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Top Amazon FBA Wholesale Courses (2024 Update: Expensive and Affordable Options)

April 16, 2024

What is Amazon Wholesale?

The Amazon FBA wholesale business model involves purchasing branded products in bulk from a supplier or manufacturer at a lower price, listing them on Amazon at a higher rate, and making a profit off of the difference. You house all inventory in an Amazon warehouse, where they handle the packaging and shipping. Because you are selling a product from an existing brand, that brand will already have a solid customer base. So, you’ll save on Amazon PPC costs and have a higher chance of making a sale. But, you will have to fight other 3rd party Amazon sellers for the Buy Box, which rotates to the sellers with the best rankings throughout the day. 

Selling on Amazon is still profitable in 2024, with 25% of sellers attaining $25,000/month in sales and bringing home a profit of around $6250/month. So, Amazon wholesale is worth it in 2024 especially if you have an excellent wholesale training to help you. Amazon FBA wholesale course costs range from cheap (under $1000) to expensive ($5K or over). 

Not sure which course to choose? If you’re searching for the best Amazon FBA wholesale course in 2022, start with our guide.

Expensive Amazon Wholesale Courses

The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula teaches you a business model called 'Reverse Sourcing Wholesale'. Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are your instructors in this course. They were introduced to retail arbitrage in 2011 and in 2014, started their reverse sourcing wholesale business. They've generated over $31 million dollars (8-figures) in sales with this business model and today teach their students how they can follow in their steps. In this course, you'll learn how to get in the door with brands so you can wholesale for them and there are live coaching calls each week for support and Q&A.

Price: The Wholesale Formula costs $2,497.

More info: The Wholesale Formula Review.

Wholesale Academy

Wholesale Academy is the best wholesale course we've come across. Larry Lubarsky was a high-school dropout who was 6-figures in debt. After learning about online marketing and Amazon wholesale, he has generated over $18 million dollars in sales by selling over 3000 products. Larry not only teaches you how to perform product selection, but he also teaches you how to automate your business once you have your systems in place. Not only that, you learn how to outdo your competition. Larry even shows you how to scale by selling products in Europe (Pan-European FBA).

Price: Wholesale Academy costs $1,997.

More info: Wholesale Academy Review.

Zon Ninja Masterclass

kevin david

Zon Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David will teach you the basics of Amazon FBA. Kevin David is one of the most popular internet marketers. He's sold courses that teach different business model such as Facebook ads, and Shopify dropshipping. He's an 8-figure earner with an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. This course has over 40 training videos along with PDFs and checklists to help you stay the course. Kevin holds live coaching calls each month and also gives you access to the Zonbase software, which he created, to help you automate your Amazon FBA wholesale business. 

Price: Zon Ninja Masterclass costs $1,997.

More info: Zon Ninja Masterclass Review.

Hot Product Formula by Alexander

Hot Product Formula by Alexander is an Amazon FBA coaching program for Amazon Australia sellers. The program includes comprehensive video lessons, one-on-one coaching, and even product launch services. Hot Product Formula's main method is finding "hot products" which should have a simple design, not battery operated, and priced between $35 to $100. The course is offered by AMZ Product Launcher, a certified CPD Provider. 

Price: Hot Product Formula's Silver program costs $3985 AUD. The Gold program requires you to book a call.

More Info: Hot Product Formula Review

Affordable Amazon Wholesale Courses

The Wholesale Underground

marvin leonard

The Wholesale Underground by Marvin Leonard is another course that teaches you how to start an Amazon FBA wholesale business from scratch. Marvin is of Mexican descent and is an ex-detective who quit his job in 2018 when he learned about the Amazon FBA wholesale business model. He went from making $80K in law enforcement to now making 6-figures selling products on Amazon. Marvin teaches you the basics of the business as well as how to win the Buy Box, how to vet and deal with legit suppliers, and how to scale your products to other eCom platforms. He's also very active in his private Facebook group. 

Price: The Wholesale Underground costs $497

More info: The Wholesale Underground Review.

Online Retail Mastery

beau crabill

Online Retail Mastery was created by Beau Crabill in 2017. He updated this course until 2019/2020. In late 2021, he sold the course to Carbon6 Technologies. The course includes details on finding the best possible suppliers for your Amazon products. He gives tips on how to negotiate with them and build a strong relationship. With your purchase, you will get access to a Facebook course. However, you will not receive any FBA coaching until at least Fall 2022. There is no current date for a 2022 information upgrade. But,  this course still includes Beau's training videos, which include solid real-world examples, a straitforward approach, and very little fluff

Price: Online Retail Mastery costs $997

More info: Online Retail Mastery Review

Wholesale Mastery by Eric Pereira

Eric Pereira's Wholesale Mastery teaches new and existing Amazon sellers how to reach 7-figure sales by sourcing high-converting products from wholesale suppliers. The course provides a step-by-step guide to understanding Amazon's algorithms and securing a resale certificate to purchase products without additional sales tax. Wholesale Mastery includes a fast-track coaching option with personalized advice on scaling an Amazon FBA store. 

Price: Wholesale Mastery costs $997 for lifetime access.

More Info: Wholesale Mastery Review

50 Day FBA Mentoring by Jatz Naran

The 50 Day FBA Mentoring program, priced at £995, is a comprehensive 7-week course designed to guide participants in starting and scaling an Amazon FBA business. It includes 8 weekly Zoom sessions with mentor Jatz and daily support from his team. The program aims to help students make their first sales by the third week, offering continued support until set targets are met. The content, also partially covered in Jatz's free YouTube videos, includes product analysis, store setup, advertising strategies, and scaling techniques.

Price: The 50 Day FBA Mentoring program costs £995.

More Info: 50 Day FBA Mentoring Review

Cheap Amazon Wholesale Courses

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Is a Winner Over Amazon Wholesale?

Local lead gen is a winner over Amazon wholesale because of its lower initial investment, higher potential for passive income, and less intense competition. Starting with Amazon wholesale requires the initial investment can be substantial. You may need $5,000 to $10,000 for inventory. Amazon charges fees, like a 15% referral fee and closing fees. Amazon is competitive. You're often in a price war with many sellers. Some might even be the manufacturers. This leads to razor-thin profits. Sales figures vary a lot. The work is constant. It involves managing inventory, dealing with suppliers, following Amazon’s policies, and customer service.

In contrast, local lead generation might require an initial investment as low as $500 to $1,000, primarily for website setup and SEO tools. The competition is less intense here. You focus on local businesses and niches. The market isn't saturated. Once your website starts ranking and generating leads, it can become a source of passive income. For example, a well-optimized site can earn $500 to $3,000 per month per client. And, it needs only minimal ongoing maintenance. This model is scalable too; as you add more websites or increase your services in different niches, your revenue grows. The interaction with local businesses also offers a more stable and predictable revenue stream, as these partnerships can lead to long-term contracts.

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