Top Content Creation Courses in 2024 | 5 Deciding Factors & Biggest Misconceptions

June 19, 2024

The top content creation courses in 2024 are:

  1. Authority Accelerator by Sunny Lenarduzzi
  2. Mentorship Membership Total Mastery by Joel Bauer
  3. Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator by Carol Tice
  4. Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by Nicki Krawczyk
  5. Travel Blog Prosperity by Jessica Festa
  6. Superstar Blogging by Matt Kepnes

Content creation courses teach people how to develop, manage, and distribute digital content. The New York Times says personalized content increases sales opportunities by 20%. These courses provide students with skills like writing, video production, and graphic design. Allowing students to create engaging, relevant, and effective content that displays their expertise.

The most common types of content are blogs, memes, e-books, infographics, courses, social media posts, and videos. Each content type has proven its effectiveness in engaging audiences and providing ROIs. HubSpot says 50% of buyers read a company's blog posts before making purchases. Wyzowl says 90% of marketers claimed videos increase brand awareness. Tools like Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Hootsuite can help in content creation. These tools simplify workflows and help in creating and distributing high-quality content. This leads to improved efficiency, profitability, and effective marketing efforts for content creators.

Content creation is profitable, but it has its challenges. Semrush says 55% of marketers found it hard to create content that resonated with the audience. HubSpot says 60% of marketers who use AI in their content worry it will harm their brand's reputation. You can overcome these hurdles through the structured learning that content creation courses provide. Find courses that have experienced instructors, relevant content, and genuine reviews. This lets you gain skills and knowledge that generate impact.

We'll cover the top content creation courses in 2024. We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of taking content creation courses. What are its deciding factors and common misconceptions? We'll include cite available career paths and other ways of making money online.

Expensive Content Creation Courses

Authority Accelerator by Sunny Lenarduzzi

Authority Accelerator teaches you how to create, market, and sell courses based on your expertise. Sunny Lenarduzzi's five-step method monetizes your skills and leverages YouTube for leads. This course helps you create courses that resonate with your niche's audience. It's ideal for people with industry experience who want to sell their knowledge online.

Sunny Lenarduzzi is recognized and featured in publications like Huffington Post and Forbes. Her YouTube and social media strategies helped companies connect and engage audiences. She worked with Hootsuite to create a series that increased subscriptions by 75%. Sunny engages her 550K subscribers on YouTube with various marketing content.


You'll learn from Sunny Lenarduzzi who has a decade’s worth of experience in marketing.

You gain access and support from their Facebook community.

You get lifetime access to the course.

Sunny’s “YouTube for Bosses” course is integrated into Authority Accelerator.

Includes weekly coaching calls throughout the 10-week program.


Their traffic generation methods are limited to YouTube and social media.

The course has an action-based refund policy.

This course is not aimed for beginners without experiences or skills to base content on.

Comments from previous students say the course is unorganized. Other comments say they use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to buy the course.


Authority Accelerator’s price varies from $5,000-$7,000. This is from data gathered from various sources and comments from 2020-2024.

Refund Policy

Authority Accelerator has an action-based refund policy. Getting a refund may take some time. However, you can pause payments and continue when you want to.


Sunny Lenarduzzi created Authority Accelerator in 2016.


Sunny Lenarduzzi is featured in publications and lauded for her impactful marketing skills.

Mentorship Membership Total Mastery by Joel Bauer

mentorship membership total mastery review

Mentorship Membership Total Mastery teaches you how to package and sell your expertise to an audience. In Joel Bauer's 52-week program, you'll learn the art of persuasion and selling your skills. This course helps you create your personal brand and establishes you as an authority. It's ideal for people with vast industry experience or skills and want to learn how to sell them.

Joel Bauer is known as the "Mentor of Mentors", his former students include John Chow and Peng Joon. With 40 years of experience, Joel's worked with companies like Mitsubishi and Disney. He has a solid resume and reputation for public speaking and captivating audiences. This might be for you if you want to learn how to persuade people, sell your own course, and be a mentor.


Joel Bauer has 4 decades of experience in the field. He’s mentored notable people who’ve gone to succeed in their own fields.

Its comprehensive program covers topics to help you master the art of persuasion and mentoring.

Gain access to their private community with 24/7/365 support and monthly Q&As.

It has a unique action-based refund policy.


Focuses on one key skill, persuasion. This may not fit those who are looking to learn multiple skills.

The entire training program lasts for one year, with modules released weekly.

This course is aimed at experts in their field. It’s not suitable for beginners without the skills and experience to sell.

Their refund policy requires you to finish the one-year course and prove it didn’t 3X your investment to be valid.


Mentorship Membership Total Mastery costs $8,000.

Refund Policy

Their action-based refund policy guarantees 100% of your money back, plus $1,000. But you must submit a proof of action form and go through the entire year-long course.


Mentorship Membership Total Mastery started in 2016.


