock!

Bounce around to any of the sections that catches your eye.

Let's get started.

Make Money Online

1. Make YouTube Videos

YouTube is one the largest social platforms in the world, with over 1.9 billion monthly active users - most of which are under the age of 50.

With all of those eyeballs, advertisers are literally lined up waiting to get in front of a potential customer.

If you create good quality, well targeted content, your videos could gain a following that advertisers would notice.

Can you say sponsorship?

Check out some of the most famous YouTubers out there by clicking here.

2. Affiliate Marketing... With YouTube

While we are on the subject, even though it is possible for anyone to generate a YouTube following with a unique message...

It is highly unlikely.

However, using the same platform, you can generate $$$$ by being purposeful with your message and target audience.

I wrote a step-by-step guide for affiliate marketing with YouTube

(Yes, it's okay to check out that article now!)

3. Sell an eBook

Have a lot to say about specific topics? Why not write and sell an eBook?

Kick the traditional publishers to the curb, and go for a self-publish/direct to consumer platform.

There are several options out there, but by far the most popular platform is Amazon Kindle.

Read up on how to make money selling ebooks online.

4. Sell an Online Course

Have a lot to say about specific topics, but DON'T want to write a book? Do you have certain skills that if others learned would benefit their lives?

By creating an online courses on platforms like teachable, you will be able to teach others these skills that they can learn in their own time. If you're a medical professional, make passive online income by creating a course on your expertise. 

Click here for more in-depth information about how to create an online course.

5. Sell Stock Photos

Do you have a passion for photography? You could sell your photos as stock photography.

Photographers, both professional and hobbyists, around the world sell their photos through various platforms and agencies.

You can too.

Here's a great article to help get you started.

6. Amazon Associates

Billions of dollars in sales are made through Amazon every year. You now have a way to get a slice of the pie by becoming an Amazon Associate - which is their fancy way of saying affiliate marketer.

If you have a thriving website, you might be the perfect candidate to recommend items on sale through Amazon.

Here is an article that I wrote titled "Amazon Affiliate Review: How to make legit money as an Associate?"

7. Rakuten

Have you ever heard of Ebates? Well, now they are Rakuten (RACK-uh-ten).

Not much is simpler than earning cashback form making normal purchases at stores you visit regularly. 

Rakuten allows you to get cashback from purchases every three months. You can track your earnings using the Rakuten app on any smart device.

how clickbank works facilitating the symbiotic relationship between product creators and affiliates

8. ClickBank

ClickBank can change your mind about the potentials in affiliate marketing. The vendors available through ClickBank are one of the widest selections available worldwide.

It’s free to join and you can earn commissions when products you promote are purchased.

Here's my review of the course called ClickBank University 2.0.

9. Awin

How would you like access to over 200,000 affiliate partners to team up with and make money?

You can select the products you feel are a good fit for your interests and influencing power, and begin making money from the purchases made because of your promoting!

Learn more about Awin here.

10. Avangate

Software and digital product affiliate marketing can be a lucrative investment of time and resources. It’s the perfect way to add a stream of income if your interests lie in all things digital.

It's free to signup, and once you're an approved, affiliate IDs remain live for between 30-180 days for you to receive commissions from those sales.

Learn more about these particular affiliate opportunities here.

11. Online Real Estate

Have you ever dreamed of owning rental property in order to collect that rent check month after month, but didn’t want all of the headaches that come with depreciating assets?

Instead of living out that dream by claiming a Monopoly on a gameboard, why not create an empire of simple little websites that have incredible value to local business owners who are willing to pay rent, month after month?

This method may be tucked in this list at #11, but this is #1 in value.

Here I give you the step by step guide to get started.

12. Sell Your Own Products Online

Have products that you already sell face to face? Then why not open up your sales potentials to a broader audience online?

You can create an easy to use, simple online store. Then, upload your products, make sales, and ship your products to the customer.

Here is a great resource to help you get started.

13. Shopify

Have you always wanted to start an online store but felt overwhelmed at the technical extent of building one?

Shopify allows you to build your digital storefront and use its payment system for a small fee.

Discover how easy it is to open your store on Shopify and begin making money right away by selling your products.

Don’t have a product, and thinking of dropshipping? Think again.

14. Amazon FBA

Amazon gives anyone interested an opportunity to market and sell their own branded items through the Fulfillment by Amazon program.

You can have items made with your customized business brand and sell them on one of the premier sites for online purchases.

