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ENTRE Blueprint Review: Is Jeff Lerner’s Course Worth It?

March 13, 2024

If you’re searching for an ENTRE Blueprint review, you’ve probably come across a host of short videos from affiliates. This is an unbiased, non-affiliate review of Jeff Lerner’s introductory ENTRE course. 

The ENTRE Blueprint video training course teaches Jeff Lerner's mindset that entrepreneurs need for running an online affiliate marketing business, a digital agency, and selling online courses. In this review, we cover why you should take the ENTRE Blueprint course, as well as ENTRE Institute complaints, Reddit reviews, and more. In the end, you will know if these business models will work for you, or if something like local lead generation (a digital agency, which involves organically ranking simple websites) is best for you.


Jeff’s enthusiasm for his method is clear and contagious.

You will learn about 3 different business models.

Jeff’s team produced ENTRE Blueprint well with crisp graphics, intros, outros, and text headlines about the topic under the video.

Moving from the ENTRE Blueprint training to the next course up is easy (but costly).


ENTRE Blueprint is basically a commercial for ENTRE Institute you pay to watch.

The information shared for each online business model is easy to find on Google and YouTube for free.

Jeff has an army of affiliates promoting his course. You will notice reviewers reading a script off camera. The scripts are fairly vague.




30-day "Keep-it-all" refund. You will keep all the materials and still get a full refund.


Created after 2018.


Affiliates have left multiple reviews about ENTRE Blueprint. Outside of affiliates, I have found very few positive reviews online. 

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is a successful online entrepreneur with multiple businesses, a public motivational speaker, a podcast called Millionaire Secrets, an author of one legit published book, an eBook called The Millionaire Shortcut, and a professional jazz piano player. He is 43 in 2022, is married to Jaqueline Lerner, and is a dedicated father to their 4 children Braxton, Jace, Jada, and Stella Jane. 

Jeff wasn’t always successful. In fact, when the 2008 recession hit, he was $495,000 in debt and living in his ex-wife’s parents’ spare room with a wrist injury that kept him from paying piano. This is when he discovered affiliate marketing, which he will say got him out of debt. (He also used real estate and declared bankruptcy.)

When Jeff was almost 40, he had made enough money to retire. But, he went another route and created an education company. The ENTRE Institute grew from there.

For an in-depth look at Jeff Lerner, and to decide if you can trust him or not, read our full Jeff Lerner Review.

When Did Jeff Lerner Create Entre Blueprint? Has Jeff Kept it Up to Date?

Jeff Lerner created the ENTRE Blueprint and launched it in 2019 with his partner Adam Whiting. They based it off of 3x3 Success Matrix, a platform for entrepreneurs. This very basic course covers the lowest levels of Jeff’s philosophy for entrepreneurial success. So, it is up to date, because it basically only teaches Jeff’s theory for making money online. 

What’s Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth?

Jeff Lerner’s net worth is probably around $4-$5 million, though he claims to have made over $100 million online (this number likely does not include any expenses.) Entre Blueprint costs $39, and there are over 200,000 students, so his net worth may be closer to $7 million.

entre blueprint

What is Entre Blueprint?

The ENTRE Blueprint is Jeff Lerner’s introductory course to the ENTRE Institute. After paying $39, they will direct you to a series of videos. Jeff explains that a whole-self approach and commitment to excellence is how to find success.

The key to success with the ENTRE Blueprint is building digital real estate. Digital real estate has two chief characteristics: instant cash-flow and appreciation over time.

What is the Cost of Entre Blueprint?

ENTRE Blueprint costs $39 one time. But, to access anything else on this Jeff Lerner online education platform, you must pay more money.

What Problems Will You Face If You Apply for a Refund?

To apply for a refund for ENTRE Blueprint, you must send Jeff’s team an email. The Blueprint comes with a “Keep it All” money-back guarantee. You will receive a full refund and be able to keep everything you purchased. 

What’s Inside ENTRE Blueprint?

Inside ENTRE Blueprint, you’ll find the first three steps, or modules, focus on transforming YOU. The last three will work on transforming (or creating) your online business within Jeff’s three business models: affiliate marketing, managing digital agencies, and creating online courses. Jeff pushes speed, and encourages you to take action quickly, insinuating that success only happens if you act fast.

Step 1: The 3 Ps of an Awesome Life

Jeff Lerner’s 3 Ps of an awesome life are physical, personal, and professional. He believes that if any single one of these aspects is out of place, you have a problem. The physical component is most essential, and everything else stems from there. Personal excellence comes from how you interact with loved ones and other people. The last piece of this outstanding life puzzle is the professional life; it won’t be successful if the other components aren’t exceptional.

