Travis Stephenson’s Simple Profit System Review (Top 3 Issues with Amazon’s Influencer Program)

March 11, 2024

The Simple Profit System by Travis Stephenson of Wealthery is a training on how to make money online with the Amazon Influencer Program. The Amazon Influencer program pays you a commission for creating short product review videos for Amazon products. When someone watches your product review video and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission. 

This Simple Profit System review will uncover if being an Amazon Influencer will pay you thousands of dollars in passive income each month and how it compares to making money with the popular local lead generation business model. Travis Stephenson claims he was able to use this system to create a $100/day commission machine in just 2 days without money, software, a website, or phone calls. 


Travis Stephenson has created multiple 6 figures businesses and sold them.

Becoming an Amazon Influencer will pay you commissions for your videos. 

Travis trains you on how to build your brand enough to qualify for the Amazon Influencer program

Walmart also has a content creator program similar to Amazon's, where you can make money off of your product review videos. 


If you create product review videos for products that don't sell often, you won't make a passive income.

You have to buy products to review them or you must ask family and friends what products they have so you can do a video. This is the most uncomfortable part of the Amazon Influencer program.

Scaling to thousands of dollars per month is difficult because if a seller stops selling a product, you won't have the chance of making money on that product anymore. 


The Simplest Profit System costs $97.

Refund Policy

30-day, money-back guarantee.


Series of training videos divided into 3 main sections (Main, Influencer, Affiliate)


Private Facebook group called Amazon Influencer Crew.


Travis Stephenson founded Wealthery in 2017. 


Travis has a good online reputation, especially given the fact there was interest in 6 of the multi-million dollar businesses he created.

Top 3 Issues with Amazon's Influencer Program

1. Low affiliate commissions

Amazon Influencer commissions are low and range between 1% and 10% with Amazon games paying up to 20%. You will not make thousands of dollars in commissions on Amazon as an influencer unless you at least do hundreds of product review videos. You also need to build a massive following to have a better chance of generating traffic to the products you review. Even then, there is no guarantee you make consistent commissions.

2. You need thousands of followers on social media (IG) to qualify

It can take weeks or months for a beginner to gain thousands of followers and qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program. This can be a hassle because you need to build social media profiles and run ad campaigns focused on increasing followers, which takes time and money. Paid traffic is also not passive because you need to monitor your campaigns often in case you need to make any adjustments. 

3. You aren't the only influencer creating product review videos on Amazon

Creating product review videos is not new. This means that you aren't the only one that is making these videos. You will compete with thousands of influencers and people who are looking to make money in this program. To outdo them, you must optimize your videos for quality of thumbnail, length of video, and quality of review.

What's inside the Simple Profits System?


Travis welcomes you to the Simplest Profit System. He summarizes what you'll learn in the training and how to navigate the members' area. 

On this page, there is a link to the Wealthery Amazon Influencer System, a 27-page PDF that lays out all the steps on how to become an Amazon Influencer and the program’s requirements, so you can make videos and earn sizable commissions on Amazon.

When signing up as an Amazon Influencer, you can use your existing Amazon Associate account you use for the Amazon Associates program. 

1) Main Training

In the Main training, Travis shows you how this business model works. You'll learn the best way to make your video review, how long to make it, the right way to title it, and what thumbnails you should use to attract buyers to watch your video and purchase. 

2) Influencer Training

In the Influencer training section, there are two training videos.

  • Grow Your Page SIMPLY teaches you how to build a fan page from no followers, to over 4,000 followers/likes in a matter of days using Facebook ads and leveraging Facebook groups. 
  • Going Viral For More Sales gives you a blueprint for how to get more sales by creating viral Reels on Instagram, Facebook, and with YouTube Shorts.

How many followers do you need to be an Amazon Influencer?

To apply for Amazon Influencer, you need anywhere between 1,000 and 1 million followers across all social media channels before you get paid commissions. Influencer commissions are the same commissions you receive if you were in the Amazon affiliate program.

3) Affiliate Basics

In this section, Travis shows you how to become an affiliate of the Simplest Profits System. He also teaches you his "Covert Influencer Method" which is where you post content that provides free value to your Facebook contacts. Travis encourages you to use to produce content to make yourself look like an authority in your niche. As you post useful content, people will be inclined to following you and friend request you. You also learn how to leverage email marketing and Facebook ads to generate traffic to your affiliate offers. 