Using Amazon FBA is easier than starting an online store of your own, and you have immediate access to their regular customer base.

Ben Alistor, a successful Amazon FBA seller, left his full-time job and now earns passive income using this platform. 

Here’s an unbiased review of the top 5 best Amazon FBA courses.

15. Etsy

Do you have a talent for creating items people are interested in purchasing? Etsy is a site that brings in more than 600 million in sales annually by marketing arts, crafts, and supplies.

Opening an Etsy shop is simple and you’ll enjoy the community spirit, all while selling your custom creations while you're busy creating more.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to selling on etsy.

16. Dropshipping

Drop shipment businesses are preferred by anyone that loves to sell online but has no space to maintain large inventories. Your job is to give your customers the best price and have it delivered to them from the manufacturer.

You can grow your business as large as you want with an almost limitless number of product outlets.

Here is my dropshipping case study where I sold $48k worth of Adult shark onesies in 30 days.

17. Buy a Blog

Buying and selling blogs can be a great way to generate passive income. Whether that is a dormant blog that you coax back into life, or a thriving blog with an excellent financial outlook.

Some of the factors you would want to evaluate before purchasing would be the age of the site, number monthly visitors, how many of those visitors are coming directly from search engines, decent page rank score, and needs to have a good number of RSS readers.

Here’s a great resource to help you get started.

18. Create a Blog

Does the thought of getting paid to write a blog sound alluring? Do you have a blog that is fairly popular and has steady readership already?

By incorporating monetizing steps, such as allowing advertisers to pay you for ad space or affiliate product sells, your blog can make money in the background every single day.

Here are a few ideas on how to begin making money from your blog.

19. Create a Vlog

A vlog, or video blog, essentially is creating blog style content, but in front of the camera. 

By creating interesting videos for your visitors to watch, you can utilize the same money making techniques that traditional blogs do.

If you want to make money while you sleep with a vlog, your content has to be on-point.

Here are some good tips for creating a vlog.

20. Start a Podcast

Do you have a soothing or commanding voice? Do you captivate your friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers with vivid storytelling?

You might be the right person to start the newest, hottest podcast that would grow a healthy subscriber list.

Advertisers will pay just for commercial spots or to even sponsor the entire podcast.

Here are 8 ways you can make money from your podcasts.

21. Patreon

Are you a creator or artist with a growing fan base? You can create original content and share it with your fans through monthly Patreon subscriptions.

Getting consistent income from the generosity of your fans can help free up your time to create more projects.

Find out how Patreon works.

22. Make an Online Guide

Almost anything in our world can be completed online. 

If you are savvy with certain elements of completing things online, create a guide for others to buy and use to help them navigate the world wide web. 

People doing this correctly have achieved six and seven figure incomes long after they had completed the guide and posted it for sale. 

Find out how you can be the next one.

23. Flipping Domain Names

Are you creative with thinking up amazing domain names? You might have a business opportunity that suits this creative energy.

Many companies are on the hunt for the perfect domain name and are willing to pay to get the right one. Buying and selling domain names is a business that can build into a good money-making venture.

Looking for more detail? Check out this article.

24. Build an App

To build an app may cost a pretty penny at the front-end. 

The money that begins rolling in once the app has been created and marketed to the right people, could be well worth it in the back-end. 

For some steps to get you started, look here.

25. Nielsen Digital Voice

Many people are familiar with the Nielsen ratings for television programs. Now, you can download their software to your computer and make money by allowing them to track your activity.

This is a very simple way to make easy money without doing anything out of the ordinary.

Click the link to learn more about Nielsen Digital Voice.

26. MobileXpression

Another passive money-making opportunity exists with your mobile device. You can download the app for MobileXpression and allow it to track your internet usage.

The income comes in the form of gift cards, but it’s as good as cash. Right?

Check out more about it here.

27. Website Ads

Adding ad spots to your website is one of the easiest ways to create a consistent revenue stream without have to do any active work.

There are many types of ad services and some work better than others depending upon your website traffic, niche, content type, and other factors.

You need to experiment some to find the ones you find least intrusive to visitors and ones that pay well.

Here is a good article to learn more.

Passive Income Investments

28. Purchase High Dividend Stocks

Disclaimer: This is not advice from a professional analyst. You've been warned.

Companies need funding to continue their operations and continued growth, so they offer anyone the opportunity for pseudo-ownership.

Some of these companies offer really great returns on the investment.

Thus, your stock purchase (funding a company's growth) entitles you to receive a portion of that growth.