Physical: To support your physical self, Jeff encourages you to build a resilient body and mind through diet, working out, supporting and understanding your individual biochemistry and neurochemistry, and your own spirituality. 

Personal: Next, the personal component requires deeper relationships that have both connection and impact. Jeff says to focus on self, friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and social spirituality. He pairs this with balance in your environment.

Professional: Jeff believes there is a direct impact between the first two Ps and this last piece. Your professional life needs to include pay, a brand, your influence, resources, potential resources, your production capacity, innovation, and creation. 

Jeff shares Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, that help students track their progress through the 3 Ps. He also shares hacks that will help people achieve his goals for them. The hacks include:

  • Waking before 5 am
  • Supplementation
  • Meditation
  • Weekly time dedicated to family and friends
  • Time chunking
  • Saying “No” to 80% of requests
3 ps of entre blueprint

Step 2: 3 Legs of Successful Action

Next, it’s time to learn the three components of successful action. Jeff believes successful actions are like a stool with three legs. The legs are context/community, knowledge, and strategy.

Community represents the social component of success. It has many benefits, including validation, belonging, support, human capital, and vision. A like-minded group of people is even better, so that you and your group can strive for similar goals. Don’t be surprised when people who aren’t like-minded resist your ideas as you begin your journey of making money online. Instead, cultivate the supportive community.

Knowledge provides you with instruction, how-to information, pre-results, a sense of progress, child-state renewal, mental inertia, and maturity. Learning as an adult is a source of pleasure- and you can exploit this to increase your chance of success.

Strategy combines your solid plans and your solid belief system. If your mentor gives you a plan of action, but you don’t believe in your own capabilities, then you will not get very far. Along with strategy, you will have simplicity/heuristics, identity/belonging, direction, decreased resistance, and confidence. Basically, Jeff suggests that if you clearly believe in what you are doing, you will go through the path of no resistance. From there, you’ll gain confidence, and confidence will bring more success.

Step 3: The 3 Phases of Building Your Legacy

Jeff encourages you to balance your cash flow so that you can leave a legacy of wealth into the future and for your children. Do this by:

  • Increasing your cash flow until you are independent. 

  • Ensure your cash flow is dependable.

  • Create value that translates to wealth, not just income and outcome.

To accomplish this, you will have to first leverage other businesses so that you can create the foundations of your main business. Jeff says to do this with affiliate marketing. Finally, we are at our first online business model.

Then, you will need to grow your business. Learn to sell services, and use this to create an internet marketing agency; Jeff’s second online business model.

Finally, to build wealth and share it with the world, tap into Jeff’s third online business model; creating online courses.

Step 4: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing (and real estate) is how Jeff got out of $495,000 of debt in only 18 months. With affiliate marketing, you pick a product to offer, get done-for-you materials that you can use to promote products, create an email marketing strategy (and list) to reach out to customers, make a name for yourself in the niche you have chosen, and learn how to drive traffic to your offer. 

To accomplish all this, you will create long-term assets like a website, blog, or YouTube channel. The value of this, and the traffic you generate to your offer, has a compound effect and increases. 

ENTRE has its own affiliate marketing program with templates, emails, and ready-made videos to promote their course. Jeff says that you should aim to generate leads for chiropractors, dentists, attorneys, high-ticket contractors and tow ticket services.

What is the Start Up Cost of Affiliate Marketing?

The startup cost of affiliate marketing is $500-$3000. Yes, you could take an affiliate link, stick it on some content you make for free, and hope someone buys. This would cost $0, but bring in $0. To heighten your chance of success, pay for website hosting, ads, and more.

What are the Challenges of Affiliate Marketing?

Beyond the price of starting a successful affiliate marketing hustle, you will also have to deal with several challenges. The first is unpredictable traffic. The traffic that you generate might be consistent for a while, then lose interest. Learn the best strategies for generating traffic and keep up with best practices as times change. 

Also, it will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for you to make an income (if you can get the traffic, that is). Your competition can hijack your ads and landing pages, copying and pasting all of your content or just clicking your ad to drive up your spend. 

If that sounds like a lot of work, consider this: you will spend all of that time and energy promoting someone else’s brand. That’s time you could spend working on your own assets. Plus, because it isn’t your brand, you will have no control over the affiliate program, and it could disappear overnight.


Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated?

Yes, affiliate marketing is saturated on two levels. First, affiliate marketing is an easy business model with a relatively low startup cost. Second, affiliate marketing programs by nature bring in other affiliate marketers (obviously) that will promote the same product as you. So, not only are you promoting a product that has to compete against all other products, you will compete against other affiliate marketers.

