Roman Cresto’s Automators AI Review: Can You Trust This Amazon Automation Company?

March 24, 2024

Automators AI is an Amazon automation company founded by Roman and John Cresto. Automators AI does not provide Amazon automation services themselves but partners you up with one of the Amazon automation service providers vetted by them. The company offers a course that teaches you how to build and manage your own Amazon wholesaling store. They also offer consultation services that teach corporate clients how to create their own Amazon automation store management company.

Amazon automation is when all the processes of an Amazon store are run and managed by a team, turning the business into a passive income model. The automated system is more full-service by human workers than complete automation with the use of a sophisticated AI system or robots. An example of Amazon automation is when the owner of the store provides the capital and takes on the role of an investor. The business is then run by a team or company for a share of the profit.

Local lead generation is a business model that creates passive income with no outsourcing or automation. You don't have to deal with physical products, customer service, or strict platform regulations with this business model. Simply put, you rank and rent a website to local businesses for a monthly fee. Check out local lead generation for a low cost, low risk passive income business.

Empire Ecommerce and Lawsuit Against the Crestos

In November 2022, Empire Ecommerce was bought by Dan Cohen of Ecom Authority and Dropshipping Direct. What was interesting is that Dan bought Empire Ecommerce, a company that claimed to have an 8 figure income with over 1,200 stores, 750 clients, and 2000 employees, for only $100K. The Empire Ecommerce website is not inactive and only shows a message from Dan Cohen announcing his purchase of the company.

After Empire Ecommerce was transferred to Dan and he could access the company's email, he found a lot of unanswered complaints in the email. The Crestos failed to disclose the liabilities of the company, including its involvement in 5 different open legal matters, which Dan is now responsible for. Dan inherited the company's debt of over $50K in unpaid wages and millions of dollars in refunds owed to customers. In December of 2022, Dan filed a lawsuit against the Crestos. This kind of behavior by Amazon automation business is one of the reasons some wonder whether Amazon FBA is pyramid scheme or scam. 

automators ai review

You can view the case publicly online. To summarize, the Crestos charged customers to run automated Amazon and Walmart stores for them but did not deliver. Many of the Walmart and Amazon dropshipping stores were mismanaged and breached marketplace policies which led them to being suspended. Their exit strategy was to sell the company to transfer the legal liabilities to the new owner. 

Here are just some of the client complaints that Dan received from his acquisition of Empire Ecommerce.

automators ai review

The Crestos even went as far as to send emails to all of the Empire Ecommerce clients. The email contained the message:

automators ai review

With Amazon shutting down tons of dropshipping stores in 2022, Automators AI now works with the Amazon wholesaling model. Taking into account the Crestos' history with their previous company and their dubious actions towards Dan Cohen, I would be wary of Automators AI.

Roman Cresto’s Automators AI Review: Pros and Cons


Course has weekly coaching calls.

Automators AI partners you with vetted automation companies backed by their 90 day inventory guarantee.


The Crestos former business, Empire Ecommerce, has received a lot of backlash for their services during their time with the company.

The packages are expensive.

There aren't any real world examples of successful clients of Automators AI.


Prices of the programs are to be discussed during the booked call. Roman says they have packages that cost $500K–$2.5M. You also need at least $25K in liquid capital for store inventory.

Refund Policy

90 day inventory buy back guarantee for Amazon store automation services




The Crestos have a negative reputation because of their previous automation company and lawsuit.

Who Is Roman Cresto’s Automators AI For?

  1. Automators AI course is for anyone who wants to learn how to build and manage their own Amazon wholesaling store.
  2. The automation service is for anyone who has an Amazon store and wants to partner with a company that handles workflow automation or for those who want a done-for-you Amazon store.
  3. The consultation service is for those who want to build their own Amazon automation company and become one of Automators AI's partners.

If this Automators AI course doesn't sound right for you, EarnFlo and eCom Genie are other options.

What Do You Get With Roman Cresto’s Automators AI?

What you get with Automators AI depends on what you require and what program you enroll with. Each of the 3 programs is for a specific client looking to build a type of business.

What Do You Get With The Automators AI Course?

Over 40 training videos teach you how to build a store, manage it, and scale it to earn $10K of profit per month using the Amazon FBM. The lessons cover mindset, product research strategies, and automation. You will also learn how to avoid account suspensions, how to find the best suppliers, and which categories to choose from. The course comes with 3 months of weekly coaching.

What Do You Get With The Automators AI Automation Partnership?

When you sign up for Automators AI's Amazon automation service, you are paired up with one of the automation companies that they are partnered with. Automators AI acts as a middleman, such as how Expedia connects travelers with hotels and flights. Automators AI offers their guarantee on behalf of their partners. If your inventory does not sell within 90 days, Automators AI will buy it back from you.

What Do You Get With The Automators AI Consulting?

With the consultation program of Automators AI, you will learn how to create your own automation store management company. You will be taught the same strategies that John Cresto used in Empire Ecommerce.

Are Clients of Roman Cresto’s Automators AI Successful?

