Top 10 Appointment Setter Training Courses PLUS 3 Useful Certifications To Jumpstart Your Career

April 3, 2024

The top appointment setter training courses are:

  1. Appointment Setting Training Course by MTD Sales Training

  2. Sell the Meeting Master Course by Scott Channell

  3. Setter Certification Program by Richard Yu

  4. Setter Academy by Daphne Kroeze

  5. Sales Training: Telephone Sales and Appointment Training by Rob Spence

  6. Making Cold Calls for Sales Appointments by Stephen Craine

  7. New Age Setter by

  8. Sales Scripts For Appointment Setting B2B Quick-Start by Scott Channell

  9. Lead Generation And Appointment Making by Colly Graham

  10. Elite Setters Closing and Appointment Setting by Christian Clayton

According to Webinar Care, the appointment market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 12.54%. Appointment setting is a high income skill if you manage to get an appointment scheduling role with a base pay and a commission rate. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an appointment setter is $56k. As per The Remote Closing Academy, appointment setters have a 3% commission rate. Richard Yu, founder of Setter Certification, reported his net worth is almost $10 million in 2023.

Appointment setters typically work for high-ticket sales like coaching and SaaS for businesses. The two types of appointment setting are B2C and B2B appointment setting. B2B appointment setting is forming relationships with businesses to work with. B2C is usually reaching out to a potential customer to offer a product or service.

In this article, we’re listing top 10 appointment setter courses and their pros and cons. Plus, 3 helpful certificates to have as an appointment setter. And if appointment setting is a good career path.

Appointment Setting Training Course - MTD Sales Training Specialists

Appointment Setting Training Course is a 1 to 3 day program on appointment setting. The program is suitable for solopreneurs scheduling appointments for themselves, beginner appointment setters and sales managers. Appointment Setting Training Course teaches strategies how to get passed screening to the decision makers.

MTD Sales Training delivers their program in the United Kingdom and Europe. The courses are CPD certified and accredited by the Institute of Sales Management. They also have virtual sales webinars to reach global students.


The course is free

Attendees can get a CPD certificate

You get lifetime access to the course.


The tips given are too broad without sample how to apply on certain industries.


Appointment Setting Training Course is free




4.9 (509 reviews from Feefo)

Sell the Meeting Master Course - Scott Channell (Thinkific)

Sell the Meeting Master Course is an appointment setter course by Scott Channell. The course is accessible for beginners and experienced appointment setters. Sell the Meeting Master Course teaches call process strategies and core scripting. Students can get video lessons that range from 2 to 7 minutes. There are also supplemental field guides.

The course is also available to take with coaching or with team training. Although you have to call them to arrange it for you and get the price.


Students can learn at their own pace.

Monthly live for Q and A

Can be taken with coaching or team training

90-day satisfaction guarantee


Based on an already available book on Amazon. The books costs $18.43

No direct instruction on how to apply strategies to different industries and offers.


Sell the Meeting Master Course costs $349.


Sell the Meeting Master Course has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee with no questions

Setter Certification Program - Richard Yu

Setter Certification offers lessons on remote appointment setting for coaching and consultant businesses. Setter Certification includes client hunting, setter workflow, booking calls and overcoming objections in their curriculum. Once you finish the program, you’ll get an appointment setter certification.

The program also has coaching calls every week and a success coach for each student. There’s also a dedicated team to help graduates of the course find a job.


It has a job placement program

You get your own dedicated success coach

Has a community of remote setters

Students get certificate after completing the program


The cost of the program is high for beginner appointment setters

The certificate is only recognized by Richard Yu’s partners

Negative reviews on the refund policy


Setter Certification program cost $8,800


No mention of refund from the program


4.7 (171 reviews)

Impact Clients - Richard Yu

Impact Clients is Richard Yu's entry-level remote setting course. It costs only $37.99, and contains all the basics to get started in a remote setting business. There are fewer lessons, less resources, and less coaching in Impact Clients than the Setter Certification Program. However, getting Impact Clients is great for people who don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a course upfront. They can get Impact Clients first, then upgrade to the Setter Certification Program to learn more. 

Setter Academy - Daphne Kroeze

Setter Academy is an appointment setting course for women only. Daphne Kroeze created the curriculum including the basics of appointment setting, sales prospecting and how to find your client. The academy promises getting out of the 9-5 grind and controlling your income.

Signing up for Setter Academy comes with a private community, 1-on-1 calls with coaches and a Setter Academy Certificate.


Has a community of appointment setters

Has a certificate delivered to your home address


Certificate is not accredited by any institution

For women ages 18-35 only.


Setter Academy’s price is $2000


Setter Academy has no public information on their refund policy


 4.8 (65 reviews)

Sales Training: Telephone Sales & Appointment Setting - Rob Spence (Udemy)

Sales Training by Rob Spence is a course on Udemy for entrepreneurs, business owners and beginner sales people. Rob Spence curriculum includes techniques on cold calling, follow up calls and setting appointments. Tech Report showed that appointment reminders brought down the rate of no show to 10%. 