YOU MUST DO YOUR UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH, but here is a good article at the time of this post.

29. Robo Advisors

You can take advantage of mathematical and algorithm-driven financial advice without having a lot of training, as long as you understand the service gives the best outcome potentials without the aid of a financial expert.

AI-run software can help show you the best investment opportunities to get a great ROI by simply inputting some basic information.

Find out more about Robo Advisor services here.

30. Betterment

Are you tired of taking risks in an investment you can hardly afford? Reduce this unwanted side effect by investing using Betterment - an automated investment service.

After determining your time horizon, goals, and risk tolerance, they build out a custom portfolio and manage your investments to meet those guidelines.

What's better than making passive income from savvy investing? Savvy investing that is on autopilot and a reduced rate.

Read this article to find out if Betterment investing is right for you.

31. Personal Capital

Track your financial planning using a system like the one at Personal Capital.

Not only does this system allow you the ability to budget for your investment opportunities, but it also lets you see all your banking activity for crafting better strategy.

With the ease and access to this information all in one dashboard, you could be collecting checks while sipping margaritas on a beach.

Get the details on the benefits of Personal Capital here.

32. Blooom

Investing in a 401k should be met with healthy growth to the existing funds, which only comes with effective managing.

This is where Blooom can help. It gives you personal input to maximize your investments.

You can link your 401k in and see how it is performing at any time.

Learn more about taking control of your investing.

33. Acorns

Grow your spare change into a real retirement fund. Acorns allow you to link any of your debit cards and round up the difference in your purchase price to the next whole dollar for investment.

You can have amounts as low as five-dollars invested continually. It creates a steady stream of growing retirement money.

Learn more about how Acorns works.

34. Wealthfront

Managing your investments and cash can be tough without a little expertise. Wealthfront is a California-based company that gives you an automated, streamlined way to better manage your portfolio and cash.

You are in full control of every decision in your investments and can choose what works best for your level of risk. It's up to you, how much do you want your investments to make?

Check out this great review to see if Wealthfront is a platform you would like to utilize.

35. Vanguard

Vanguard is an investment service that allows you to diversify with ease. 

Let your money make you money by concentrating on wealth-building for pre and post-retirement funding.

Enjoy easy access and low-fees for stocks, bonds, and many other investment opportunities.

36. Dividend Investing

Have you considered creating an income stream by making wise choices in dividend-yielding investment?

High-yield investments from stable companies are a great way to enjoy a flow of cash that allows you to further invest in wealth-building.

Learn more about dividend investing and how you can benefit here.

37. M1 Finance

Get a foothold on the financial and investment markets with fractional stock options. You don’t have to invest a lot to get a decent return.

M1 Finance also offers flexible loans for investment with as little as $10,000 invested in your account. Get the momentum you need to make money.

Click here to get the breakdown on how M1 Finance works.

38. Stock Screener

How do you know you’re making the best investment decision for your situation? A stock screener can help.

A stock screener is a tool that allows you to set pre-defined parameters and weed out the investments that don’t fit your needs. By partnering your investments with a stock screener, your decisions will be much more informed and tailored specifically for your income goals.

Here is a great definition of what a stock screener does and how it can help.

39. Peer to Peer Lending

By way of peer-to-peer lending platforms, borrowers can apply for loans with individual investors without banks or other institutional lenders involved. 

Investors may choose to fund fully or partially any loan, and as many loans as desired. 

As one who invests, you would have the risk of the loan by lending this way, but you will also be the one to see the return if the investment bodes successful. 

40. High Yield Savings Accounts/Money Market Funds

High yield savings accounts and money market funds are ways to stack up cash at a higher-than-normal interest rate. The number of withdrawals are limited, but it allows your funds to grow faster.

Don’t settle for average interest rates with traditional interest-bearing accounts when the earnings potential are much higher with these options.

Find out the best money market funds in 2020.

41. CD Ladders

How nice would it be to have certificates of deposit that mature at different times? You can stack them by splitting your money into equal portions by giving each a different maturity date.

As they mature, either extend them, cash them out, or pull the fund for other investments. 

Find out more about creating a CD ladder.

42. Annuities

Imagine developing an income stream that pays you a steady, dependable amount each month? Annuities are a great way to plan the income you need for future use.

You enjoy flexible rates that can meet the income level you want to see.

Learn the basics about annuities here.

43. Become a Business Silent Partner

As a silent partner, you would be involved in providing capital to the business you are joined with. 

Normally, you would not see the day-to-day of a business and do not have a place to speak about the management of the company. 

