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Wifi Wealth Course- What is Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income?

March 6, 2024

Wifi Wealth is an internet marketing firm that specializes in Amazon automation and social media strategies. The founders are Brycen and Jerrika Cox, and they’re based out of Scottsdale, AZ. They have recently launched a course that teaches their RTA Framework, which is a way to find products that have a profit margin above 35%. (While this is an impressive profit margin, others found even better returns with local lead generation, another successful business to consider.)

In this full review of Wifi Wealth and their new Amazon FBA course, you’ll learn about their BBB rating, who the founders are, and if it’s the same as the infamous Wifi Wealth Systems. But first, let’s discuss the ads that brought you here.

Bombarded with Wifi Wealth Ads? We’ve Answered Your Questions Here!

Wifi Wealth is currently running 23 ads across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Meta Audience Network. Here is everything you need to know about the online marketing agency advertising financial independence:

What even is Wifi Wealth?

Wifi Wealth is a consulting agency in Scottsdale, AZ. They help automate Amazon FBA stores and grow Instagram accounts.

Do they know anything about Amazon FBA?

Yes. Starting and managing Amazon stores for their clients is their biggest source of income.

Why would I want to know their secrets?

Brycen and Jerrika have 22 years of combined experience in various forms of entrepreneurship.

The refund sounds good… but what’s the price?

The course is $47.

$7K in 30 days is a lot! Is that profit or revenue?

That number is total revenue. They don’t share how much they paid in advertising to reach that amount. If they’re truly hitting that 35% profit margin, they probably took home around $2500.

Do they really build an empire from their laptop?

Building Amazon stores for clients, and promoting financial wellness, is the focus of their business. If you buy the course, it will take years for you to do this on your own. But yes, you can do it on your laptop.

Does it involve using Amazon delivery service partners?

No, not directly. DSP is a separate program within Amazon.

If they have the “most proven systems in the industry”, why have I never heard of Wifi Wealth?

The Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income course is new in 2022.


Wifi Wealth sounds super similar to an MLM from a few years ago… is it the same?

Wifi Wealth System is NOT the same as Wifi Wealth. Wifi Wealth is much more legitimate, and does not involve posting an affiliate link for commissions.

There are some other names that come to mind. Is Wifi Wealth just another name for these other courses?

Wifi Money Secrets, WifiFBA, Champion Ecommerce, and the Wifi Wealth Movement, are all unassociated with Wifi Wealth and their Amazon FBA course.

How did this ad make the cut?

wifi wealth ad

It’s worthwhile to keep an effort like this in mind. If Wifi Wealth did not vet this ad, do you want them helping you learn Amazon FBA?


Still interested in what Wifi Wealth is offering with their Amazon FBA course? Let’s dive in more.

What is the Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income Course?


Brycen is a visionary entrepreneur who manages client’s Amazon stores

Teaches you how to search for products that have the potential for a 35% profit margin

Receive a free one-on-one strategy session


There are no reviews online. This course is brand new

Some quality control issues in ads and messaging

Dangerously close to making income guarantees on their landing page



Refund Policy:

100% refund guaranteed. Initial messaging says it's a “no questions asked” guarantee; however, you will need to complete the training and attempt to put what you’ve learned into practice to get that money back.




This is the first review of Wifi Wealth’s course, Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income. Wifi Wealth has a small following in Scottsdale, AZ as a consultant.

What’s Inside Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income?

Inside Wifi Wealth’s Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income course, you’ll receive:

  • A training on Brycen Cox’s RTA Framework, which will find high performing products with a 35%+ profit margin
  • Access to suppliers
  • Training on why automation is key
  • Information on ad buying so that you can advertise your product effectively on Amazon, as well as keyword research training so you can leverage organic ranking
  • Use of Wifi Wealth’s private, invite-only software
  • Amazon Seller Central account set up
  • Connections with worldwide Amazon FBA accounts
  • A free one on one consultation
  • List of the 50 most profitable niches
  • A copy of the 7-Figure Online Elite Formula Blueprint, a book about Brycen’s journey into Amazon FBA

Who are Brycen and Jerrika Cox?

brycen cox
jerrika cox

Brycen and Jerrika Cox are the owners of Wifi Wealth. Brycen is the coach for their course, Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income. Jerrika is the CFO. They started this business in 2020, and this course is new in 2022.