Rob Spence also put emphasis on handling objections, getting past the gatekeeper during phone calls and closing sales


You get lifetime access to the course

Videos lessons have subtitle and available on mobile and TV

Graduates receive a certificate of completion


More focused on sales rather than appointment setting.


Telephone Sales & Appointment Setting price is $799


No information on refund policy


4.7 (63 ratings)

Making Cold Calls For Sales Appointments - Stephen Craine

Stephen Craine’s Making Cold Calls For Sales Appointments delivers a step by step process to cold calling. The course aims to teach students skills to create their own follow up and cold call scripts. This is vital since according to Open Market’s research, millennials aged 18-34 like to receive text reminders about appointments, payments, etc.

Stephen Craine’s appointment call structure starts with introduction and motivation to answer. Then, asking questions to qualify the lead and set an appointment. You’ll get a training course workbook and a powerpoint presentation upon signing up.


Provides a step-by-step process to appointment setting through the phone

Course price is affordable for beginners

A workbook is available to test your skills.


No information if the course is updated

Lack of reviews on the effectivity of the program


Making Cold Calls For Sales Appointment costs £97


No refund policy mentioned in the website

New Age Setter -’s main business is providing business owners with skilled appointment setters in 2 weeks. Thus, they created an appointment setter course to ensure their clients get trained appointment setters. The program can last for 90 days.’s typical clients are consultants and coaches with high ticket offers. It ranges from $4k to $30k offers.


There is a job placement after course completion.

Has a certificate of completion


Certificate is not accredited by any institution

Undisclosed course price

Lack of external course reviews from students


 New Age Setter’s cost is not publicly disclosed


No refund policy mentioned in the website

Sales Scripts for Appointment Setting B2B Quick-Start - Scott Channell (Udemy)

Sales Scripts for Appointment Setting B2B Quick-Start is a course on how to create an effective B2B sales script. The course was based on Scott Channell’s 7 Steps to Sales Scripts For B2B Appointment Setting: Creating Cold Calling Phone Scripts.

This course is for appointment setters who believe they have to improve their script to book those appointments. Scott Channell provides a step-by-step instruction to harness the effective script writing skill.


Scott Channell is an experienced coach with decades of experience in writing sales scripts

Lifetime access to the curriculum

Hands out certificate of completion


Info can be repetitive or basic for experienced appointment setters

Lack of examples on tips mentioned


Sales Scripts for Appointment Setting B2B Quick-Start price is $58.97


30-day money back guarantee


4.4 (206 ratings)

Lead Generation and Appointment Making - Colly Graham (Udemy)

Lead Generation and Appointment Making is a 3-hour course on "strategic prospecting." The course teaches you how to find your prospect on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Colly Graham also goes over how to find a qualified lead and get your emails opened.


Has tips to find clients in more than one platform

Covers how to warm up potential clients


Has a free pdf version available online

Lack of student reviews


Lead Generation and Appointment Making costs $64.99


30-day moneyback guarantee


4.8 (16 ratings)

Elite Setters Closing and Appointment Setting - Christian Clayton

Elite Setters Closing and Appointment Setting by Christian Clayton focuses on setting appointments via Instagram DMs. This appointment setter training is made up of 7 modules. From the fundamentals of a successful appointment setting to exploring job prospects.

The Elite Setters Closing and Appointment Setting course is for beginner and novice appointment setters.


Elite Setters Closing and Appointment Setting is a free course

Has a private community in Skool with 346 members


Lack of reviews on the course contents and effectivity


Elite Setters Closing and Appointment Setting is a free course




4.4 (206 ratings)

3 Useful Certifications for Appointment Setter Sales Professionals

Certified Sales Professional (CSP) - MRERF

Certified Sales Professional (CSP) is a 3-day training program for everyone in the sales funnel. The program revolves around consultative selling. It equips a sales representative with strategies to communicate with customers based on what they want to hear. CSP’s curriculum includes sales representatives managing themselves, the selling process and developing business skills.

CSP is managed by Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF). It is a charitable education foundation headed by the Institute for Professional Advancement (IPA). Holders of CSP can maintain their certificate through 20-hour continuing education and $100 annual fee. The training program costs $1795.

Certified Customer Service Specialist (CSS) - ETA

Certified Customer Service Specialist (CSS) is a soft skill certification test. It is developed for the technical industry, but is applicable for everyone meeting with clients. The topics covered are sales, marketing, interpersonal skills, problem solving and email and telephone techniques. The exam costs $80 and can be taken online or face-to-face for 2 hours. CSS also does not require certificate maintenance.

The CSS certification is issued by the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA). It is a non-profit association founded in 1978. ETA’s CSS certification is accredited through International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC). The CSS exam is part of ETA’s Workforce Readiness certification with Customer Service Manager (CSM) exam.