The silent partner puts their confidence in the general partner to successfully run the business and see cashflow for all. 

Click to learn more benefits of silent partnership.

44. Worthy

Beginning to diversify your investments without a lot of funds is possible with Worthy Bonds. You can start investing into small businesses with as little as ten dollars.

As small businesses acquire a loan from Worthy, you (as the investor) are a going to make your investment plus 5% accrued interest on the original bond purchase amount.

Find out more about Worthy here.

45. Streetshares

Streetshares offers real opportunities to veterans looking to finance their business with low-interest loans generated through bond sales. You can invest savings with these bonds and earn a fixed 5% return.

It’s a perfect way to help veterans start and maintain a business and grow a passive income.

Learn more about how to start investing in Streetshares.

Real Estate

46. Real Estate Rental Property

The true O.G. of passive income is still a viable solution today. Anyone old enough to have played Monopoly knows that its far better to collect rent than to pay it.

Yes, it takes some substantial upfront investment and upkeep costs, but the income should always be there.

Plus, if for some reason you needed to get out of this, you have an asset to sell immediately.

Do PLENTY of research before jumping in to this, and here is a good place to start.

47. Room Rental

Want to have the rental experience without jumping all the way in?

Renting out spare room(s), or even your entire home, on sites like Airbnb is a viable option to create an immediate cashflow from a rental property... your property!

This affordable alternative to hotels is a hot, and often preferred way of lodging for travelers.

Here are 10 tips for running a successful airbnb.

48. Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Also referred to as “REITs”, companies that already own and operate income-producing real estate, give people the chance to become investors and make money from their real estate ventures. 

Investing in REITs can really diversify your portfolio, but the way they make you money varies depending on the type.

Some trusts earn investors money directly from rent paid and management fees, while others earn from real estate debt (think mortgages or securities).

49. Roofstock

Interested in investing in real estate, but not looking to leave the house? Then Roofstock is for you. 

It gives you an opportunity to buy and sell rental property, specifically single family dwellings, online, and all properties are certified and inspected, ready for you to make the passive income you’re looking for. 

If you're looking into obtaining rental property, then Roofstock is a platform to look into.

50. RealtyMogul

This company offers opportunities beyond the public market and chances to invest in individual, commercial real estate projects.

Once you have an account established with them, you can browse all of the investment options in order to pick which ones most align with your goals.

See the quality they have to offer:

51. AcreTrader

Want to invest in something that is already growing? Literally.

AcreTrader allows you to purchase income-producing shares in active farmland that typically have a 3-5 year terminal window for the investment. They claim to have over an 11.5% annual growth rate, with only a 6.7% volatility rate.

This makes this potential income stream look as appealing as a green bean (substitute one of your favorite veggies if you'd like).

Click here to check out more information.

52. Equity Multiple

This business offers you the chance to invest in proven projects with information from established real estate companies and partners around the globe. 

This is perfect for those who may be hesitant in jumping into commercial real estate investing because of the risk it brings to investors. 

Find out more here.

53. Lending Club

Offering a place to invest through individual and institutional opportunities, this is a peer-to-peer lending platform that could bring you the cash flow you seek. 

Individuals and institutions can request money within minutes, and within that same time you can choose something to invest in and the businesses out there can quickly begin making back a return for you. 

54. Crowdfunded Real Estate

Get up to 18% return on your investment with some crowdfunded real estate projects. Many opportunities and platforms exist (some of them have already been mentioned) that allow you to diversify your investment in all types of real estate.

You can choose the specific area of the real estate market you want to invest in and check out the specifics of each deal for your duration and payout.

Here are a few of the best real estate crowdfunding platforms available.

55. PeerStreet

PeerStreet is a company looking to offer easy access to high quality first lien real estate loans. 

By working with trusted private lenders, they thoroughly review all potential investments, and distinguish the very best as possible PeerStreet investment opportunities.

With a minimum investment of $1k, you can instantly add diversification to your investment portfolio.

Partner with them and see how investors are making percentages back within a year. 

56. Fundrise

Get into the real estate investment market with less risk of financial loss by using Fundrise. 

Your invested dollars give you shares in a wide variety of properties, maximizing your chances of dividend income from rental payments and asset appreciation.

You will be paid your dividend earnings each year in cash. Use it to reinvest in Fundrise or another investment opportunity.

Learn more about the benefits of Fundrise dividend income.

57. Flipping Houses

Are you great at finding good real estate deals? House flipping is a great way to invest a little and get big returns with the right property.