For more on this topic, read our article on affiliate marketing pros and cons.

Step 5: Digital Agency

Digital agencies are the next step in diversifying your income, according to the ENTRE Blueprint. Jeff did this after earning $10 million as an affiliate. You won’t learn everything you need to know about creating a digital agency here, but it will inspire you. ENTRE Institute offers a course for starting your digital agency for an additional cost.

What is the Start Up Cost of Starting a Digital Agency?

According to Starter Story, the startup cost of a digital agency ranges from $62 to $45,611. Of course, your digital agency startup cost will differ depending on the agency you want to create and what size business. That high cost includes a physical location for your agency and employee hiring, so it’s unlikely that you would start there. At the very least, anticipate the costs of a website/domain name and LLC formation. You will need to think about adding ad spend from there.


What are the Challenges of Running a Digital Agency?

The challenges of running a digital agency are countless, just like a brick-and-mortar business. 

Some include:

  • Generating valuable leads

  • Understanding the customers, bringing more in, and bringing them back

  • Managing and communicating with clients

  • Changing your business along with online trends and Google algorithms

  • Content creation

  • Website design (accessibility, mobile optimization)

Finally, you will also need to follow through on whatever promise you are giving to your clients. If you can’t deliver results, you won’t get paid and your agency can flop.

Is the Digital Agency Business Saturated?

The digital agency sphere is saturated, but not as much as other business models (like Amazon FBA). The reason is that each digital agency can essentially offer any service that they want. It’s a more complex business model that requires a real understanding of running a business, making sales, and bringing in customers.

Step 6: Digital Courses

Digital course creation is Jeff’s third stage of constructing a wealthy legacy. To create a course following Jeff’s formula, you will:

  • Validate. Know your skills and course content will sell before you create it.
  • Create. Provide a ton of value in a well-made course.
  • Automate. Set up your course so that you don’t have to interact 1 on 1.

By doing this, you will create an asset that earns recurring passive income with minimal effort through online courses and digital consulting.

What is the Start Up Cost of Creating Online Courses?

The startup cost of creating an online course can range from $0 to $10,000. To do it with $0, you could create a PowerPoint on Canva, use basic video editing, and promote it to an audience you already have. However, most newbies don’t have that following. If that’s you, you must ensure you have good equipment for making a quality product. At the very least, get a good microphone, like a Rode Pod Mic. Another option is to pay for someone else to record and edit your course, which will start you at a few thousand dollars. 

What are the Challenges of Creating and Selling an Online Course?

Online course creation has challenges similar to selling any product online. For example, you must do the research to make sure that your course content will sell. Popular niches for course creation include wellness/fitness, art, and finance, though these course niches are pretty crowded. If you choose the wrong niche, your course will be dead before it launches. Or, your niche might be too trendy, and stop being profitable right as you launch the course. Other challenges include:

  • Marketing your course

  • Keeping an active social media presence to establish your expertise

  • Choosing the best host for your online course (choose between your own site or course marketplaces like Teachable or SkillShare. 

Are Online Courses in a Saturated Market?

There are tens of thousands of courses online. However, there are far fewer quality courses. And, when you niche down, you will find even less competition. So, if you choose to create an online course, the information must be unique and well-presented so that it stands out in your area of expertise. 

Does Jeff Lerner Still Follow These Funnels?

Yes, Jeff is still doing course creation as his third phase of building legacy. He probably still has some digital agencies too, though he left Xurli in 2018. (Jeff is into a ton of businesses, which he either founded or invested in). As for affiliate marketing, Jeff offers his very own affiliate marketing program for the ENTRE Institute.

Does the Entre Blueprint Have Upsells?

Yes, the ENTRE Blueprint ends with a big upsell into the next phase of their courses. To get the Elite version of their community, you’ll have to pay $48/month or $348/year. The three accelerator courses cost $1997 each, or $4000 total if you buy the bundle. Jeff’s most expensive products cost $15,000 (for 1-on-1 coaching) and $29,997 (for the ENTRE Inner Circle with 12 monthly virtual workshops).

Why Start with ENTRE Blueprint?

Start with the ENTRE Blueprint to get a feel for Jeff and his teaching style. He does not teach everything inside the ENTRE Institute, but you will find his vision (and digital marketing tactics) throughout ENTRE.

What is the Entre Institute?