Joel Bauer has 4 decades of experience and worked with companies like Apple, Shell, and Canon. He’s featured on networks like ABC, NBC, and CNN. His flair as a public speaker has drawn criticisms online, but his success cannot be denied.

Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup

Elite Blog Academy (EBA) by Ruth Soukup is a structured blogging course, offering levels from beginner to advanced bloggers. It's designed to help monetize blogs, covering content creation, networking, and affiliate marketing. While there are positive reviews, some skepticism exists, particularly on Reddit, about the course's uniqueness and reliance on affiliate marketing. EBA's structure, which includes three levels with varying prices, provides lifetime access and a private community for support. However, it's available only once a year and involves upselling.


Elite Blog Academy has three levels that cater to beginner to advanced bloggers.

Elite Blog Academy has a Private Facebook community.

Ruth Soukup offers lifetime access to the course.


Elite Blog Academy is full of upsells.

Elite Blog Academy has too many affiliate articles.

Elite Blog Academy is only once a year.


The prices of Elite Blog Academy differ according to the plan.
Level 1 has three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver costs $597 without coaching and access to the community. Gold costs $997 and Platinum for $1,497.
Level 2 costs $1,597 or 5 payments of $377.
Level 3 costs $4,997 or 6 payments of $947.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is an action-based 90-day policy.


Elite Blog Academy started in 2014


Ruth Soukup’s reputation is mostly positive. She is featured on Woman’s Day, HuffPost, Family Circle, The New York Times, The Daily Buzz, Chicago Tribune, Martha Living, Fox News, Time, Entrepreneur, and Home & Family.

Blog Growth Engine 4.5 by Adam Enfroy

Blog Growth Engine teaches you how to make a blog with solid domain authority and content. The course is now updated to its 4.5th iteration, with nine modules and three bonuses included. Adam Enfroy’s blueprint aims to help you find your niche and leverage your expertise. Then, you create and publish informative content where your audience learns and persuades them to make a purchase. Finally, you use tools to find what works and adjust your strategy based on insights gathered.


Extremely detailed and personalized.

Weekly Q&As with BGE’s blog coaches.

You receive lifetime access to all their updates, without additional payments.

You gain access to their community and unlimited coaching support.


There are no payment plans for the course. They only offer a one-time purchase.

A lot of the reviews come from affiliates. Using the affiliate link to sign up for the course gives you a 50% discount, but it uses pressure tactics to convince you.

Results take a lot of time.


Blog Growth Engine costs $2,997. Using affiliate links brings the price down to $997.

Refund Policy

Blog Growth Engine has a 14-day action-based refund policy.


Blog Growth Engine started in 2021. It has undergone several updates and is currently in its 4.5th version.


A lot of Blog Growth Engine's reviews are positive, but most come from affiliates. This makes their review questionable if it’s coming from an objective standpoint.

AI Mastery Live by Trey Smith


AI Mastery Live by Trey Smith is an e-book offering a six-week course aimed at leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance online business ventures. The course covers the creation of digital products such as ebooks, courses, and sales funnels using AI tools, namely CopyCraft AI, AutoFunnel AI, and Bookle AI. The e-book discusses the broader implications of AI in modernizing business practices. Drawing from his decade-long experience in e-learning and digital entrepreneurship, Trey Smith shares insights and strategies that enabled him to establish his business and attract an audience through the use of generative AI technologies.


Provides tools that are easy to use for many business operations.

Requires little to no workforce.

It is easier to generate content that you can do under an hour.

Live sessions with Trey Smith every week.


AI business is oversaturated.

Some inaccuracies in generated content.

Some people still see AI as unethical due to potential plagiarism.


AI Mastery Live is free but requires a subscription to AutoFunnel Pro, which costs $499 monthly or $1,497 annually.

Refund Policy

AI Mastery Live is bundled with AutoFunnel Pro, which has a 5-day trial period and a 24-hour refund policy.


Trey Smith created AI Mastery Live in 2023.


AI Mastery Live website has no testimonials or reviews. External reviews and comments on AI Mastery Live and Trey Smith are negative.

Affordable Content Creation Courses

Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator by Carol Tice

Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator, crafted by seasoned writer and educator Carol Tice, presents a comprehensive and structured path for experienced freelance writers aiming to escalate their earnings.

The program, spanning six months with six detailed modules, is a blend of self-study materials, peer group support, and optional one-on-one coaching, emphasizing the enhancement of marketing skills and client acquisition strategies. While it excels in offering a step-by-step roadmap, exclusive community access, and lifetime material access, its applicability is somewhat restricted as it's not geared towards beginners or those seeking to delve into technical or content writing.


The self-paced program allows you to improve your marketing skills at your convenience.

Carol Tice is a 6-figure freelance writer.

You’ll get immediate access to their exclusive community called the Den 2x GRADS Group.

The lifetime access to materials includes downloadable resources from the Freelance Writers Den. It also has guides on how to get a paid blogging gig.


The course is not for new freelance writers wanting to learn more about technical writing or content writing.