You don’t have to feel alone in the process. Plenty has gone before you and offers a wealth of helpful information.

Enjoy this complete guide to house flipping.

58. Flipping Real Estate Contracts

How about having an opportunity to invest in the real estate market without the responsibility of fixing and flipping a property? It’s possible to flip contracts, which means you are merely transferring ownership from one name to another.

The amount made per deal is not as much as a complete flip, but the freedom you feel from having to do renovations makes it an attractive option.

Learn more about contract flipping and if it’s right for you.


If you are looking for opportunity in real estate industry to generate extra cash for your expenses, debt or savings, check my ultimate list of real estate side hustle ideas

Creative Ways to Make Money

59. Write a Book & Collect Royalties

Take all of those brilliant thoughts in that lovely brain of yours and write the book you’ve been joking about doing for years. 

When you are the author, you receive a percentage of the revenue for each book your publisher sells. 

Anywhere from 6 to 18% is the general amount that an author is given, so once your book is on the shelves, you sit back, relax and collect those royalties. 

Look here for inspiration in putting those thoughts onto paper.

60. Business Referrals

Find businesses, online or around town, that will pay you to refer their services to friends, family, and otherwise, to continuously get income doing so. 

Once your friend, relative or stranger that you refer joins the company or buys their products, you receive a percentage of what money comes in based on your referral. 

Here is an example to get you thinking in the business referral direction.

61. Be an Extra in a Commercial / Film

Okay, this one may not be truly passive, but it could be really fun, creative way to make money or could even be your big break! 

Research upcoming casting companies ( and register in a location near you. 

Patience is required for paperwork, legalities, and then waiting for your call. 

62. Get Paid to Get Healthy

Exercising is the furthest thing from being a passive activity, but wouldn't it be a little easier knowing that you could actually make money doin it?

Apps like Healthwage & Gympact offer monetary prizes for exercising and eating healthy, often basing them off of an initial investment that you will make back plus a % for meeting your goals. 

Some of these groups even penalize members when they skip a workout or make an unhealthy food choice to further incentivize participants to achieve their goals. 

If you are looking for motivation to get healthy, or you are already on track making healthy choices, then this may be the way to make money for you

car dealership photo

63. Rent Out Your Car

Is car your sitting in a garage somewhere, or are there stretches of time where you aren’t using it? 

Turn that liability into an asset by renting it out!

There are other people, for a variety of reasons, that need your vehicle to get them from point A to point B. 

Charge these people to use your unused vehicle.

64. Rent Out Your Yard / Garage

If you have a yard or garage space that is unused, or you are willing to give up, there are people and companies that will pay you to use the space. 

You can rent these spaces out for one-time events or even have a company set up apartment-like areas to rent out on a more long-term timeframe

65. House a Billet

How would you like to become a home-away-from-home for young athletes who are visiting your area? 

You would offer room and board for under-20 year old athletes who join teams away from their hometown and do not want to officially move to that team’s city. Plus, you'll get paid a monthly stipend to do so.

You could make a young  person’s dreams come true and bring relief to their family members.

66. Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Welcome a student from a different country to join your family for an extended period of time to study and become familiar with American culture. 

Join an organization like Education First and get started on the process. 

With this, you find a creative stream of income and give a young person an incredible experience.

67. Be Someone's Friend

Yes, you are reading that title correctly; be someone’s friend and get paid. 

Granted, this is another gray area for "passive," but I'm guessing people aren't hiring friends to do manual labor as much as they are to simply not be lonely.

There are companies looking for professional friendship employees who get paid by the hour for becoming a virtual or real-life friend to the client. 

Look into companies like these if you’d like to be a friend for a living.

68. Bridesmaid for Hire

This one could be a landmine or a goldmine, depending on the situation.

Maybe the groom has more close friends than the bride and she will need someone to fill in for the wedding ceremony?

What if the bride to be doesn't have anyone to really depend upon to help her through the big day? 

You can be that bridesmaid that they hire for *at least* a day’s work (which most likely won't involve much more work than having fun). 

69. Groomsmen for Hire

Same story, flip the script, and cash the check.

Complete the wedding party? Host the bachelor party? 

Be a groomsmen for hire and take a piece of cake home to enjoy a not-so-job well done. 

70. Elderly Companion

Many elderly citizens out there have lost most, if not all, of their companions, and there they still sit. 

Become a friend and caregiver to someone who needs some light in the last years of their life, and be paid for being that light.