4) Wealthery Pursuit Podcast

This podcast is new for Travis. The first episode of the Wealthery Pursuit Podcast was released on January 27, 2023.

Who is Travis Stephenson?

Travis Stephenson is a 7-figure affiliate marketer from Palm Coast, Florida. In over 14 years of being in business, he's built and sold 6 different multi-million dollar businesses. Before reaching these levels of financial success, Travis attended the Clarion University of Pennsylvania for 4 years to get his Bachelor's degree in business administration, management, economics, marketing, and law. Travis spent $80,000 for his 4 year college degree.

In 2006, he worked as a personnel manager at a hospitality company called Black Tie Valet. Three years later, he founded the Magic Media company, which is the company where he does all of his publishing. In it, he promotes and teaches online courses.

In 2018, Travis founded Chatmatic. Chatmatic is an online messaging software that allows you to automate your engagement with your social media followers and customers through the use of automated direct message campaigns. 

Travis has earned four 2 Comma Club ClickFunnels awards for all the sales he's generated with affiliate marketing and messenger marketing. He's also helped over 35,000 people become financially independent by creating and growing their digital marketing businesses. He continues to provide value through the content he posts online. The Travis Stephenson YouTube channel has over 7.49K subscribers, but he doesn't post often on YouTube. On Instagram, Travis has over 28K followers and he posts content about online marketing every day.

How Did Travis Stephenson Become a Millionaire at 26?

Travis' Background and Story

In his video, Travis highlights how his content aims to shift viewers' perspectives from mere consumers to active producers. He was a college student who was burdened with student debt back in 2008. The economic decline at that time made it hard for him to find a job. His life turned around when he started a career in digital marketing. His negative experiences in life pushed him to strive hard in his digital marketing career. 

How He Overcame Early Challenges in Life

After diving into internet marketing and digital strategies, Travis shifted his mindset from being a consumer to a producer. He initially delved into affiliate marketing, where he promoted products for a commission. As he honed his skills, Travis looked for other profitable products and focused on building his own email list to expand his business. He transitioned from being an affiliate marketer to a coaching this business to others. 

Lessons Travis Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Mindset Shift: Travis emphasized the need to shift from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset. He advocates the use of information and skills to create and produce, rather than solely consume.

Expertise Level: Travis advises that supreme expertise isn't necessary for success. He says even moderate skills can be extremely valuable when used right. 

Internet Marketing: He emphasized the role of internet marketing in scaling and reaching a wide audience. 

Creative Thinking: Travis urges viewers to creatively explore how to tap into profitable online niches or markets, and leverage their unique skills and knowledge. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Over his career, Travis Stephenson has built and sold six different multi-million dollar businesses. He started from having no coding experience to building an eight-figure software empire.

Is the Simple Profit System legit?

The Simple Profit System is legit because Amazon will pay you a commission if someone purchases a product after having watched your product review video. Creating these videos isn't difficult and uploading it to Amazon's product listings also isn't complicated. Travis Stephenson started making money with the Amazon Influencer Program on December 26, 2022. By the end of January, he had already made $1,483.87.

Travis said he wasn't giving it his all and still made money. It's concerning that Travis only made just under $1,500 and is already selling a training course. It seems he is selling this training in the hope of more people becoming affiliates of the Simple Profits System instead. 

The issue with this business model is that there are lots of competitors creating videos and the income you make is not something you can count on each month. Travis must know this, which is why he pushes you to become an affiliate of the program. If you find this course doesn't right for you, check Anonymous Influencer

Amazon Influencer Program vs Affiliate Program

                AMZ Influencer
AMZ Associate

What you do

Create product review videos in your home highlighting the quality of Amazon's products.

Send traffic towards Amazon's products through blogs, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and YouTube.

Startup Cost




Amazon Influencer program pay (commissions) depends on what kind of product you make product review videos for and how many people purchase the product after viewing your video. Commissions are between 1% and 10% with Amazon games paying out 20%.

Amazon affiliate commission is the same as an Amazon Influencer.

# of Followers Needed on Social Media

Between 1,000 and 1 million followers.