The ENTRE Institute is Jeff Lerner’s digital real estate education platform. There are different digital courses within ENTRE, including:

  • Foundations videos that focus on Jeff’s secrets of success, lifestyle, making money, succeeding at business, growing wealth, and developing automated sales systems.
  • 8-week Business Accelerators. These are the Agency Millionaire Accelerator, the Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator, and the Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator. In these courses, another creator dives into affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and online courses for an additional $1997 each or $4000 total. Really, this is the first part of the ENTRE Institute that will teach you how to build an online business. An expert other than Jeff, who is currently in the trenches, teaches each course.
  • ENTRE Mastery, ENTRE’s top program that will help you scale your online business.
  • ENTRE coaching. 1-on-1 coaching is $15,000/year.

ENTRE Institute also offers the ENTRE Nation for like-minded support. The ENTRE Nation community includes subgroups and chances to network with other students. There are also live events for students, with different focuses to push them along their journey. These live events include Insight, Impact, and Influence conferences.

Note: Products within the ENTRE Institute, like ENTRE Digital and the Awesome Life Challenge, are fairly secretive until you pay for ENTRE Blueprint. Entre Results Coaching is a separate company that isn't affilaited with Jeff.  Is Entre Institute a scam? Check out our full ENTRE Institute review.

What Else is Included in the ENTRE Blueprint?

With the ENTRE Blueprint, you receive two PDFs, access to ENTRE Nation and the ENTRE Life App, and a Jumpstart training to help you get into income quickly. The two PDFS include a business plan and a picture that depicts ENTRE’s core values.

Does Entre Nation Elite Turn on Your Funnel and Get it Working?

No, ENTRE Nation Elite does not turn on your funnel or get it working. That work will be up to you. ENTRE is not an automation service, but an education platform.

If Jeff Lerner is Successful, Why Does He Teach Entre Blueprint?

Jeff teaches ENTRE Blueprint to push you into ENTRE Institute’s more expensive courses. His motivation for creating ENTRE Institute follows his philosophy of having an online business that will grow wealth. He has actively followed his own strategy, taught in the ENTRE Blueprint. This was inspired by his disappointment at traditional education. Plus, it helps that ENTRE diversifies his online income further. And, he clearly enjoys teaching.

Entre Blueprint Review: Will Entre Blueprint Work for You or Is it a Scam?

ENTRE Blueprint only teaches the philosophy behind Jeff’s lifestyle and forms the foundation for actionable online business models. It’s not a scam, as you will receive a product for your $39. But, you won’t be able to start a profitable online business off of ENTRE Blueprint alone.

Positive Reviews of Entre Blueprint

marie-christine entre blueprint review

“You might think it’s quite long. For me, I don’t have much time during my day but I can tell you- it’s gonna be worth it. You don’t have to sit down and watch all the videos, you can just paint, or do whatever- you can go in your car and drive, and listen to the videos, it’s gonna be fine. Except for the last step, I would suggest you sit down, take a pen and paper, and take some notes because you’re gonna need to if you want success in your online business.” - Marie-Christine

“Nothing that Jeff Learner does is insignificant. If he’s devoting 6 minutes to a video, you can bet he’s dropping some serious entrepreneurial nuggets and you better pay attention.”- K Tramaine

Ricky Williams Testimonial: An Inside Look of the Program

Key Lessons in Entre Blueprint

Entre Blueprint covers several business models including affiliate marketing, digital agency creation, and course creation. It also teaches the importance of personal development, long-term thinking, and applying practical online business strategies. 

Ricky's Verdict of the Program

Ricky only has good words for Jeff Lerner's Entre Blueprint. He appreciates that course develops both business skill and personal development inside the program. According to him, Entre Blueprint is worth trying because it's affordable with lots of great insights inside on the different business models that it covers. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and course creation are saturated business models. In the United States alone, there are almost 49,000 digital marketing agencies as of 2023 (increased by 15.6% since 2022). Course creators are also increasing in number as online learning become more popular. 

What is the Success Rate of Entre Blueprint?

The success rate of the ENTRE Blueprint is not known, but it would be fairly ambiguous since ENTRE Blueprint is purely theoretical anyway. It would be very interesting to learn just how many ENTRE Blueprint students go onto the higher paid courses.

