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Income School Review

Welcome to this complete review of Income School: Project 24 (updated for 2020).

Project 24, formally known in a previous version as “Niche Site School”, is an course led by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler.

Why is it called project 24? The goal of the course is to teach you how to replace your current 9-5 income with passive income within 24 months.

Does this system really work?

Income School has a TON of quality content to learn from, so there is no shortage of information.

But how does it hold up against other methods of creating passive income online? Is it worth the cost of the course?

Let’s find out.

But first, I have to point out that I AM NOT an affiliate of this course… and you won’t find any links to the course here.

I AM qualified to write this review due to the following:

  • Years of experience implementing the best ways to make passive money online.
  • Currently at $50k / month in passive income from lead generation
  • I have taken multiple courses on affiliate marketing as well as dove into other online income generating strategies
  • Not a bias review due to the fact that, again, I am NOT an affiliate

Who are Jim & Ricky?

Ricky and Jim

Jim and Ricky are from Idaho. They began making niche websites back in 2010 and in 2015 they decided to launch Income School.

You may have seen their popular YouTube Channel that has a ton of videos on SEO and online marketing.

Income School YouTube

Jim was flat broke when he started listening to a podcast on how to make money online. He started learning about niche sites, and created one on his own about photography.

The website took off, and he became very popular for his photography e-book which taught the basics of photography.

He became so well known that he was listed as one of the top 40 photographers in the world.

His niche site made him a millionaire by 32.

Ricky was a manager at HP for a few years prior to linking up with Jim and working with him on Income School. He is a father of 4.

Jim and Ricky’s knowledge on advanced SEO has been questioned, and some have called them out saying that most of their followers are beginners making no money online.

There are going to be haters for ANY course. Here is a snippet from a reddit thread that contains some pretty strong opinions.

Comment critique

Despite inevitable criticism, the duo maintains a very large and dedicated audience.

What Is Project 24?

Project 24 teaches you how to create your own websites and leverage them to make you money through affiliate links.

This is no simple or fast process.

There is a LOT of content included with this course, and for some, that can be a huge plus.

Income School Project 24 Content

For others that have trouble getting through a massive amount of content, it might discourage efficient progress just because it seems so daunting.

In addition, monetization comes in pretty late towards the end of all of the modules.

The cool thing is, Jim & Ricky make a pretty likable and entertaining duo, and they do a great job of explaining everything clearly in their videos.

A lot of extras are included in the course, which makes it seem like a very good value, but it could be seen as a con because it may sidetrack some students.

They’ve made it as digestible as possible however, by breaking the course down into 60 steps that walk you through the system.

60 Steps checklist

The price of the course is not a one time fee, but a membership, since the course is always being updated and add-ons are ongoing.

You can see on the Project 24 site itself, that there are actually affiliate links to many other “recommended tools” (example: iWriter, Bluehost, WPX, etc.), and some may take comfort in knowing the course authors are implementing the same strategies they teach…

only the tools we love

The two have claimed that the website makes them 7 figures a year.

Project 24 packs a ton of value within their course, and if you can follow the steps, 24 months later, you just may have a passive income stream working in your favor.

Obviously, nothing happens overnight, and you should extensively research ANY course that requires a time and money investment.

Course Price

It is currently listed at $449 for the first year, then $199 per year after that.

Affiliate Marketing via Blogs: How Does It Work?

Want an overview of the process that Project 24 teaches?

I’ll break it down for you in case you are unfamiliar with how affiliate marketing using blogging works online.

First, you research keyword search volume.

So, let’s say for example, there are 3k people per month on Google typing in this phrase: “what is the best dog leash?”.

How can you leverage that data and turn it into cash moola?

You would first find out if there are any dog leash companies who will pay you an affiliate fee for selling their leashes.

Hello Doggy

Maybe the leash is super special and has a lot of extra poop bag capacity. Whatever, something to stand out from the crowd…

Well, the first step is to build a blogging website all about dogs and dog products.

Then, you optimize the site, and rank the blog posts as high on Google as you can for the specific search terms that you have chosen.

Your affiliate link is included in the blog posts, so you can make your cut as an affiliate of the product whenever someone decides to click on the link and purchase from there.

Once this system has been created, you wait to see if sales are generated from the traffic that will eventually be headed to your site after you rank the website on Google.

The success you have will depend a LOT on the niche you select, the amount of competition you have, and the quality of your blog posts.

Keep in mind, if you don’t make it to page 1 of Google for those specific keywords, you most likely won’t see much traffic to your website.

You usually have to wait a bit for this to happen since SEO takes time, especially for competitive, national search terms.

In fact, part of the process they teach in Income School, is to let your website sit for 6 months..

Should you purchase the Income School Course / Membership?

Jim & Ricky are two guys that are great at what they do. Clearly, they have made a very successful business of their own by following many of the same strategies they teach.

This course is def packed full of good info when it comes to blogging and niche sites.

If you have some extra time on your hands to explore the world of affiliate marketing, this is a great fit.

But, will you make money?

Is it worth it

As with any course, the answer to that question will depend on the amount of work you put in, the level of dedication you have, and the skills you take away from the information provided to you.

There seems to be a very supportive community that comes along with the membership, so that is a big plus.

Affiliate marketing certainly has potential, and I’ve experienced it first hand. I personally wouldn’t say that it is the easiest path to passive income, however.

Currently, my main source of income is from lead gen.

I make simple websites, rank them locally on Google, and send the leads to local businesses.

They pay me month in and month out for this extra revenue that is flowing in as a result of my lead gen properties.

Very straightforward, and simple.

The scalability factor is huge too. I am at $50k per month currently because I duplicated this process over and over.

The key is with lead generation we're ranking locally instead of nationally. Here's why this matters...

The Main Problem with Trying to Rank Niche Sites

Lets say you pick the survival knife niche...

In 2020, first page is filled with high RD (Referring Domain) sites that's almost impossible for newbies to outrank.

This is why I like lead generation better

You go after local search terms, and suddenly competition on page 1 is EASY

Instead of competing with 1000's of niche blog sites, you're now competing with 15 local tree service companies

You can rank these local lead gen sites in 3-6 months, and they'll make you $750 to $2000 per month

As opposed to a Niche blog site making you $4000 after 1 year

Income School Niche Site 1 Year Case Study ($4K after 1 year)

With the technique they teach you, which is mainly writing content and trying to rank for long-tail keywords, above video shows a site that's doing $4000 per month after 1 year of hard work.

IMO results would be better if they had a strategy on building high quality backlinks.

$4K per month after 1 year, just by writing articles is not guaranteed however.

With lead generation you can crank out $750 to $2000 per month site in 3-6 months. Like my tree service site below:

For this site,

I'm spending $8000 per month alone on backlinks. (Links from other sites that power up this site)

That's the kind of power it takes to rank a national blog these days, but who has that kind of money when first starting out?

This is why local lead generation imo is smarter business model to get into because it only takes 3-6 months to get a site that's generating $750-$2000

and you can easily build multiple site at a time.

You don't have to write 200 articles.

Just 2-3 articles per site and you're done.

Let me explain what this business is all about below.

With Lead Generation, I got to $12K in 1 Year, Here's Why

It's very simple.

Ranking in local search engine is 100x easier than trying to rank a blog nationally.

I got to $12K per month in 1 year.

I could of probably done more with the new training we have available today in our program.

You rank simple properties like these:

Rinse & Repeat.

So much faster than writing 100's of articles on 1 niche topic that may or may not rank.

Learn more about our coaching program that's now coached over 5000 students on how to quit their jobs by ranking simple local websites.

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