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10 Amazon Private Label Courses (Affordable to Expensive)

July 26, 2022

What is Amazon Private Label?

Amazon private label is an FBA business model where the seller purchases a brandless product in bulk from a supplier, places their own logo on it, ships it to an Amazon warehouse, creates their own product listing on Amazon, and promotes it to customers through both organic SEO traffic and Amazon PPC. This model has some of the highest profit margins (around 40%), but you'll need to invest $15K-$20K for your best chance of Amazon success. Taking one of the courses below will also help your chances of making a profit.

The biggest benefit of Amazon private label is that because its your own brand, you may be able to sell the brand in the future for 4-5x its annual value. But, just because you make one product profitable doesn't mean it will stay profitable forever. 

For a full rundown of this business, read my What is Amazon Private Label? page.

Expensive Amazon FBA Courses

Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders

Private Label Masters is one of our top rated courses because Tim Sanders has a 8 figure Amazon business that he's operating to this day with zero partners. He has launched over 120+ products and generated $20 million in sales in 2021. He holds live weekly coaching where you can ask him all questions you want. It's a great asset to the pick the brain of an 8 figure Amazon seller on a weekly basis. He's video training is easy to follow and great for both beginners and seasoned veterans since he shows several advanced listing optimization strategies.

Price: Private Label Masters costs $5000.

More Info: Private Label Masters Review 

FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang

tom wang

The most expensive course on our list, FBA Masterclass by 7-figure Amazon earner Tom Wang is just under $7K. However, the course's 300 video lessons are up-to-date, as are the done-for-you templates and systems Tom has included as a bonus. So, if you have the extra cash on top of the startup costs needed for a private label Amazon business, FBA Masterclass is a good choice. There is also a private Facebook community, which brings a lot of value. Tom's private label strategy includes his "rank and bank" system, training on how to use the Amazon Gold Miner Software, and selling a single product at a time.  

Price: FBA Masterclass costs $6997.

More info: FBA Masterclass Review

FBA Academy by David Zaleski


FBA Academy Done-For-You program will give you unlimited support from David, a 7-figure ecommerce seller, and his team. David has sold on Amazon for over a decade, and scaled an Amazon FBA business to $5 million with only $5K. The Done-By-You course is a typical Amazon private label course, with the bonus that David's team will validate your product idea before you buy inventory. The Done-For-You course lets you learn the specifics of Amazon FBA while David's team handles 60%-80% of the work. It's a great compromise between a simple course and a full Amazon automation service. 

Price: FBA Academy costs $4997.

More info: FBA Academy review

Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark

matt clark

The Amazing Selling Machine has been around since 2012, but its presenters have updated it throughout the years. The latest version is Amazing Selling Machine Evolution (or Amazing Selling Machine EVO, ASM EVO, or ASM 13). Mike McClary and Rich Henderson do the training, and Matt Clark appears at times. Founder Jason Katzenbeck is no longer in the picture, and it's unclear if any of these coaches currently sell on Amazon. Still, this is the premier, original, most extensive Amazon private label course out there (though it's lacking in real world examples). The course is set up to be 8 weeks long, has a team of students that mentor newbies, and private resources like transport companies and tools. There is a large ASM community forum with over 30,000 students. Amazing Selling Machine is a great way to find support and develop your Amazon business.

Price: Amazing Selling Machine costs $5K.

More info: Amazing Selling Machine Review

Seller Systems Inner Circle Mastermind by Brandon Young

brandon young

Seller Systems Inner Circle Mastermind is Brandon Young's most comprehensive and technical training. In the Inner Circle, this successful 8-figure/year seller will provide live "office hours", teach live classes every 2-3 weeks, and provide a private Inner Circle Facebook group. Brandon's course works with you through product research, sourcing, launch, and PPC. It includes a Manychat technique that follows Amazon's Terms of Service. And, it's data-driven (rather than just choosing a product you like). 

Price: Seller System Inner Circle Mastermind costs $2000 + $1000 annual fee.

More info: Seller Systems Review

Affordable Amazon FBA Courses

Passion Product Formula by Travis Marziani


Passion Product Formula 3.0 was created and is coached by Travis Marziani. He is a 7-figure seller across both Amazon and Shopify. He designed the Passion Product strategy, where sellers build a following for their product on social media far before launch on Amazon. Very similar to private label, the difference is the use of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the inventory purchase and the manufacturer specifically designing the product for your brand.Travis did this with Performance Nut Butter, and grew it until he could sell the brand in 2020. He has built an updated, step-by-step course that teaches this strategy, provides weekly live Q&As, has a dedicated Facebook group, and includes bonus courses along with the Passion Product Formula. This business model is perfect for the social butterfly who is knowledgeable about a specific product that also is relatively inexpensive. 

Price: Passion Product Formula 3.0 costs $997.

More info: Passion Product Formula Review

AMZ Formula by Joshua Crisp


The AMZ Formula is the basic course offered by Joshua Crisp. Joshua was once homeless, in jail, and then working a 3rd shift job for $7.25. Today, he is a 7-figure Amazon seller and an 8-figure eCommerce seller. The course is created as a basis for beginners and teaches Joshua's strategy of using Goggle trends to verify product research, suppliers that large brands use, Joshua's own sourcing agent, and different aspects of JungleScout. Joshua shares many motiviational thoughts and inspirational quotes to push you further. All told, the course has over 70 hours of content spread over 8 modules. There is a member Facebook group and chatroom for students. It appears the course was last updated in 2020. 

Price: AMZ Formula costs $1997, but is almost always on sale for $997.

More info: AMZ Formula Review

Ecom Dave by David Scheuer


Ecom Dave, or David Scheuer, is a 6-figure Amazon seller. Inspired by Tom Wang, he got out of his bartending job and invested all of his savings in his Amazon business. His mistakes cost him $20,000, but he will teach you how to avoid his mistakes so you can shorten your own learning curve. With Ecom Dave, you will learn every aspect of the private label business, though at a more basic level. You will also get weekly strategy meetings that match your current selling level and  personal phone calls. Dave's strategy includes using cheap products from China, which unfortunately can lead to customer returns and low customer metrics. However, he includes 3 free product photos for your Amazon listing, which I don't see often advertised with courses. Overall, this course is helpful for beginners and the mentorship program is the most valuable piece. If you're thinking about taking this course, splurge for the full mentorship package.

Price: Ecom Dave costs $999 for the course alone, $499 for limited time access, and over $4K for the course plus coaching.

More info: Ecom Dave Review


Leveraging Amazon FBA to sell private label is one of the most popular online business models out there, and for good reason. As a private label FBA seller, your profit margins are as wide as they could possibly be when selling physical products online. Once your products are established on the Amazon Marketplace and generating sales, the business becomes relatively hands off, so there‚Äôs potential for passive income. To put the cherry on top of it all, having your own branded product allows your business to double as an incredibly valuable asset you could sell for a large sum. Therefore, Amazon FBA courses are definitely worth the cost for those willing to put in the work to be successful. 

Lead Generation as a Viable Alternative to Amazon FBA Private Label

If you want similar benefits to selling product label through Amazon FBA without having to worry about international product sourcing and the headaches that often come when selling physical products, starting a lead generation business is an excellent alternative. With lead generation, you simply setup a niche business website (Ex: plumbing), make it rank on Google for a specific location (like your hometown), and sell the valuable leads that come through every month to local businesses. For example, I still to this day make $2,000/month from a tree removal niche website I created back in 2015. Amazon FBA is a phenomenal business model that creates enormous wealth and freedom for many people, but for me, lead generation takes the cake as the best online business model. 

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