You must sign up on their waiting list first to join the course.

Some materials are available for free when you do online research.

Their website and student testimonials need to be updated.

Carol Tice’s LinkedIn profile does not include Freelance Writers Den 2x Income Accelerator as part of her current activities.


Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator costs $699 or three payments of $250 each.

Refund Policy

The course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Carol Tice created The Freelance Writers Den in 2011.


Carol Tice has a good reputation in the writing community. She has received various awards and recognitions.

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by Nicki Krawczyk

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by Nicki Krawczyk is an online course for aspiring copywriters aiming to kickstart or enhance their careers. It covers essential copywriting fundamentals, portfolio development strategies, and techniques for securing clients. With six foundational modules, over 145 deep-dive courses, daily support from copywriting coaches, bi-monthly coaching calls, and exclusive student events, course participants receive ample guidance and mentorship.


Lessons are comprehensive and straightforward: A common feedback among Filthy Rich Writer users is that the lessons are easy to understand. Course modules are concise and well-organized. They cover everything from copywriting tactics, client-hunting tips, portfolio building, and more. There’s also a lot of bonus content available.

Lifetime access: Students get lifetime access to the lessons, allowing them to learn and review at their own pace. This also means they get free access to new materials.

Live monthly coaching calls: During these calls, Nicki Krawczyk answers student questions. Calls are also recorded and archived so they remain accessible for future use.

A community of copywriters: An exclusive Facebook group allows students to interact, network, and seek support from fellow students and the FRW team.


Lack of negative reviews: The Filthy Rich Writer’s website displays many testimonials from successful students who have now built their professional copywriter careers. However, it is noticeable that there are few negative reviews found online. Some accuse the platform of deleting unfavorable comments on their social media channels.

The cost is not specified on their website: No details are given about the cost and pricing structure of their program. You will need to contact the company if you want to know updated pricing information about their freelance copywriter courses.

No refund policy: The company does not offer refunds. While they have a 30-day conditional guarantee, students must complete specific tasks before eligibility. This can be a huge deal-breaker for anyone unwilling to risk their money on the program.

No certificates are provided: Unlike similar courses, FRW does not give a certificate to completers. As we read on the Filthy Rich Writer website, the brand believes a copywriter needs a solid portfolio to prove their skill.


Filthy Rich Writer costs a one-time payment of $697. Aspiring copywriters can opt for a 3-month payment plan of $257 each.

Refund Policy

Filthy Rich Writer does not issue refunds. The company only offers a 30-day conditional guarantee.


Nicki Krawczyk launched Filthy Rich Writer and Comprehensive Copywriting Academy in 2012.

The WordPress Studio by Katie Grazer

The WordPress Studio by Katie Grazer is a comprehensive course designed to guide both beginner and less tech-savvy bloggers through the intricacies of using WordPress for blogging. Priced at $147, it offers a self-paced learning experience, covering over 30 video tutorials on topics like blog setup, theme customization, plugin usage, and content creation. The course aims to equip users with the necessary skills to effectively design, organize, and manage their WordPress sites, enhancing their blogging capabilities. 


Even if you finish the course and feel that blogging is not for you, they will refund your payment within 14 days.

Katie Grazer offers free blogging resources for beginners.

The WordPress Studio course is not expensive for its inclusions.


The WordPress Studio does not offer 1-1 coaching and mentoring.

It's a self-paced course, which may not suit your learning style.


The WordPress Studio course costs $147 or 2 payments of $77.

Refund Policy

Katie offers a 14-day guarantee.


The WordPress Studio started in 2020.


Katie Grazer has 10 years of experience blogging. She has 35.5K subscribers on YouTube and over 28K followers on social media, which shows a tremendous online presence.

My Freedom Empire by Caroline Elle

My Freedom Empire by Caroline Elle is a blog course designed for both new and existing bloggers, offering a comprehensive guide to creating a successful blog. The course covers various aspects of blogging, including niche selection, content creation, and monetization strategies. Caroline Elle's extensive experience in the field lends credibility to the course, but the absence of student feedback leaves its effectiveness somewhat uncertain for prospective enrollees.


Caroline Elle has over 16 years of experience in this industry.


I have not found or read any student reviews regarding the course.

The course didn't have any coaching or mentoring.


My Freedom Empire costs $111.

Refund Policy

My Freedom Empire has a 21-day action-based refund policy.


My Freedom Empire started in 2019, but the Blog Empire course had no information about its origin.


My Freedom Empire has over 80K subscribers on YouTube and over 20K followers on her social media.

Course Chemist by Julie Chenell and Cathy Olson

Course Chemist is a course creation platform by Julie Chenell and Cathy Olson. that emphasizes pre-selling, planning, and community building. It provides methods for creating and selling digital courses on any topic. Course Chemist covers what makes courses go viral, effective course design and content. It also covers securing profitability. The program includes six "Experiment Methods" for course creation guidance.