Jerrika's Success Story

Both Brycen and Jerrika were born in Seattle, Washington. Jerrika grew up in the foster care system and wanted a better life. So, she built up her grades and earned a full ride scholarship to Seattle University through the Fostering Scholars program. This program focuses on finding and promoting foster children through their private university. She graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

After school, Jerrika was an accountant for a boutique law firm. Wanting more than the 9-5, she used her income to start her own business. This very first venture- a nutraceuticals ecommerce brand, only lasted a few months before it failed. However, she could keep momentum and build other brands, including Wifi Wealth. Besides running multiple businesses, she enjoys crafts and volunteering at a cat rescue. She also provides foster care for kittens. 

Brycen's Success Story

Brycen is more of a mystery. In 2012, he worked a 9-5 for a marketing company. Through this industry, he built the skills necessary for helping others, and turned that into helping people build businesses. His very first entrepreneurial venture involved setting up 3 cubicles in his 1000 square foot, 2 bedroom condominium. He had two partners; one person who was very good at leads, and another that he trained in on sales because he was so good at asking for tips at his car wash job. Brycen ended up making more money in 3 days than he did in an entire month at his 9-5. In his spare time, Brycen enjoys mountain biking, watching the Seattle Seahawks, and volunteers by mentoring drug addicts. 

Brycen and Jerrika Cox got married on June 25, 2017. They moved to Arizona after their first winter as a married couple. Together, they have started multiple businesses, including a restoration contracting company and 2 ecommerce CBD brands. But, their primary source of income is Wifi Wealth Scottsdale AZ.

In 2024, their latest venture is developing an NFT video game with upsells where you can place bets on virtual fighting matches with cryptocurrency.

If Brycen is Successful, Why Does He Teach an Amazon FBA Course?

Brycen and Jerrika are driven by the freedom they have found in helping other people find financial success. So, providing a course teaching what they do is another way to help others. Teaching an Amazon FBA course adds to their list of passive income streams. Brycen may want to spend more time teaching, rather than behind a desk all day.

When Was Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income Created? Is the Course Up to Date?

Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income was created in 2022 and is up to date. It follows Brycen’s commerce strategy for building a list of products to sell on Amazon. Brycen’s strategy is called the “RTA Framework”. It involves finding products with profit margins higher than 35% that last for years with low competition.

What is the Success Rate of Wifi Wealth's Amazon FBA Course?

Because this is a very new course, there is no success rate for Wifi Wealth’s Amazon FBA course. However, they have made income guarantees in their videos. And, Brycen and Jerrika have helped thousands of clients get residual income through Wifi Wealth’s strategies.

Do Brycen and Jerrika Cox Sell Any Other Programs?

No, Bryan and Jerrika Cox do not sell any other programs like the RTA Framework course. However, they run Wifi Wealth, which is an Amazon Automation agency and social media marketing agency. They also sell a book called Residual Income Magic. This is the only review of the book on Amazon:

book review

Are Brycen and Jerrika Cox Still Active?

Yes, Brycen and Jerrika Cox still sell on Amazon, at least by managing their client’s Amazon FBA stores.

Wifi Wealth BBB

Wifi Wealth has been BBB accredited for over 1 year and has an A+ rating. There are no customer complaints and 4 five star reviews.

bbb customer review
bbb positive reviews

How Does Wifi Wealth Work?

To take advantage of Wifi Wealth, start by scheduling a free strategy session for either Amazon FBA or how to make money on Instagram. Their Amazon FBA program is a done-for-you automation service. The Instagram side is all about social media growth. Their primary focus is on Amazon FBA. A big part of their philosophy is only selling products you believe in. Otherwise, you won’t feel fulfilled in your career- or your life.

Wifi Wealth offers three different private consultations. The Residual Income Magic Strategy session will discuss how you can make extra cash on top of your current income. A General Strategy Session helps you figure out where you should focus to stand out from competition. Last, the Social Media Strategy Session develops a strategy to grow or establish a social media presence.

If you choose the Residual Income Magic session, you’ll be on the road to building an Amazon store. Wifi Wealth focuses on building a stream of residual income on top of your primary source.