Certified Customer Service Representative (CCSR) - ICB

Certified Customer Service Representative (CCSR) is for customer service representatives in the financial industry. Sales and Service comprises 70% of the exam. It also covers banking basics, ethics and specific business competencies. Especially since as per CS3 Marketing’s report, 38% of bank appointments lead to newly opened accounts.

Examinees must finish answering the 75 questions within 90 minutes. CCSR application fee is $50 and retake fee is $25. Certificate holders must have 6 credits of Continuing Education every 3 years and pay the annual fee of $25 to maintain the certification’s validity.

What qualifications do you need to be an appointment setter?

Qualifications you need to be an appointment setter are high school certificate, communication skills and computer skills. Some companies require a college degree related to communications and experience in customer service. In Australia, they offer a 12-month program for Certificate III in Business (Customer Engagement).

How do you become a good appointment setter?

  • Know the ins and outs of your offer - This will help you adapt to any conversation and steer the topic to your goal. It will also enable you to answer all questions. Knowing your product or service will give you a good idea of who your target market is and pain points your offer can answer.
  • Qualify your lead - To be a skilled appointment setter, you must have a discerning eye to know which lead is worth investing your time and resources. It’s good practice to have an ideal customer profile (ICP). It will give you an idea who they are, what they do, what problems they have and how you can talk to them.
  • Ask if they’re available - When you’re prospecting, you’re intruding in their time. So it’s polite and good practice to ask if they’re available to talk to you. If they’re not available, you can ask for a specific time they can be available. This way, the next time you reach out to them, they will take it better. It also leaves a positive impression. According to Sharpen, 77% of clients will recommend a business if they had a positive customer service experience.
  • Talk to the decision-maker - For the B2B appointment setting process, it’s important to get to the decision-makers. This will ensure you’re not wasting your time pitching to someone else.
  • Learn how to handle objections and rejections - Leads have objections like they’re busy or they need time to think about it. When these arise, it’s imperative to acknowledge them and their concerns. An appointment setter’s communication skills are tested here. You have to ensure you’re listening to them, while also communicating why your product or service is solving their problem.

Can you make a living as an appointment setter?

Yes, you can make a living as an appointment setter because it has a base pay. According to Erika Kulpina, an appointment setter for 3 years and manager of 23 appointment setters, appointment setting can be a high-income job. Aside from the base pay, appointment setters can also receive commission fees for every sale closed. 

You can make as much as $70k per year as an experienced appointment setter, according to On average, appointment setters earn $50k per year based on ZipRecruiter.

However, because it is also commission-based, you'll have to work hard everyday for a stable income. You'll likely get in another 9-5 grind.

Is remote setting a good side hustle?

Remote setting is a good side hustle if you’re working remotely. According to Forbes Advisor, 12% of full-time employees work remotely and Remote setting can earn them $24 per hour as per ZipRecruiter. 

However, it can also be a performance-based job which can earn you 1-3% commission per sale. So, an effective appointment setter schedules 3-5 appointments per day. It can be too much work and pressure for a side hustle.

What is the difference between appointment setter and sales?

The difference between appointment setter and sales is their goal. Appointment setters aim to secure a schedule for their sales representatives while sales reps’ goal is to close a deal or sale. The two also differ in channels used. Appointment setters use cold-calling and email for appointment reminders, while sales reps use multiple ways like LinkedIn reach out, warm and cold calling, voice notes and email.

However, remote appointment setters typically move up the ladder to become remote closers. They work in the last stage of the sales pipeline. Sales closers do the negotiating, persuasion and smoothening lead objections. Closers usually have a 5% commission rate which can go as high as 50%, according to It will depend on the product or service you’re offering.

What is remote closing? 

Remote closing is convincing and finalizing sales with leads online. Unlike traditional closing, remote closing with qualified appointments are done through 1-on-1 phone calls, Zoom, Skype or Google meetings, or Instagram DMs. Documents are signed through e-signature tools and negotiations go through online conferences.

Is remote closing legit? 

Remote closing is legit with 40.9% of full-time employers working remotely or in a hybrid model. ZipRecruiter reported remote closer’s annual salary is $112,891. Further report stated remote closers’ salary in Berkeley, CA goes up to $144,741.

Conclusion: Is appointment setting a good career path?

Appointment setting is a good career path to start on sales. It’s an entry level job for most companies but offers a potential for high income. It usually has a base pay and a commission rate. Appointment setting can also be a stepping stone to be a sales closer which has a higher commission rate. However, appointment setting can’t be a passive income job. You’ll have to work hard everyday to get a yes from a prospective client. You’ll also have to handle objections and rejections regularly.

These are problems you won’t encounter in local lead generation. It can generate your passive income with a low start up cost. You simply have to create a website for a service niche with 10-15 pages to rank. And then, you rent it out to small businesses. You’re not competing on a global scale and you don’t have to handle customers.

The best thing about this business model is it is reproducible. There are 50+ niches to create a rank and rent website. All the websites I own today generate me a passive income of $52k per month. Over 7000 students around the world are building rank and rent websites to achieve financial freedom. Check out the local lead generation program.

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