Course Chemist covers every aspect of course creation. This includes planning, marketing, and community building.

The program teaches efficient methods for content creation and delivery.

Course Chemists have lessons on creating and managing an online learning community.  This results in student engagement and course success.


The course creation industry is becoming increasingly crowded and saturated, which poses a challenge to standing out.

Course Chemist charges are costly for potential course creators.


Course Chemist costs $197.

Refund Policy

The company's refund policy time frame is 14 days.


There is no information on Course Chemist's origin date.


Course Chemist's reputation is good because there are no independent reviews about the program.

Zero To A Million by Andrei Jikh

andrei jikh review

Zero To A Million is a is a self-paced course that teaches you how to create YouTube brand and monetize it. You will learn how to start your YouTube channel, how to structure your content, and how to grow it quickly. The course will also teach you several ways on how you can earn from your channel. The training includes 70+ instructional videos, templates, presents and more. There is a group coaching upgrade for those who want continued support.


Andrei Jikh has over 2.34 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, ensuring wide visibility for his content.

 He earns six figures from his channel, showcasing his ability to monetize his content effectively.

The course is praised for its well-edited, no-fluff, scientific strategies for growing a YouTube channel.


Critics have pointed out significant losses following his advice.

The course lacks training on his video creation and editing processes and offers limited support.

Andrei himself has faced substantial financial losses. He's lost $1.2 million in the crypto crash, which undermines his credibility.

There is a general mistrust in Andrei's financial advice and strategies.


Zero To A Million costs $495. You can also get his premium Class Coaching for $2,495.

Refund Policy

Zero To A million has a 30-day refund policy.


Online reviews for Andrei Jikh are mostly negative. Many question his knowledge of investing and personal finance.

Digital Course Academy by Amy Porterfield

amy porterfield review

Digital Course Academy teaches people how to monetize their expertise by selling online courses. The academy offers detailed lessons on how to design and launch an online course. Amy also teaches you how to market your course through social media ads. The program also includes access to weekly Q&As, a private Facebook group, and other resources. Digital Course Academy is usually only offered once a year.


Amy Porterfield has made over $100 million from selling courses online. This demonstrates her success and expertise.

The course is praised for its detail in creating and selling high-ticket courses.

Amy has helped over 50,000 students, indicating trust in her methods.

Techniques like the "First Ten" strategy have generated significant revenue for her students.


Some students have criticized her for aggressive sales tactics and upsells.

Her courses, especially with the premium upgrades, can be quite expensive. This makes it inaccessible for some people.

There are complaints that some of her course materials are outdated.

Despite the high price, some users feel a lack of support and direct interaction with Amy.


Digital Course Academy costs $1,997 or 6 payments of $387/month.

Refund Policy

Digital Course Academy has a 14-day action-based refund policy.


Reviews for Amy Porterfield are mixed. Many students find her courses helpful and helped them succeed. Some criticize her previous involvement with MLM schemes.

Cheap Content Creation Courses

Travel Blog Prosperity by Jessica Festa

Travel Blog Prosperity by Jessica Festa offers aspiring and established travel bloggers a roadmap to transform their blogs into lucrative ventures. Learners can benefit from the program's course materials, workshops, coaching sessions, and a supportive online community, Travel Blog Prosperity teaches members with effective strategies to boost traffic, increase email subscribers, and enhance earnings consistently. As a seasoned 6-figure blogger, Festa emphasizes the importance of nurturing a community over focusing solely on "vanity metrics."


Direct support from Jessica Festa: New members get to hop on a 15-minute personal onboarding call with Jessie. She also takes time to respond via email and does site audits for members during monthly group calls. Plus, she regularly does group calls and even 1-on-1 coaching calls with select members.

New courses are added monthly: Members can look forward to receiving new course modules each month. Some of the existing courses also get updates, as necessary. 

Paid opportunities: The weekly email newsletter sends links to sites where bloggers, editors, and influencers can find paying gigs.

No long-term commitments: The program's affordable pricing makes it easy for those curious to learn from it to sign up. If they decide that the course is not for them, they can cancel their subscription for the following month.


Lack of balanced reviews: Most of the reviews we see online are by course affiliates. This can be a challenge for potential learners who want to know the program’s strengths and weaknesses before making their decision.

You’ll have to pay monthly to access the course: Since this is a membership-based program, there is no option for lifetime access. Members will have to spend $49 each month to access existing and new learning materials.

Live calls are in the US time zone: While calls are available on replay, international members may find it hard to join the live calls.

The Facebook group is less active: Although it was created four years ago, it's relatively small, with only 194 members. As of this writing, there had been only 43 posts in the previous month.


Travel Blog Prosperity costs $49 monthly.

Refund Policy

Travel Blog Prosperity does not offer refunds, but you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Jessie Festa has been a travel blogger since 2011 and makes 6 figures each year.