Wifi Wealth starts with a “done for you” program that includes:

  • Initial and continuous product research with their in-house proprietary software
  • Creation of your very own private label brand
  • Trademark protection
  • Listing optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping/returns
  • Customer service
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • Avoiding Amazon account suspension through constant monitoring of Amazon’s Terms of Service
  • Use of their investor relations to connect with suppliers and private equity firms that may buy your successful brand in a few years
  • Assistance with reinvesting the money you make from selling a brand back into another brand

They claim that no one else offers this, but there are a few other alternatives. Read up on Tommy Rodriguez or Just One Dime, or our entire article on Amazon automation where we discuss other top agencies. 

As for Instagram growth, Wifi Wealth will provide a mentor that develops a full-scale plan for growing social media presence. Neither Brycen, Jerrika, or their business have blue check marks by their profiles. Brycen has over 321K followers, and Jerrika has over 200K.

How Do You Earn with Wifi Wealth?

Wifi Wealth’s strategy is very much like other Amazon automation agencies where they make a percentage off of your profits. All you do is invest. They do not disclose the amount they take, but they have different packages to choose from after your strategy sessions. They consider their clients to be their partners, and only make money if you make money.

Mainly, Wifi Wealth uses an Amazon FBA private label strategy. But, in a recent interview, Brycen also mentioned using dropshipping, which he called arbitrage. Brycen believes this is a better way to start an Amazon FBA store because you don’t have to pay a large sum upfront for inventory. So, it’s likely that Wifi Wealth uses multiple Amazon FBA business models to maximize the success of your venture.

What is the Start Up Cost of Amazon FBA, Other Than the Cost of this Wifi Wealth Course?

Starting an Amazon FBA private label store can cost $15K-$20K for inventory, branding, Amazon PPC costs, and more. You will need to cover these costs entirely when you use Wifi Wealth’s automation services, and they will collect a cut off your profits. This is the big problem with using Amazon automation agencies. Some agencies take most of your profits and are simply using your name to name (and money) to make another Amazon store.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money with Amazon FBA?

After making that $15-$20K investment, expect around 6-8 months at the very least before making any profit from Amazon sales. It takes time because developing a new product and brand takes time. Plus, since you’re a new product, building a following and driving traffic to your Amazon listing takes time.

What is the Wifi Wealth System? Is it the same as Wifi Wealth?

Wifi Wealth System was a platform that hosted a collection of promotional programs for different products and services. It was completely free to join, but not all the programs inside. To make money with the Wifi Wealth System, you would access these offers and get commissions each time someone purchased (like affiliate commissions). One heavily pushed strategy was to buy solo ads and purchase from large email list owners. You would get paid every time you referred someone to the System (like MLM).

Read our article on affiliate marketing vs MLM for more context.

What was Wrong with the Wifi Wealth System?

Wifi Wealth System was extremely close to a pyramid scheme. Scams like these do not have a product; old members are only paid by bringing in new members. If you’ve ever skimmed a Wifi Wealth System review, this was exactly the case with the Wifi Wealth System. Perhaps the promotions inside were the product. However, the promotions inside, like Ebates, MCA, and AWeber, are available outside of the Wifi Wealth System. 

Note: Wifi Wealth System’s creator, Anji Long, is still active online today. She now has a Selling on Etsy YouTube channel with over 31,600 subscribers.

Is Wifi Wealth Legit?

Yes, Wifi Wealth is a legit, trusted agency. Their Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income course is also legit. Neither the company nor the course is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

What are the Challenges of Amazon FBA? Is it Saturated?

Amazon FBA has countless risks and challenges that, ultimately, led me to look elsewhere for a way toward financial freedom. Saturation is the biggest challenge, as the Amazon marketplace literally has millions of sellers already vying for your customer’s attention. Other challenges include:

  • Understanding keyword/product research so that you choose a product in a consistently selling niche
  • Accidently choosing a product that is trendy now… but not by the time you list on Amazon
  • To stay ahead, you need to reinvest- you can’t really take a cut to spend personally for a year or two.
  • The Amazon Terms of Service change all the time, and they are always ultimately in control of your business. If they change part of their algorithm, you could lose all your traffic overnight.
  • Managing inventory significantly affects your Amazon metrics. If you run out of products, it affects you negatively. But, if you have too much, Amazon FBA fees will gnaw away at your capital.