By investing your time and compassion, you'll gain a great return in your wallet and your soul.

71. Mystery Shopper

If you know your way around the stores in your area and are aware of a business’s customer service, then become a mystery shopper. 

You can get paid, reimbursed, or both for simply providing feedback on purchasing the things you might typically purchase.

Check out this link for more info to get started. 

72. House Sit

With all of the “self-care” initiative going around in our culture right now, people are listening by taking vacations and seeing the world more often. 

Whether taking a self-care trip, or leaving their home empty for a plethora of other reasons, families are leaving their home behind, and they would feel more at ease if you would come watch over it while they are gone.

They may have pets or plants that need taking care of, and you can be the house sitter to take care of any home needs.

You get paid to live in someone else's house while they are gone.

73. Sell Digital Files on Etsy

Anything from artwork that you’ve created to crochet patterns, etsy allows you to sell digital files through their platform. 

You would list your product just like a physical product, and it has the potential to sell until it is removed. 

Once your customer purchases your file, it will show up in their downloads; they get what they want and you get paid. 

74. Design T-shirts

A company may be launching a new brand, or a child is turning 5 and everyone in the family wants a shirt to celebrate. 

Whatever the reason, they want a t-shirt that no one has created yet, and you can be that creator. 

Offer your one-of-a-kind and personalized designs for people’s t-shirt needs. 

As you create new designs, you can post them online for sale, and they will stand there selling themselves forever.

75. Vending Machines

C'mon, who else has seriously thought, "hey, who gets all of this money that's put in vending machines?"

It could be you.

Some vending machines only bring in $5 per week, and others that are well-placed and thoughtfully-stocked can make hundreds per day. 

Find your spots and decide on your products, then go for it.

You can even join companies that will help train you and get you generating passive income.

76. Storage Rentals

Have a space open that others can pay you to store their belongings, such as a separate garage or storage building? 

Don’t have a use for an actual storage space anymore? 

Rent out space to others and potentially see income for years to come. 

77. Buying Royalties

All of your favorite hit songs, movies, and even inventions have 1 thing in common... Royalties.

Many are experiencing this stream of income while streaming their favorite tunes by getting paid each time a collectively held royalty they have purchased is used.

Check out platforms like Royalty Exchange, which offer both an online marketplace and private syndicate program to get you started. 


So, remember that gray area mentioned earlier?

Yeah, pretty much all of these online surveys require a little time investment in relation to their earning potential.

Technically, they're not compounding or increasing in their ROI, but there really isn't a demand for actual work to get paid.

78. Swagbucks

Swagbucks can provide cash and other rewards for completing surveys and playing games, but you have to go through a qualification process. It focuses on specific demographics.

It’s a good source of swag for those that have time to kill and patience.

Here is more information about how Swagbucks works.

79. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a website you can use to do small surveys at any time of the day. It gives you a flexible way to make money from home.

You can choose the surveys that you find interesting.

Here is a good review for Survey Junkie.

80. Vindale Research

One of the largest survey sites online is Vindale Research. You can choose from various categories of businesses that are looking for honest opinions.

Signing up is easy and you start right away.

Read this article and watch the included video to see how easy it is to get started.

81. OneOpinion

How frustrating is it to go to survey sites and find little you qualify to take?

OneOpinion makes the process simpler so that you get the chance to complete surveys daily.

Enjoy this comprehensive review of OneOpinion.

82. YouGov

YouGov is one of the most diverse global opinion gathering websites in operation. You can join panels with others from all over the world.

You can exchange the points earned from completed panels for cash.

Find out more about YouGov here.

83. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel provides a fun atmosphere to complete surveys for great gift card options. You can also receive you’re earning in cash.

You can begin getting your rewards quickly, depending on your commitment to finishing surveys.

Learn more about the rewards from PrizeRebel.

84. PointClub

Do you need a flexible way to earn reward cards or cash?

PointClub offers numerous survey opportunities every day, and even gives you points if you don’t qualify.

Find out what many PointClub users are saying here.

85. CashKarma

CashKarma is a survey site that allows you to earn rewards for more unusual things like Google Play and Apple Store.

The surveys are quick, fun and you can build points fast.

Learn 25 ways to earn Google Play Credits.

86. Harris Poll Online

Are you worried about the release of your private information when taking surveys? Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest companies providing quality survey opportunities.

Your information is always held in strict confidence.

Find out more about joining Harris Poll here.

87. Panel Opinion

Panel Opinion is a UK based survey and opinion site that offers a wide variety of fun opportunities to make money.