Superstar Blogging by Matt Kepnes

Superstar Blogging by Matt Kepnes is for aspiring travel bloggers to establish and monetize their own blogs. The course lessons talks are about website setup, content creation, branding, SEO, and networking. Despite its comprehensive coverage of foundational blogging skills, it might be less effective for seasoned bloggers due looking for advanced SEO techniques and monetization options. Matt Kepnes has a long-standing reputation as a successful travel blogger. He has been in the field for over 15 years and garners over 1.3 million monthly views on his blog.


Reputable travel blogger: Matt Kepnes has been a travel blogger for 15 years. His website has 1.3 million views per month.

Cheap course: The Superstar Blogging curriculum will be accessible to students for a lifetime for just $99.

Covers foundational knowledge: The online course covers all the basics of blogging (how to write for an audience), branding (building email lists and website design), and monetization (affiliate marketing, digital product creation, and brand partnerships)

Self-paced: Students can take their time to master each module before going to the next one.


For beginners only: Matt mentioned it’s for any level of bloggers, but their FAQs section and most students say it’s best for beginners only.

Questionable external reviews: Superstar Blogging has an affiliate program, so the external reviews from other sites might be biased.

Nomadic Matt’s success blueprint: The course is based on his successful travel blog he started 15 years ago. So, it might not be as effective in the current competitive blogging industry.

Matt shifted his focus: In 2022, Nomadic Matt stepped away from blogging and gave more control to his team. The course’s last update was in November 2023.


Superstar Blogging costs $99 for lifetime access to the curriculum.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of Superstar Blogging is a 14-day guaranteed money-back.


The reputation of Superstar Blogging’s creator, Matt Kepnes, is positive and solid around the internet.

Passive Income Pathways by Sadie Smiley

Passive Income Pathways (PIPS), founded by Sadie Smiley, is a membership program aimed at women seeking to create passive income streams through blogging, AI, and digital products. It offers tools and courses for beginners and advanced learners, with two membership levels: PIPS Lite and PIPS VIP. While blogging is a highlighted method for income generation, the program acknowledges the intense competition in this field, with a significant number of bloggers not earning money. PIPS offers various courses, including Blogging 101 and 102, Affiliate Marketing, and specialized courses like Lightning-Fast Content Creation and Build Your Digital Etsy Empire.


Affordable membership plans and a lot of free materials.

Supportive coaches and regular calls.

Self-paced, easy-to-follow, and interactive tasks.

Exclusive group of like-minded content creators.


You can find most of the courses on the internet for free.

The pricing of some courses has not been updated.

Only a few customer reviews are available at this time.

There is high competition and market saturation in blogging.


The price of Passive Income Pathways courses varies from $10 to $127. They also have two membership levels: the Pips Lite Membership, which is $7 monthly, and the Pips VIP Membership, which costs $97 monthly.

Refund Policy

The Passive Income Pathways refund includes a 7-day money-back guarantee at the bottom of their products’ page. However, just be aware that they also have another landing page that states, “30-Day Money-Back, but there are some requirements.” The requirements include implementing all the strategies taught and showing documented proof that these strategies didn’t work.


The Passive Income Pathways started in November 2021.


Sadie Smiley’s blog on Facebook has 4.1K followers, while the private Facebook page has 18.6K members.

Viral Content by Jon Jacques

Viral Content by Jon Jacques is a course designed to teach individuals how to earn money by creating content that can achieve a million views. The course aims to increase follower count and brand awareness, particularly for upcoming launches and events. Jon Jacques emphasizes that creating viral content can unlock various opportunities, such as invitations to talk shows, events, and receiving free products to promote. He shares his techniques for producing viral-quality content that effectively reaches the target audience with free distribution strategies.


Jon offers discounts for the Viral Content course.

Jon Jacques has helped over 20,000+ students.

You’ll get a lot of information about creating viral and bonus content for an affordable price.


It is a considerable risk to rely solely on viral content.

You have no control over your monthly income.

The outcome depends on other people.

It takes a lot of work to create viral content.


Viral Content hard copy costs $37 for the discounted price and $575 for the regular price. The online version of Viral Content costs only $7 for a limited trial period.

Refund Policy

Viral Content has a 30-day refund policy. You can email with the subject “Risk-Free” to begin the refund process.


Jon Jacques created Viral Content in 2019.


Jon Jacques has a good online reputation. He went from being a viral street magician to being a social media entrepreneur. He has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Digiday, and many more.

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint by Keano Katalan Tagansky

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint by Keano Katalan Tagansky is a 7-module online program aimed at teaching aspiring and existing business owners how to utilize AI and ChatGPT for automating content creation. The course costs $27, with additional payments for a weekly newsletter and over 2,500 marketing prompts. Keano’s self-paced course promises to streamline business processes and enhance productivity through AI integration. ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint is under his company AI Mastery LLC. While the course has positive reviews on its website, it lacks extensive external reviews. The program's reliance on AI raises concerns about potential limitations in creativity, accuracy, and the need for ongoing content verification.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint teaches the effective use of AI tools for business, product, and service enhancement.