Amazon Associates need at least 500 followers.

Requirement to Monetize

You must make 3 product review videos to be unlocked and allowed to make commissions, but it can take 2 months to get approved. 

You must make 3 sales within the first 180 days to remain an Amazon affiliate.

Payout Date

Commissions are earned when an order has shipped and deposited in your account around 2 months after they were paid for.

Amazon affiliate earnings are paid out in the same timeframe as an Amazon Influencer.

For a more in-depth comparison between being an Amazon Influencer and an Amazon Associate, check out my article, Amazon Affiliate vs Influencer: Profitability, Challenges Compared.

Simple Profit System Success Stories?

As you scroll through the Amazon Influencer Crew Facebook group, you will find no one making thousands of dollars in commissions per month except for what Travis Stephenson has made. Members are sharing posts that show how their Facebook ad campaigns are helping them gain more likes and followers

For example, Trentin Bergerson started an ad campaign for more likes and in one night, he had over 1,700 likes on his page.

Diana Jaimes also shared how she grew her Facebook Influencer page to 4.7K followers after only running an advertisement for two days and spending $22 in ad spend.

Simple Profit System Alternatives

Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett also teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing, but you won't be learning how to make money as an Amazon Influencer. In this course, you learn how to find products to promote, how to drive traffic to your offers with different traffic sources such as email marketing, Facebook and YouTube, and how to implement automation tools to make your job easy. This course has 9 modules and is inexpensive to purchase. 

Price: Savage Affiliates costs $197 for the Standard package and $297 for the Super package.

Read my review: Savage Affiliates Review

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is another alternative to Travis's Simple Profit System. John Crestani is an 8-figures entrepreneur who teaches you how to generate paid traffic to your affiliate offers on Facebook, Google and YouTube. He teaches you how to make landing pages that pre-sell people on the products you're promoting and shares tools, funnels, and affiliate network referrals to put you on the path of making money. Your time will be filled as you go through the over 50 hours of training videos.

Price: Super Affiliate System costs $997.

Read my review: Super Affiliate System Review

To view a more complete list of alternatives to the Simple Profit System, which include Wealthy Affiliate, check out my article on the best affiliate marketing courses.

Is Amazon Influencer program worth it?

Amazon Influencer program is worth it if you want to add another small stream of income. Creating and uploading videos doesn't take much time and is fairly straightforward.

The problem with being an Amazon Influencer is not knowing how many followers you need for the Amazon Influencer Program and building up your brand on social media to gain a massive following. The more people you send to the product you're promoting, the higher the chance you get a commission for the referral. This influencer program is not worth it for beginners trying to make "easy" money. 

Instagram influencers and YouTubers have a better shot at making money from Day 1 than a beginner because they already have a large following of people. 

Another problem with being an Amazon influencer is that if the owner of the products stops selling their products, there won't be any commissions to be made. Also, when you create your video, it isn't the only product review video that customers will see. You have to compete with other Amazon influencer affiliates who are also creating video reviews. 

The income you make as an Amazon influencer is not a steady income you can rely on because there are too many things that are out of your control.

You can make money as an Amazon influencer affiliate. The same can be said about other online business models, but you won't control your business that you can with local lead generation.

Generating free traffic is more profitable with Local Lead Generation

Generating free traffic on Google is a better option than creating product review videos for Amazon products because you have more control in your business and you earn more commissions each month.

With local lead generation, you aren't promoting someone else's product. You're ranking your own digital property, funneling the leads to local small business owners and collecting your monthly commission.

The best part is that you run this business on your own terms. You choose the niches you'll get into, the companies you'll send leads to, and how much they'll pay.

I built this tree care site over 7 years ago and it's still paying me $2000 every month. This is only one of my over 50 lead generation sites that I've ranked and rented. 

Your lead generation sites pay you over 95% commissions once they are ranked on Google and you don't have to worry about missing out on payments. No one else decides if you can make money. It's all up to you as the only decision maker.

The freedom this business model gives you is second to none because you aren't spending every day worrying about generating more traffic if your sites are already ranked #1. 

Nothing comes close to earning a passive income while running a business the way you want to.

To learn how you can start building out your digital properties to get paid thousands of dollars every month predictably, check out the local lead generation training program.

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