Van Sturgeon’s Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Review – 4 Pitfalls of Real Estate Investing

July 28, 2023

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets is an online training program by Van Sturgeon that teaches you how to invest in real estate using the 4-F Framework. The four F's in this framework stand for Find, Fund, Fix and Flip. You must be able to find rental properties, get the funding to purchase and fix them so you can then flip them and make a profit.

This Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets review will dive into if real estate investing is the best way to earn a passive income and how investing in physical real estate compares to investing in your own digital real estate with the local lead generation business model


In his over 30 years in real estate, he has accumulated over 1200 multifamily properties and earned over 9-figures in revenue. 

1-on-1 strategy session with Van.

You learn all the strategies Van has implemented in his business to earn over $100 million with real estate investing.


Selling physical real estate doesn't let you earn a predictable income and there are many parts to this business that you can't control. 

This training is only an intro to the high ticket course Van sells. 

Managing rental properties is a hassle with all its moving parts, even if you make a smart buy.


The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets costs $29.99. 

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee. 


Introductory course with 8 training modules and 3 bonuses.


Van Sturgeon has an excellent reputation in the real estate space as he's made over 100 million in revenue. He's been featured in Yahoo Finance, The Los Angeles Tribune, and more. 

4 Pitfalls of Real Estate Investing

1. No steady income

When investing in real estate, you cannot expect to make a certain amount of money each month. Real estate investing is not a job, it is a business and you will get out of it what you put into it. But you cannot expect a predictable income each month as you would if you had a job or if you had cash flow with clients who paid you each month. If you want to earn a steady income, you might want to consider buying a property and offering it as short term rentals like Airbnb.

2. Expensive to get started

To get started with real estate investing, you have to pay thousands of dollars as a down payment for your first rental property investment. If you do your research, you may find a way to not put any money down. If you are resourceful, you may locate an accredited investor who has the capital to purchase the property for cash or cover the down payment simply, though you will have to share the profit after you eventually sell the property. Regardless of the method you take, real estate investing requires thousands of dollars. Commercial real estate investing is even more expensive. Still, if commercial real estate is your ideal business model, taking a commercial real estate course can help you learn how to manage these expenses. Cashflow to Freedom Academy is one option.

3. Tenants can be a headache

When purchasing an investment property, one of the biggest headaches you can have is dealing with tenants. You will deal with late monthly payments, maintenance issues inside of the rentals, and depending on who you approve to rent from you, rowdy tenants. It can happen in any rental property, whether single-family or multifamily real estate. If your tenants have kids who are always running, they may cause issues with other tenants. Tenants will not allow you to earn a passive income because issues will always arrive. The same can be said for commercial real estate tenants. Property management companies deal with these issues all the time. 

4. Takes time to see a return on investment

Before jumping into real estate investing, you must accept the reality that you will not see a return on investment quickly. It takes time to find a property, get funding to purchase it, fix it and sell it. The entire process of flipping houses or any other property may take months or even years without you getting a penny in return. If you are not patient in the real estate market, as an investor or a real estate agent, this business model will not work for you. Your real estate investment is a long-term play. 

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Course Overview

Module 1)

In the first module, Van talks about how he made his money investing in real estate. He explains why he believes real estate investing is the #1 way to build generational wealth and the 5 risks to real estate you should know before getting started. 

Module 2)

In module 2, Van talks about what you can do to make money in real estate this week. He also shares the 3 real estate investing methods you can use in North America and explains how the wealthy leverage real estate to protect their wealth. 

Module 3)

Van dives into helping you determine if you're going to be active or passive with real estate investing. He explains why the best approach to real estate investing is different for everyone and shares 4 ways you can passively get started. 

Module 4)

In module 4, you learn Van's strategy for growing your portfolio quickly and how you can buy a rental property without putting 20% down or needing financing. 

Module 5)

Module 5 is all about how to find "hidden-gem" real estate deals and how to get your feet wet with real estate investing. 

Module 6)

Module 6 shows you how to Fix and Flip rental properties successfully while making a great profit. 

Module 7)

In module 7, Van explains how it's possible to own 20, 200, and 2,000 doors. You learn what the BRRRR method is and how it can benefit investors with little capital.

Module 8)

Van again touches on flipping rental properties. 

Bonus #1

The first bonus you get with your purchase of this program is an investment calculator that, according to Van, will help you save on renovations. 

Bonus #2

Bonus 2 is a 15 minutes strategy session with Van. 

Bonus #3

This bonus is simply the downloadable PDF of what the 4-F framework is.

Who is Van Sturgeon?

Van Sturgeon is a millionaire real estate investor from Chicago, Illinois. His parents didn't have enough money growing up, and they struggled to survive. The apartment building they lived in was for sale and was 60% vacant. His family purchased the building and began doing renovations themselves, since they couldn't hire anyone. Van attended University and was accepted to several law schools. Though his parents wanted him to become a lawyer, he didn't. Therefore, he started his own general contracting business in Chicago while flipping properties. 

In the past 30 years, Van has created many businesses in real estate and is on a mission to help one million people become millionaires through real estate investing by 2030.

On his TikTok account, he has over 21,000 followers and often post content sharing his real estate investing secrets. 

On the Van Sturgeon YouTube channel, he only has over 40 subscribers and does not post any new content. 

Van Sturgeon Net Worth

Van Sturgeon has an estimated net worth of between $50 million and $100 million when you consider that he's generated over 9-figures in revenue as a successful real estate investor and coach.

Is Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets worth it?