The course provides creative ideas for leveraging ChatGPT in various business and marketing aspects.

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has many positive student reviews on the course landing page.

Integrating artificial intelligence and other related tools can simplify repetitive tasks and improve productivity.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has limited reviews on external platforms like Reddit, Quora, and YouTube.

Keano Katalan Tagansky doesn’t have an established online presence. He only mentioned his first name on the AI Mastery website.

Depending on AI can dull one’s creativity in creating various content.

AI-generated content is prone to plagiarism hits and has limited access to the latest data.

Their terms of service contradict their website’s refund policy. According to their ToS, due to its intangible nature, the "AI Mastery" digital product cannot be returned for a refund once purchased, accessed, or downloaded.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint costs $27. It also includes an upsell for their weekly newsletter ($9.99) and 2,500+ marketing prompts ($27).

Refund Policy

ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint’s website claims it offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. However, its terms of service state that AI Mastery is not eligible for a refund once you’ve downloaded and accessed the material after purchasing it.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint started in May 2023, according to BisProfiles.


ChatGPT Millionaire Blueprint has 56K and 186K Facebook followers (two Facebook pages), 15.6K Instagram followers, 1.8K TikTok followers, and 55 YouTube subscribers.

Booking Big Fish Clients by Jordan Blackman

Booking Big Fish Clients by Jordan Blackman teaches entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants how to create authentic, imperfect videos to drive more sales to their business. These videos are designed to be simple and genuine, shot on an iPhone, showcasing the creator's true self rather than being highly produced. This approach helps build trust and authenticity, effectively engaging potential clients and increasing sales.


Video marketing is an essential skill to learn to grow your brand and revenue in 2024.

Jordan provides you with over 100 video ideas.

You learn how to create three months of video content.

You get a video content calendar to help you schedule and keep track of your video posts.

Jordan updated the course in 2022.


Creating authentic videos is a long-term play for generating leads. You must build your brand's authority over many months or even years before you see your income grow and become passive.

Making videos can be time-consuming because it requires you to do many takes. You may not say the right things or mess up while speaking, which requires you to re-record certain parts of your video.

Includes upsells to a $37 training video, and a $27 proposal template.


Booking Big Fish Clients costs $27.

Refund Policy

Booking Big Fish Clients offers a 100%, 365-day guarantee refund policy.


Jordan Blackman has a great reputation in the game development space. He has helped gaming companies reach over ten figures in revenue. Even the people he worked with and managed have nothing but good things to say.

5 Deciding Factors of Top Content Creation Courses

1. Course Creator Skills and Experience

    The course creator's skills and experience give insight into the course's value. Since you'll be investing your time and money, you should take the time to look into a course creator's resume. This lets you know if they have the real-world experience and necessary skills to teach.  

    Look for courses made by experienced professionals in their specific fields and industries. They can impart content creation skills like writing, video production, and graphic design. For example, if you want to learn copywriting, you shouldn't take Joel Bauer's course. His whole resume and selling point is public speaking and persuasion, not copywriting. Instead, you can opt for courses from Nicki Krawcyzk and Ruth Soukop. Their decades of experience in copywriting and insights can help improve your skills. This ensures you get taught by competent people and maximizes the time and money you invest.

2. Course Modules/Curriculum

A course's curriculum must cover everything there is to know about the subject. You should choose courses that teach the basic to advanced concepts in a structured way. It should promote continuous learning and provide holistic understanding. This leads to clearer, engaging learning and practical skill development.

When choosing a course, you should check its update frequency, activities, and accessibility. Do they have interactive activities like quizzes and assignments? Are these activities relevant to the skills you're trying to improve? Do they keep the course materials up to date? Can you revisit past modules? These ensure you're getting the most relevant training and materials for your investment.

3. Course Setup and Inclusions

The course's setup and inclusions influence learning outcomes. You should consider the course's approach, duration, access, and inclusions. This helps you choose the right course that fits your learning style and objectives. 

Remember, we are all different. So, what works well for someone, may not be as effective for you. For example, do you prefer self-paced or being together with other students in real-time? Would you learn better from reading or watching videos when studying? Are they providing the latest tools and teaching how to use them? Is 1-on-1 coaching or in groups your style? Answering questions like these helps you find the best course that fits you.

4. Course Price

A content creation course should offer value that's proportional to its price. Today, you can find many courses online that vary in effectiveness and trustworthiness. Factors like duration, quality, instructors, and platform used can affect a course's price. Some offer discounts, and free trials, and have hidden fees or upsells. You need to decide if a course is worth your time and money.

You must consider the real value that you can get from a course, aside from its price. Will your chosen course help you learn and improve your skills? How much will it help you achieve your content creation goals? Choose courses that balance price and value, have good content, and fit your schedule.

5. Student Reviews

Student reviews can give you insight into a course from the eyes of previous course takers. You can find these on various platforms like Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, or external sites like the BBB. These can help you gauge a course's content quality and the instructor's ability to teach. 