Entre Blueprint Complaints

Finding ENTRE Blueprint complaints online is difficult because of Jeff’s large affiliate marketing program. Instead of negative, honest reviews, you will find videos where the reviewer is obviously an internet newbie and reading off of a script.

vitaliy entre blueprint review

“The $39 program that I bought from him- the introduction to ENTRE Institute-  I was also not very happy about that either. Plus… when I did join ENTRE Institute…their support team was calling me up, trying to get me to do a sales call, I had text messages, I had emails, I really felt like I was being spammed and this was one of the things that really really pissed me off about the whole process and pushed me away even further from Jeff’s program…”- Vitaliy

emmanuel entre blueprint review

“They teach you how to become an online marketer by marketing this program.” - Emmanuel, on Class with Jeff, which was one of Jeff’s many $39 intro courses.

entre blueprint negative review

Entre Blueprint Reddit

entre blueprint positive review
entre institute review reddit

What Happened with the Entre Institute Lawsuit?

According to our research, there have been no lawsuits surrounding ENTRE Blueprint or the ENTRE Institute. However, Jeff has been involved in companies that were shut down for fraudulent behavior by the FTC. These included Wealth Masters International, which he joined after Norway banned the company for being a pyramid scheme.

My Opinion on ENTRE Blueprint

If you are convinced that you want to learn from Jeff, and have done enough research to know what three online business models he teaches, then the ENTRE Blueprint will work for you. However, if you have not done the research, or Jeff’s teaching style turns you off (you can watch his YouTube channel to get a taste) then spend your $39 elsewhere.

Is ENTRE Blueprint a pyramid scheme? No- for ENTRE to be a pyramid scheme, the most senior members would make money off of the newest members. While this definition seems close, ENTRE is not a pyramid scheme. You just have to choose which courses you’d like to spend more money on. 

It’s also worth noting that the Jumpstart, (included as a bonus at the end of ENTRE Blueprint) is literally a training program on how to promote ENTRE Blueprint as an affiliate before getting any deeper into Jeff Lerners ENTRE Institute. It’s a brilliant online marketing scheme- Jeff is selling people the promise of online income freedom, and these people in turn are literally paying $39 each to be affiliates for his course. Keep this in mind as you look at positive reviews of ENTRE Blueprint- not only are these people affiliates, they are brand new internet marketers that only went through the lowest level of courses.

What is a Good Alternative to ENTRE Blueprint?

As an introductory course to the ENTRE Institute, there is no alternative for the ENTRE Blueprint. From my research, it appears that taking this $39 course is the only way to enter the Institute. 

The Brambila Method is very much like ENTRE Blueprint, but with no upsells. In it, Adrian Brambila will teach you about both affiliate marketing and selling courses. You will also learn how to sell on Fiverr, Upwork, and print on demand, and how to drive traffic through Facebook.

If you’re looking for an online education platform focused on digital businesses, ENTRE isn’t your only option. LURN by Anik Singal also has tons of paid courses you can choose from across a variety of entrepreneurial disciplines.

If you want to niche down to something else, like selling Amazon products, the Proven Amazon Course has a library of courses for a low monthly cost of $29 with no upsells. Or, if you want to niche down even further, Seller Systems by Brandon Young is a platform for Amazon private label sellers.

If you like Jeff’s online business models, consider these alternatives:

  • Affiliate marketing- Super Affiliate System by John Crestani 
  • Wealthy Affiliate is another option. Through, Wealthy Affiliate has similar pushy online marketing for their yearly membership. Check out more in my Wealthy Affiliate review.
  • Partner with Anthony is another choice, though you should read my Partner with Anthony review for more information). Or, check out our full list of affiliate marketing courses.
  • Online courses- TrainerCentral  (You can also check out Freedom Academy for a wide selection of online courses.)
  • Digital agencies- local lead generation
  • Online business development - MRR Blueprint by Jordan Mederich of Drop Funnels

My Passive Income Alternative to Entre Blueprint 

Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE Blueprint is a good introductory course to his full ENTRE Institute. While this course is basically a promotion of the full version of the program, you'll get a sense of Jeff's philosophy through Entre Blueprint. 

Affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and course creation are legit business models. However, these three businesses need time and dedication to profit. It is not a passive income source, and it's inconsistent and unstable, because they heavily depend on traffic. You either create traffic through constant content creation or allocate a monthly budget for paid ads. 

If you are looking for a passive income source, I recommend getting a local lead generation coaching. The goal is to build digital assets and rank them on top of Google. Ranked sites generate leads that you can sell at 85% margins, and rented out for recurring profit. It's a hands-free business model because you don't have to do a lot of maintenance work on your sites. They generate revenue on autopilot once they are fully set-up and optimized. 

Compared to Jeff's three business models, local lead gen makes more stable and consistent income. Since this service is localized, there's less competition and you can focus your resources on a specific geographic area. 

I have tried affiliate marketing before, but I realized that income with local lead generation is more stable and reliable. I started back in 2014, and now, about a decade later, my sites are still making $52K monthly passive income. 

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