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets is worth it if you don't know how to get started with real estate investing and you want to learn from a reliable source. If you pay the low fee of $29.99, you'll start learning from someone who has had massive success in the world of real estate. Just be prepared to be sold on Van's higher ticket program that costs thousands of dollars. If you don't want to pay for this intro course, you can find out what the 4-F Framework is and how to take advantage of it by searching for other successful real estate moguls. 

Still, there are many people who have taken this intro course and grown their real estate portfolios after taking Van's paid course. You can check Foreclosure Academy and Real Estate Robinsons' events and tutorials for alternatives. 

What is the best way to learn about real estate investing?

The best way to learn about real estate investing is by:

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Reading Blogs
  • Chatting on forums
  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Attending Seminars

What is the most profitable form of real estate investing?

The most profitable form of real estate investing is commercial real estate because your profit margins are higher than those of residential real estate. 

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Testimonials

This student thought it took a lot of money to get into rental property investing. When he saw Van's content on Instagram, he realized that the business model was not so complicated. He took this intro 4-F course and then got into Van's advanced course. There, he learned how to source deals, learned about financing and partnerships and more. He even used some contracts Van uses in his business as a framework for his own contracts to get his first fourplex. He highly recommends Van's training.

Soli is another one of Van's students who found value in the Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets training program. Before joining Van's program, Soli wasn't comfortable negotiating on bids. After implementing his advice and training, she felt much more confident when going into negotiations. On one particular deal, Van's advice helped her save $10,000 on a bid by simply asking. Soli shared that she feels as though Van cares about her business and recommends that everyone take the chance to work with him. 

Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Alternatives

SEO for Real Estate Investors is an online program by Jerryll Noorden that teaches you how to generate highly motivated seller leads by leveraging search engine optimization strategies. Along with your investment, Jerryll will mentor you and check your work as you go through the course. There are 15 training modules and the entire training is hosted on the app. You are also given access to their private Facebook group for added support. 

Price: SEO for Real Estate Investors costs $25,800.

More Info: SEO for Real Estate Investors Review

Generate Agent Leads by Prab Mangat offers the R.E.M.C. certification program to help real estate professionals start and scale a real estate marketing consultancy. This course shows you how to make money in real estate without having to do any of the fixing and flipping yourself. Prab shows you the steps to landing your first 10 clients in only a few weeks and how to automate and scale your process. With this program, you get direct coaching from Prab, training videos, scripts, SOPs and live coaching calls every week. You also get access to their private Slack chat for support. 

Price: Generate Agent Leads costs between $5K and $15K with financing options available. 

More Info: Generate Agent Leads Review

The Virtual Group by Tiffany and Josh High is an online program that shows you how to scale your real estate business by improving your marketing, systems, acquisitions, and dispositions. This is a 4-week live training that starts on the first Tuesday of every month. With your investment, you get access to their scripts, onboarding schedule, and SMS outreach templates. You are also invited into their private Facebook group and you get training on how to hire a team to help you scale your business faster.

Price: The Virtual Group costs $997.

More Info: The Virtual Group Review

Springboard to Wealth by Thach Nguyen, Stephanie Owens, and Marc Erickson is a comprehensive real estate mentorship program that teaches aspiring and seasoned real estate investors how to find and develop the right properties and nurture a competitive mindset. With this course, you will get step-by-step videos and guides, live coaching calls and meetups, access to their Facebook groups, and a $2,000 credit to acquire your LLC and set up your business.

Price: Springboard to Wealth costs $6,000, according to various online sources.

More Info: Springboard to Wealth Review

Are real estate investing courses worth it?

Real estate investing courses are worth it if they provide you with all the knowledge and strategies you need to own, operate and even flip properties successfully. 

Is real estate investing profitable in 2024?

Real estate investing is profitable in 2024 if you are patient and not afraid of investing money upfront without seeing a return on investment for months. If you can hustle, keep your ear to the street and locate properties with the potential to pay off, you can make a living with real estate investing. You can realistically make hundreds of thousands of dollars with real estate investing, depending on the type of properties you invest in. According to one study, the average real estate investor is making between $70,000 and $125,000 per year.

The problem with real estate investing is that the level of control you have on your business is limited. You get to choose which property to buy, but you can't control how fast a contractor is going to finish the renovations. You can't control exactly when you're going to sell your property or when you'll get paid. Also, with real estate deals, many other things are out of your control, such as deals not happening for reasons such as buyers failing to get mortgage approval or outstanding liens on the property.

Real estate investing is a good side hustle and can be lucrative, but it's not for the faint of heart or for those who don't have their finances in order. It also doesn't have the benefits the local lead generation business model offers through digital real estate.

Digital real estate investing is more profitable with local lead generation

Digital real estate is more profitable than investing in physical real estate because you have more control over all aspects of your business. 

You get to choose the niche you're going to get into, how you'll rank your property on Google, which local business is deserving of the leads you'll generate, and how much money they will pay you on autopilot every month. 

As long as your site ranks at the top of the search engine in your town, you'll generate leads and your client will continue paying you. 

My tree care site in Grand Rapids, Michigan, continues to send leads to my client, who pays me $2,000 every month. Ever since I built it over 7 years ago, it has paid me every month. 

Local lead generation

Building a digital real estate portfolio allows you to continue getting paid after you've built a site and ranked it on Google. Once you flip a physical home, you don't make anymore money off it. 

With your lead generation websites, you'll get paid a recurring income each month for as long as you rank it high on the search results. In my opinion, this is the most passive method of building wealth online in 2024.

To learn how to build your digital rental property empire, check out the local lead generation training program, and start walking on the path of financial freedom.

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