Automators AI is fairly new and doesn't have proof of client success as of now. They have a 3.6 rating on Truspilot, with the pros talking about how well the onboarding is or how helpful the course was. The negative reviews relate to the creator's previous company, Empire Ecommerce.

Who Is Roman Cresto?

automators ai review

Roman Cresto is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Automators AI. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Empire Ecommerce. Originally from San Diego, California, he currently lives in Palm Beach, Florida. Roman was taking engineering at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo before he dropped out to focus on his ecommerce dropshipping business. He has been featured in several articles, such as on Yahoo, and in several interviews by other entrepreneurs.

Who Is John Cresto?

automators ai review

John Cresto is a former professional baseball player and co-founder of Automators AI from San Diego, California. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of Empire Ecommerce. John played Division 1 college baseball at Santa Clara University before playing for the Colorado Rockies for 3 years.

Is Amazon Automation Worth It in 2024?

Amazon automation is worth it in 2024 if you can find a reliable team or service provider. Wholesaling on Amazon is hard, as the market is extremely saturated. The best chance you have of having a successful Amazon wholesaling business is to learn as much as you can, either by taking a course or by doing your own research and learning on the go.

Businesses want Amazon automation because it allows them to have a passive income flow. For clients, this means passive cash flow in exchange for capital investment. For service providers, this means they can scale to have multiple stores bringing in income.

An Amazon wholesaling automation store can make a monthly income of $3,000–$8,000 with an investment of $25,000, at least in theory. Most Amazon automation services promise to make you 6-7 figures for a split of the profits. These services require you to make an initial investment in the 10s of thousands. 


Saves time - automating repetitive tasks frees up your time that you can put towards scaling your business.

Improves efficiency - Having a team of experts work on every aspect of your store means an overall improvement in the performance of your business.

Reduced errors - Experienced teams reduce the risks of costly fatal errors happening.


Cut of profits - Most automation service providers take a profit cut for their services. The percentage differs from company to company.

Increase operating costs - Some automation services charge a monthly retainer. If you assemble your own team, you usually pay them monthly.

Reduced control - While you may have a say in the overall direction of the store, you have less control over the various processes.

3 Risks of Amazon Automation

  • Loss of investment - You risk losing your investment if the automation company does not deliver or simply runs with your money. This happens more commonly than you think, as Amazon automation scams are gaining popularity. Make sure to do your research on the automation company before signing up with them.
  • Risk of suspension - Lack of control over your business might lead to bad practices that may negatively affect your store. The worst outcome could see your store suspended.
  • Negative cash flow - The success of your store depends on the effectiveness of your team or automation company. Lackluster performance by service providers could spell low income flow. If you are paying a recurring fee for services, you risk having a negative income flow.

Automating Your Amazon Store Yourself

It is important to automate tasks in order to free up your time so you can focus on other parts of your business. Automating repetitive tasks, such as product research, customer service, and day-to-day management, will allow you to scale your business. It is always better to learn how to run your own Amazon store with the help of automation technologies. When you are ready to scale, you can start hiring your own team of freelancers and managing them.

There are very few examples of successful done-for-you full-service Amazon automation companies. It is impossible to determine the failure rate of Amazon automation stores with all the services that exist in the market today. There are simply too many full service Amazon companies and self automated stores to accurately measure the success rates.

If you are still looking for done-for-you service, you can check out Philip Smith's Loan Broker Network, which is a done-for-you loan brokerage business that comes with lead generation lessons. Chukwudi Chukwudebelu’s Automation Ecom specializes in Walmart dropshipping automation. Serioja Glorie's Digital Global Nomads offers Amazon and Walmart dropshipping automation. You can also have them switch to wholesaling if you prefer. Katie Melissa's Elite Automation offers Amazon FBA wholesaling automation services. Finally, if you're into print-on-demand business, Jace Made and Brandon Lennon's Wondr Masterclass teaches how to use artificial intelligence from design to order fulfillment.

My Top Passive Income Business in 2024?

Local lead generation is my top passive income business model in 2024. It works by creating a site, ranking it on Google using free tactics like SEO, and then renting it out to local businesses. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas to choose from, so you can avoid saturated markets. With an initial investment of as little as $500, you can rank and rent your first site. A site can stay ranked on Google for years without needing an update.

Scaling is as easy as repeating the process of ranking and renting. The easily scalable nature of this business means you can scale as much as you want. Each site can make you as much as $2,000 in predictable and completely passive income. These qualities make local lead generation the best business model to create time and financial freedom.

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  1. The Cresto brothers are complete frauds and scammers. Look closely at all the "hype" regarding Roman. The stories and excerpts are written BY Roman for the benefit of Roman and through online publications presented by Roman. These scammers have stolen millions of dollars from unsuspecting people, families and hardworking people who fall prey to the Cresto's scam, only to be left with NO store, NO income, NO way of getting their investment return. Cresto's disappear after the corrupt and fraudulent scheme fails over and over again. These two are professionals at one thing and one thing only…narcissistic corruption.

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