Remember, course creators are selling and marketing their courses to you as products. Their marketing efforts may not always be objective and in your best interest. Finding authentic reviews and testimonials is important and helps you make informed decisions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking Content Creation Courses

Advantages of Taking Content Creation Courses

Structured Learning Path: Provides a clear and systematic approach to mastering your chosen content creation skill.

Access to Expert Knowledge: You'll learn from experts with real-world industry experience and insights.

Practical Skills Development: Helps you translate a course's theories into practice for real-world use. 

Networking Opportunities: Courses often have their own communities. This allows you to foster connections with your peers and professionals who want to learn the same skills as you.

Certification and Credibility: Earning a content marketing certification enhances your resume and credibility in your chosen skill.

Disadvantages of Taking Content Creation Courses

Cost: Some courses, especially those from well-known people and institutions can be expensive.

Time Commitment: Balancing the coursework with other responsibilities can be difficult.

Information Overload: Courses contain a vast amount of content to study which can be overwhelming to students.

Outdated Information: Content creation strategies and trends are always changing. This can make some course materials and teachings obsolete.

Lack of Customization: A course's structure and teaching style may not always align with your specific needs.

What are the Career Paths Available After Taking a Content Creation Course?

  • Content Marketer: Develops, distributes, and implements content strategies that attract and engage audiences. Content marketers create relevant and engaging content that connects businesses with their audiences. Their role and impact in marketing give content marketers opportunities in many industries. CMI says a full-time content marketer in the US earns $112,000 annually. They create content like blogs, videos, graphics, and social media posts. This helps businesses boost sales, influence customer decisions, and increase brand awareness.
  • Social Media Marketer: Manages and grows an organization's presence on various social media platforms. Forbes says 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers. These marketers develop strategies and analyze metrics to improve engagement and reach. They create and curate content tailored to each platform and their audience. This leads to improved brand awareness, traffic, and sales for their client.
  • Email Marketing Manager: Develops, implements, and manages email campaigns that connect and engage businesses with customers. Litmus says email marketing’s ROI is $42 for every $1 spent. Email marketers work with sales and content teams to craft persuasive emails for clients. They build and maintain direct communication with customers and ensure GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance. This leads to effective email campaigns that sell, persuade, and follow the law. 
  • SEO Specialist: Optimizes websites to rank higher on search engines and increase organic traffic. Semrush says internet users spend 8% more time on high-ranking websites. SEOs create functional, easy-to-use sites with relevant content for search bots to find. This attracts customers, improves user experiences, and increases sales for clients.
  • Copywriter: writes persuasive and compelling copies that promote and sell products to audiences. It's a great career choice after taking content creation courses. Skills like writing, storytelling, and understanding audience engagement are crucial in effective copywriting. They also teach how to use different content formats to best reach and engage audiences. Businesses want copywriters who create copies that are effective in communicating their message.

5 Biggest Misconceptions About Online Content Creation Courses

  • Online courses can't deliver the same quality as in-person classes.

    This is dependent on the type of skills you're trying to learn. Harvard conducted an experiment for online learning. They found that structured courses that tested students improved content retention by 20-60%. 40% of students who received the same course with no challenges started to daydream. They also found that interaction and persuasion skills are better learned in person. If you're trying to learn content creation, doing it online yields better results.
  • Content creation is only about writing and blogging.

    Content creation is not limited to writing and blogging. It overlooks other content formats like video making, podcasts, and graphic design. Some of the content creation courses listed earlier focus on different areas. For example, Jon Jacqeus' Viral Content teaches you how to create viral videos. Jordan Blackman's Booking Big Fish Clients teaches you how to create authentic videos. Content creation courses cover diverse topics. They equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge for today's digital marketing.
  • You can learn everything independently; courses offer nothing new.

    The Internet provides access to a vast amount of information. However, you must find, curate, and verify which materials are viable learning resources. This takes time and effort, which could be better spent doing something productive. Taking courses offers a structured and curated learning experience from qualified instructors. This allows you to learn from industry experts and tap into their years of experience in a faster way.
  • Online content creation courses are too expensive for their value.

    This misconception is subjective and depends on your current situation. It's true that quality courses are expensive. However, they provide specialized skills and knowledge that increase your earning potential. Many courses offer payment options and make it accessible to a broader audience. Some course creators share free content on forums and YouTube. For example, Sunny Lenarduzzi still shares her insights on YouTube for free. The key is finding the balance between price and value that works for you.

  • Online courses are more accessible and require less effort than traditional courses.

    Online courses provide flexibility and allow you to choose what, when, and where to learn. It demands self-discipline and commitment from students to achieve results and improve. You are investing time, effort, and money to gain knowledge and skills to put yourself in a better position. It requires you to put in work despite other commitments, responsibilities, and distractions. This makes online courses more challenging than traditional classroom settings.

Are There Free Content Creation Courses?