One of the best things about Panel Opinion is low cash transfers. You can get access to your earned money faster.

Find out more about the opportunities available here.

88. Inbox Dollars

How would you like a survey site that sends the best opportunities directly to your inbox? You get paid for simply reading the email, even if you don’t take advantage of the offer.

Make money taking surveys, watching videos, or even playing games.

Get started with this fun way to make money.


Ever hear the phrase "your network is your net worth"?

I'm pretty sure they were talking about MLMs.

The reason this is so popular is because it presented the true possibility of making money without working to a middle class who only know how to trade time for money.

If you can first build out an expansive team of passionate, go-getters in any MLM, you will be getting payment notifications as you spend your time seeing and exploring the world.

89. doTerra

Do you love using essential oils? You can bring your knowledge and love of essential oils and create a money-making business.

You can sell doTerra quality essential oils, establish other doTerra sales people beneath you, and make money from each sale.

Learn more about doTerra essential oils.

90. Amway

Amway is one of the most trusted worldwide distributors of health and beauty products. You can start your own business by providing these quality products to family and friends.

You’ll have the backing of highly-experienced fellow distributors to help build out your network of money makers who make you money.

Learn how to start your own Amway business here.

91. Plexus Worldwide

How would you like to be a part of the diet supplement revolution that is Plexus? You can sign up to become a distributor and start right away.

Offer high-quality products that show real results; then, multiply your sales force to multiply your earning potential.

Find out if Plexus Worldwide is the right opportunity for you.

92. Karatbars International

Invest in a more stable monetary product called CashGold. Small amounts of real gold are placed in cards or made into bars to allow for purchases if the current monetary system falls.

You can sell these to your friends and family for a small profit.

Find out more about Karatbars International here.

93. NeoLife

NeoLife is a company focused on improving nutrition and health for everyone.

You can become a distributor and help market quality, healthy products.

Find out more about the company, and get an idea on how to maximize that ROI.

94. Atomy

Atomy is a Korean direct sales company that specializes in healthy, cosmetics, and a wide variety of marketable goods.

You can help market everything from health products to home decor. So enlist all of your passionate peeps to sell what they're interested in!

Learn more about this opportunity here.

95. Norwex

How nice would it be to have access to all the natural, effective, and safe products to clean your home?

You can build a wealth of business by offering these great products to everyone you know, and then they offer them to everyone they know, and on and on.

Discover how to join the Norwex team.

96. Modere

Modere offers numerous products that beautify the home and provide safe, beneficial products for your health and wellness.

You can take advantage of the customer loyalty program, which lets you give the same opportunity at great products to your friends, and brings huge savings on your next order.

Find out more about the rewards program here.

97. Mary Kay

What is the last job opportunity you had that can lead to a free new car?

Mary Kay offers this to this lease option to the team leaders who develop a team of at least 12 members and a net minimum of $18k in 4 months.

Learn more about Mary Kay and available opportunities here.

98. Valentus

Valentus diet-based coffee products are designed to help burn carbs, boost your immune system, and help you get to a more healthy weight.

By focusing on building out your sales reps, you can make your way up the ranks to better profit sharing with a commission of up to 25%.

Learn more about opportunities with Valentus here, but I did notice some pending legal issues about product quality.

Imagine that.

99. Optavia

Optavia sells crafted weight loss programs filled with healthy products proven to work. You can become a part of this healthier lifestyle movement.

You can make commissions off of direct sales, or build an empire consisting of sales reps enthusiastic about weight loss meal plans that start at $300/mo.

Learn how to become an Optavia coach here.

100. Avon

Many people are already familiar with the beauty and wellness products provided by Avon. It’s one of the most recognized brands around the globe.

You can become a local distributor and provide the same quality products women have depended on for decades.

Build out a team of sales reps to put your Avon income on auto.

Find out more about Avon here.

101. Herbalife

Herbalife offers recognizable nutrition products around the world. You can begin a flexible career in distributing these health and wellness items in your local area.

It’s the perfect additional income opportunity for a busy mom or dad to sell these products to their friends and family members.

Or grow your team to grow your cashflow!

Learn more about becoming a distributor here.

102. Tupperware

Do you remember attending a Tupperware party in the past? Do you remember how fun and fascinating they were?

Become a Tupperware representative and develop a team of representatives to make money with a trusted product.

Discover good reasons to become a Tupperware representative here.

103. Primerica

Term life insurance and investment strategies are important for families trying to put money back for future needs.