These are just a few challenges that hiring an Amazon automation agency like Wifi Wealth can help you combat- for a price. However, taking an Amazon FBA course can also help you avoid making common FBA mistakes

For more information on the challenges of Amazon FBA, read my article on why 83% of people fail at Amazon FBA.

Conclusion: Do You Want to Take the Wifi Wealth Amazon FBA Course, or Are You Looking For Something Different?

Amazon FBA: The Fast Way to Residual Income is intriguing because it’s in its infancy stages. While there is no student community group, you will receive a one-on-one strategy session and valuable insights into Amazon FBA and what Wifi Wealth can offer. The course is only $47, so it might be worth taking the step just to see what all those ads are about.

However, if you’d rather put your investment somewhere verifiably worthwhile, I suggest local lead generation. This is my online business model of choice, after trying everything from Amazon FBA to affiliate marketing. Today, I make $52K/month creating websites and generating leads for local small businesses. Read this related post on local lead generation vs Amazon FBA to learn why I made the switch.
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  1. Hey Ippei,

    I wanted to let you know that you may want to update your review of WIFI Wealth. You may want to warn people of companies like WIFI Wealth and its owners and staff. The following is my experience and opinion. I was a client of theirs for 16 months and am currently out over $25,000.00 due to the scam, negligence, horrible service, deceit, and constant lies. The reason you couldn't find much on Mr. Brycen Cox is that he is also Bryce Garrett Cox! Google that name and see what shows up. It appears he has quite a riddled past. He used an alias as did his primary employee. If I had known these things I would have never signed up with him and his cronies. I too saw the 5-star Scottsdale BBB review and your review and thought they were legit. He and his staff are self-admitted ex-heroin addicts and apparently spent many years in prison. He scammed numerous individuals of their hard-earned retirement money like myself, retired school teachers, and even disabled vets. It appears the whole business was a Ponzi Scheme. They took people for $10k per store and basically did numerous shady business tactics. They have currently filed an ABC with the state of Arizona. I won't bore you with too many details but this will help you see I'm not just sending you crap information.

    On April 5, 2023 WIFI Wealth ceased doing business and entered into an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (“ABC”), naming Dale Ulrich as Assignee. A case is now pending in the Maricopa County, State of Arizona, Superior Court under number PB2023-001229. All claimants of WIFI Wealth will be notified by the court of the ABC proceeding within the next month and each will have the opportunity to participate in the case as set forth in ARS Section 44-1031 et seq.

    You can easily verify what I have said quite easily online. I just don't want anybody else getting screwed by this company, its owners, and its employees. I personally know of multiple clients besides myself that have lost between $10K-$25K following WIFI Wealth's false advertising and bad business practices. Formal complaints have been sent to the FTC, Arizona Attorney General, and the Arizona BBB to name a few. They are out of business now but not before taking many people for thousands and thousands of dollars. The BBB bears some responsibility too. They gave scammers a 5-star review and it cost many people lots of money!


    Mike G

    P.S. I have been following you for around a decade now. I appreciate many of your articles but this one gave them more credit than they were worth. I got duped too. They are seasoned at this. What can you offer that is real and not a scam? I believe you are one of the honest ones and I need to make up for lost time and money to Wifi Wealth and Mr. Bryce Garrett Cox.

    1. WOW Mike! Thanks for sharing the information with our readers. I appreciate your comment and your loyalty to my blog. I try to only provide the best and most up to date content and an objective manner. So, your comment could help others from making a similar mistake. I hope it all works out for you and please keep reading. Wishing you the best.

    2. Mike G,
      If interested, I would join in on a class action lawsuit to get these bastards back. They scammed me for over 25K.

    3. All the truth. These two people Jerrica Cox and Brycen Cox are total scammers. They took my money and destroyed my livelihood. They are not good people at all.

    4. There was supposedly going to be a hearing fir this case in which people would be contacted by Dale Ulrich, an assignee for Maricopa County, State of Arizona. No one contacted me and now im stuck with large upfront sum for Bryce and Jerrika's services as well as inventory with long term storage fees since nobody is managing the storefront. Id love to join in on a class action lawsuit.

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