Yes, there are free content creation courses available online, such as HubSpot Academy's Content Marketing Certification Course, Udemy's Social Media Content Creation: Canva Beginner to Advanced, and Coursera's Leveraging AI for Enhanced Content Creation.  However, free courses don't always provide certifications and have fewer resources and support. Free courses on popular platforms have limited slots and times. You're now competing with others who also want these learning opportunities. They're a great starting point when you're still trying to figure out what to learn. It can help you decide before you spend money on paid content creation courses.

Here are examples and a brief overview of free content creation courses:

Content Marketing Certification Course: Grow Better with Content

  • Instructors: Lindsay Thibeault, AJ Beltis, Justin Champion, Corey Braccialini, Sujan Patel
  • Platform: HubSpot Academy
  • What it teaches: Creating sustainable content strategies and implementing SEO.
  • Does it offer certificates?: Yes
  • Course content: 12 lessons, 54 videos, 11 quizzes.

Writing for Brands: Freelancing in the Age of Content Marketing

  • Instructors: Brian Maehl
  • Platform: Skillshare
  • What it teaches: Effective ways to write and pitch for brands.
  • Does it offer certificates?: No
  • Course content: 30-minute video with downloadable PDFs and resources.

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Content Creation

  • Instructors: Jordan Wilson
  • Platform: Coursera Instructor Network
  • What it teaches: Using generative AI for content creation.
  • Does it offer certificates?: Yes
  • Course content: 1 module and 1 assessment.

Create A Streamlined Social Media Content Creation Strategy

  • Instructors: Ethan Bridge
  • Platform: Udemy
  • What it teaches: Creating effective and engaging content creation strategies for social media marketing.
  • Does it offer certificates?: No
  • Course content: 1 video with 8 lectures.

Graphic Design Specialization

  • Instructors: Anther Kiley, Michael Worthington, Gail Swanlund, Lorraine Wild, Louise Sandhaus
  • Platform: Coursera
  • What it teaches: Making and implementing graphic design principles to your branding projects.
  • Does it offer certificates?: Yes
  • Course content: 5 course series included.

Platforms that can help with content creation include Canva, ChatGPT, and Grammarly. These tools boost your content generation efforts, help you create effective content. And best of all, you can access them for free and pay for the premium versions when you want to invest in the tool.

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that can help you create images. Its free version allows you to access thousands of templates and assets. You can upgrade to Canva Pro to access their premium assets and features. They also offer a 30-day free trial for Canva Pro if you want to test it out before committing. 

ChatGPT is an AI that can help you in many aspects of content generation. It helps with creating drafts, summarizing information, and brainstorming. The free version lets you access ChatGPT's older language models and basic features. However, its popularity means that a lot of people use it, and ChatGPT may be at capacity. This means you'll have to wait before you can use it again. ChatGPT Plus lets you access the latest models, like ChatGPT-4o and Dall-E 3, and bypass the waiting. 

Grammarly checks your writing for mistakes and helps you sharpen your writing. The free version scans your content for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Grammarly Pro includes features like a plagiarism checker, setting writing tones, and more. It even offers explanations why they flag errors in your writing.

Can Content Creation Courses Help Create Profitable Passive Side Hustles?

Yes, content creation courses can help create passive side hustles. You'll learn the skills to make great content that sell. As with any kind of education, what matters most is what you'll do with the skills you've learned. The hard part is finding and creating a product or service that you can sell to people that want and need it.

Once you've become an expert, you'll gain credibility and it will be easier to market yourself. For example, you can create e-books to sell on KDP for 35% and 70% royalties. You can also sell your art to platforms like Displate and earn 10% commissions on every sale. 

It takes time and effort to make content that resonate with people and sell. Contentsquare says 69% of content on the internet are unseen. Not to mention that you are now competing against others through the internet. Keep honing your skills and building your portfolio, experience, and network. This way, you'd have a more concrete path to making money online with your abilities.

The Best Course for Making Money in 2024: Content Creation or Local Lead Generation?

Content creation courses provide skills and opportunities for students to improve their craft. This allows you to create content like blogs, videos, and images that engage audiences. However, local lead generation offers a more straightforward path to profitability. It focuses on creating digital assets that you own and a way to generate passive income. 

Content creation is a challenging and competitive field. You need to create high-quality content that resonate with your audience. And you're competing with others who are trying to make the same impact. Influencer Marketing Hub says over 200 million people consider themselves as content creators. And 97.5% of content creators on YouTube don't make enough income to break the US poverty line. Local lead generation offers a more predictable and less competitive business model.

In local lead generation, you create websites that rank well on Google. These sites capture leads for local businesses, who want that traffic your sites get. You then rent these sites out to these businesses for $500 to $3,000 per month. The best part is, you own these digital assets, and they act as digital real estate.

Local lead generation offers a practical and stable way to make money online. I've created over 50 local lead generation sites in various niches. Together, those sites earn over $50,000 monthly. If content creation seems overwhelming for you, try pivoting to this model instead.

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