You can become a part of the team that helps put growing families in touch with the investment experts needed to make a difference.

Find out all the services Primerica offers.

How to Make Money Fast

These methods could be utilized as a one time shot of cash to jumpstart your other passive ventures.

Or, if implemented correctly, these could be used as your bonus income streams.

104. Pay off Credit Card(s)

Only making the minimum payments month-to-month? 

You may want to consider paying off your credit card debt sooner rather than later so that your money can be invested and make money for you. 

Money you are wasting on paying interest by extending payments is cashflow wasted.

Here are some unique ideas of how to pay off that debt quickly.

105. Cash Back Rewards on Credit Cards

Disclaimer: This is not advice from a professional financial advisor. You've been warned.

Everyone seems to know this game pretty well, and some of us may unfortunately know it too well.

Many reputable credit card companies are offering cash back incentives for using their cards with everyday purchases.

The thought is "if you're already going to buy the stuff anyway, why not get a little money back?"

Here are some sobering statistics that might help you be better informed.

106. Sell Your Stuff

Do you have more stuff than there is space to store everything? You can make some quick cash by putting your extra items up for sale.

You never know what you have that someone nearby needs and can’t find.

Selling your stuff is the easiest way to make cash fast. Maybe even as fast as it took to buy it.

Here are a few places you can begin selling items today.

107. Sell Your Hair

Long, well cared for hair has cash value to companies that want to make natural hair wigs and extensions. Not everyone qualifies, but it can be a fast source of cash earned passively.

Several outlets exist for selling quality hair for cash.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

108. Sell Plasma

If you enjoy donating whole blood periodically, selling blood plasma should be an easy way to make quick cash. You can make as much as $300 a month donating your blood plasma.

You can go every week or a couple of times per month.

Find out more about plasma donation and earning cash here.

109. Open a Checking Account

Have you considered the possibility of making some extra cash by opening a new checking account? Many banks are offering cash incentives to draw in new customers.

You can make an easy $200, $300, or even $400 today.

This article has some of the best bank account bonuses at the time of this article.

110. Refinance Your Mortgage

Finding the right opportunity to refinance your mortgage can save you immediate cash and lessen the amount you pay in interest over the life of the loan.

Waiting for a 2-point drop in interest rates will put cashback in your pocket each month.

Use this calculator to find out how much cash you can save by refinancing your mortgage.

111. Cash Back Websites

How would you like to earn cash back from normal purchases? You can get some of the best cash back amounts available through established websites.

All you have to do is make your normal purchases through a cash back website.

Here are some of the best cash back websites to date.

112. Truebill

Small leaks in your budget can be plugged up using the Truebill app. It can root out subscriptions and other things pulling money out of your account.

You might be surprised at how much money you have at the end of the month by using an app to save you money through budgeting assistance and financial management.

Click here to find out more about Truebill.

113. Vehicle Ads

Have you seen car wraps that display company ads? You might assume they are company vehicles, but it’s not always the case.

You can be paid quick cash each month for displaying company ads on your car.

Here is an interesting article to read about finding legitimate vehicle ad offers.

114. Market Research Participant

Focus groups and market research studies can earn you relatively quick cash. Some pay as much as $100 and more.

Be prepared to wait an average of 2-4 weeks for payment with online focus groups.

Check out these companies hiring for market research participants.

115. Negotiate Your Bills and Salary

Lowering the amount you pay on your bills will put immediate cash in your pockets. You can reduce interest rates on credit cards and minimize basic utility bills.

Here are 5-steps to negotiate lower bills.

Why not earn more money on top of saving it? If you have a great job performance and have been there for a good amount of time, you can successfully negotiate a raise.

Here are 37 tips to successfully negotiate a better wage.

How I Make $50k+ Per Month in Passive Income

In 2015, I was just like many of you reading this...

Stuck in a 9-5, corporate job that was sucking the life out of me.

Then I quit.

I have been self-employed ever since, building an empire of digital properties like these:

This tree service site in particular makes me $2000 per month.

It generates about 250 calls for my client.

In fact, it's been making me $2k every month since 2015.

IMO, this is one of the BEST ways to generate long-term, passive income.

The two things that make this business model succeed are not going away anytime soon...

Small Businesses and the Internet.

When you know how to produce leads, then you can be paid directly from local businesses.

We have a coaching program with over 5000 students learning this business and creating real income online by providing a real service.

Go to this page to find out more about how you can start your lead generation business.

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His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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