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Seth Smith’s Advanced eCommerce Academy Review

January 13, 2023

The Advanced eCommerce Academy is a course‌ by Seth Smith that will cover how to set up a Shopify dropshipping store and use Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to your product. This is a legit course that is primarily designed for beginners. This course is now available online through third party sites, as Seth is no longer active online.

In this Advanced Ecommerce Academy review, we will answer: What material does Seth cover in this course? Does the Advanced Ecommerce Academy have any reviews online? And, if this course is no longer actively sold by Seth, should you consider something other than dropshipping, like local lead generation?

Advanced eCommerce Academy Pros and Cons


Includes exclusive software

Collaborative community

Mentorship also included. Seth Smith holds Q&As



Content is outdated

Too many videos and lessons

Seth only had 1 year of dropshipping experience when he opened this course

Seth is no longer active in his YouTube channel and social media sites


Original price $1,997; Discounted price $9.

Refund Policy





This out-of-date course doesn't live up to its price. Overall, the actual content isn't high quality. 

Advanced eCommerce Academy by Seth Smith

What is Advanced Ecommerce Academy?

Advanced eCommerce Academy by Seth Smith is a step-by-step guide to dropshipping that uses Facebook ads, Instagram ads and influencers to bring customers to your product. The course is 9 weeks long and includes over 100 videos. Though no longer officially offered by Seth himself, you can still download this course through a few websites.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where you own an online store but hold no inventory. Instead, you list a photo of the product and order it from a manufacturer when your customer orders. The manufacturer ships it directly to the customer. It’s a legitimate business, not a quick way to get rich. 

To increase your dropshipping success rate, you must be creative in your ecommerce marketing because the market is saturated with thousands of other merchants. Seth Smith shares many ways to do this with Facebook, Instagram and email marketing.

Who is Seth Smith, the Founder of Advanced Ecommerce Academy?

  • Seth Smith is a Shopify dropshipping guru.
  • He is a YouTuber with just about 1,260 subscribers (channel is empty as of April 2024).
  • He went to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and got his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Business.
  • Seth works as a digital marketing general manager at Kamozi Marketing Ltd, also in Ireland.
  • He is an influencer on Instagram with over 4000 followers (his Instagram is empty as of April 2024).

Who is the Advanced eCommerce Academy For?

Seth designed the Advanced eCommerce Academy for beginners. Furthermore, dropshipping is a better option for first-time sellers or merchants with limited capital, as you don’t need a lot of money to start. It's also better suited for those who want to sell a wide range of products or expand into new markets without committing to a large inventory investment.

Seth’s original price for this course was too high for people with no extra income. However, now there are some legit platforms that offer the course at a discounted price of $9. You won't get all the features that Seth originally offered, but you'll learn a lot about advertising, scaling, automation, and more.

What is Included in Advanced Ecommerce Academy?

Course Highlights

  • Module 1

  • Module 2

  • Module 3

  • Module 4

  • Module 5

  • Module 6

  • Module 7

  • Module 8

  • Module 9

Module 1: (10 trainings) Product Research Best Practice

This first module introduces you to the basics of ecommerce. You’ll learn to decide on a niche and Seth’s “secret” strategy for 7-figure product research.

Will Advanced Ecommerce Academy Work In Your Country?

Yes, there are websites selling this course today that will work anywhere there is an internet connection. Dropshipping can work almost anywhere in the world. As long as you can connect to the internet and have a stable relationship with a dropshipping supplier, you can fulfill orders with your laptop alone.

What Advanced Ecommerce Academy Reviews Are Online?


“First month after I purchased his course, I made about $1200, and probably about 50% of that was profit. The second month I made a little bit more than that, I made probably about $1700, again with close to 50% of that being profit. The following two months I did quite well… with the very small amount of time that I have and the great information that Seth has provided in his courses, I was able to make that third month $2500 and that fourth month… I made almost $4000.”


“I got huge value from the course and I was able to transmit into the business itself to grow it at that point.”

Advanced Ecommerce Academy reviews

SUMMARY: Why Enroll in Advanced Ecommerce Academy?

You should enroll in Advanced Ecommerce Academy if you are curious about starting a dropshipping business and want a very cheap course to build your background. But, because this is not an active course, do not expect all information to be up-to-date. Rather, use this course to learn the basics. Study in your free time while pairing this course with free, recently made YouTube videos. Then, purchase a newer course for a bit more money.

What Are the Best Ecommerce Courses?

One of the best dropshipping courses is the eCom Incubator by Yen-Gub. The price is low at $197, there is a 30 day back guarantee, and you will have a private Facebook group and weekly live streams with the coaches. Plus, it’s up to date and created by a multiple figure seller who ended 2021 with over $10 million in his pocket.

Another option is eCom Elites from Franklin Hatchett. It’s also $197 and covers many of the modules within Seth Smith’s online course. You will learn more updated information on Shopify, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, his Instagram influencer strategy, and more.

eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison is also a great option for an absolute beginner. Adrian Morrison is an advanced ecommerce expert with years of experience, but the course is almost $2500.

Why Take an Ecommerce Course?

You should take an ecommerce course because it will help you shorten your own learning curve. Coaches will share their tactics and share their dropshipping mistakes. You can learn from this and shorten the time between starting your business and bringing home a bigger profit.

How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Course for Your Needs?

Choose the best ecommerce course for your needs by:

  • Researching the dropshipping business model for free on YouTube before buying anything. Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, or local lead generation may suit your strengths better.
  • Checking online reviews for actual opinions of the course. Many courses have affiliate marketing programs that promote their courses for a cut.
  • Making sure the course is high quality and contains in-depth, updated information and bonus materials.
  • Checking for private Facebook groups and coach zoom calls. These two additional features can really help your business, as you will come across unique situations that won’t come up in any single course.

Conclusion: Advanced Ecommerce Academy Final Verdict

Advanced Ecommerce Academy was a great course, but there are better versions that are more up to date now. Certainly, drop shipping is one of the easiest ways to start an ecommerce business, but it still requires a fair bit of risk and hard work. Making money online is fantastic because the earning potential is limitless. For up-to-date information on dropshipping, read our guide on how to start a dropshipping business.

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