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FBA Ninja Module 4

August 16, 2020


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Amazon FBA Ninja

MODULE 4 - Overview of All Three Parts

Written 9/2/19

Exhaustive Review of Module 4 of KD's Amazon FBA Ninja Course

If you are prospecting for an exceptionally deep, up-to-the-times overview of Kevin David's FBA Ninja, then you've come to the right page. 

MODULE 4 - Launching and Promoting Your Products

 Total Duration: 55 minutes and 23 seconds 

Part 1: Video 01 - Do Note Make This Mistake when Running Giveaways 

Kevin's emphasis in this video is to always remember to set up a "max order quantity" so that your entire inventory cannot be bought at a heavily discounted rate. 

Otherwise, all your hard work of getting your product to Amazon's warehouses goes out the door, as well as the money you invested in your inventory. 

Additionally, Kevin includes that you can try to work with Amazon's legal department on this situation if it happens to you, but in the vast majority of cases, they will stonewall you with their ToS, which states that for Amazon sellers, all sales are final. 

 Video: 2 minutes and 5 seconds 

Part 1: Video 02 - Creating a Profitable Video Ad for Your Amazon Product

In this lesson, KD goes into detail on why the value of a well-made and well-thought-out product video cannot be underestimated. 

He also shares how to get inspiration for creating great videos when you feel stuck or have trouble getting started. 

Principles of Advertising Today:
1. Kevin declares that you have anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds to hook a prospects attention. 
2. You can keep their attention by having unexpected yet related events happen in your product video (explosions, special effects, etc.)

 Video: 5 minutes and 45 seconds 

Part 2: Video 01 - Properly Pricing Your Product for Maximum Sales

At the beginning of this video, Kevin starts off with explaining the difference prospects emotionally interpret between a product priced at 19.99 and a similar product priced at 20 dollars. 

Diving deeper, Kevin encourages price split-testing and shows multiple places that you can acquire and record that data with ease.

He first showcases a place where you can pay for the split-testing service, then he reveals a recent find, a resource that does nearly the same pricing tasks at no cost to you. 
Kevin's Recommendations:
1. Run your split tests for at least 7 days to provide a solid data set 
2. Test Prices and Images first, then other parts of your listing
 Video: 8 minutes and 53 seconds 

Part 2: Video 02 - Advertising Directly on the #1 Top 100 Best Sellers in Your Niche

First off, Kevin reiterates a key influence to increasing ranking on Amazon, which is traffic level that flows to your listing.

 It's best if it's high converting traffic, but in the end, according to Kevin, all traffic is good traffic. 

Next, Kevin again recommends signing up for AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), because that gives you the ability to build "product display ads." Below is a picture of a product display ad:
what is a product display ad on amazon

As you can see, the ad is placed on another sellers product listing. 

Kevin encourages the use of these kinds of ads on products that you know from your research are getting large amounts of organic traffic. 

Also included in this lesson is a brisk walkthrough of how to set up these kind of ads using the AMS tools. 

 Video: 7 minutes and 29 seconds 

Part 2: Video 03 - Collecting Amazon Customers Emails and Differentiating Your Product by Digitally Bundling with an Ebook

So many different techniques can be used to set your product apart from your competitors. In this video, Kevin explains the key ways that a well-written eBook can help you build your email list as well as give your customers more information about your product that didn't fit on the product listings. 

Some of Kevin's eBook content suggestions were:
  • A step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of the product
  • Common Uses of your product
  • Testimonials from real customers whose lives have been changed for the better because of your product
  • Imbed a link in the eBook to your product listing so that it is very easy for customers to leave a review
 Video: 4 minutes and 12 seconds 

Part 2: Video 04 - Using Lightning Deals to Catapult Your Product Launch

Definition: A lightning deal is a special, extremely short term discount of 20% or greater that is only available on a specific selection of products (Amazon has a list of qualifiers).

Video Summary: Kevin demonstrates how to set up a lightning deal in Seller Central as well as explains the benefits of and considerations that need to be meditated on as you process whether or not to set up a lightning discount. 

Increased Traffic: The traffic boost you can get from a lightning deal is enormous. In the video, Kevin discloses that he has received anywhere between 2x to 10x the amount of traffic when he employed the lightning deal tactic. 

Timing: The timing of setting up your lightning deal is, according to Kevin, both a vital consideration as well as a difficult aspect to determine as Amazon, not the seller, schedules the start date of the promo while the seller determines the longevity of the promotion. 

Finding Lightning Deals: To find lightning deals, there are two two steps:
  • Step 1: navigate to the "Today's Deals" page
  • Step 2: on the side bar, select "Lightning Deals"
how to find lightning deals on amazon
 Video: 5 minutes and 30 seconds 

Part 2: Video 05 - Acquiring Huge Traffic and Sales Through the World's Largest Affiliate Website for Your Amazon Product

Online affiliate networks are usually used to help sell digital products, but in this video, Kevin reveals a secret that has multiplied sales by creating a snowball effect. 

Kevin has created a document that walks through the process of setting up your Amazon product to be sold by sellers on the biggest affiliate website on the earth.

Simply put, by having your product listed there, you can have others market it for you and each time they make a sale, they get a commission and you get ranked higher in Amazon's organic search. 

Having used Clickbank to sell a few of my more interesting products, I will say that it has boosted both the number of sales I have acquired as well as the organic position on Amazon. 

Kevin does provide a note saying that trying to sell your basic, everyday products like toothpaste on probably won't be very effective as they don't have a very high appeal nor are they very sexy. 

how clickbank works facilitating the symbiotic relationship between product creators and affiliates
 Video: 5 minutes and 18 seconds 

Part 2: Video 06 - Kevin's Product Launch Service of Choice (Because the Intense Momentum Generated)

Launching a product correctly is incredibly important. Kevin demonstrates two main ways that you can do it: manually (low budget) and pretty much automatically using Viral Launch, a service that specializes in launching Amazon products. 

For the majority of the video, Kevin goes through the manual launch set up process showing how to use a Facebook review group to exponentially increase your organic ranking. 

First Kevin shows what to post in the FB group so that you get the best organic sales boost. 

Second, he does a complete walk through in the promotions section of the Seller Central, explaining the process of constructing coupons for the participants of the launch. 

At the end of the video, Kevin names his launch service of choice, leaves you figure out how to use it if you choose. 
viral launch is kevin david's service of choice for launching products on amazon

Being detail-oriented myself, for my first few product launches, I set them up manually, noting what worked well, then eventually made a series of trainings for my VA to learn and implement, to free up my time.

If you are not into training VA's, I can certainly see how a service like Kevin's is convenient. 

Kevin's Keys to Remember:
1. Make sure to set up your coupons to be:
a. Single use
b. One redemption per customer
c. Have a max order quantity

 Video: 6 minutes and 30 seconds 

Part 2: Video 07 - Collecting Customer Emails for Future Launches and Skyrocket Your Sales

In this the final video of Module 4, Kevin unveils the basics of collecting customers' emails (which really assist horizontal product launches) using a landing page from ClickFunnels as well as moving traffic from FB to Amazon in the blink of an eye using a specially sourced trackable link. 

1. Kevin shows where to get a trackable link from Amazon so you can take note of your CoS (Cost of Sale). Unlike Shopify, Amazon does not have a place to insert a FB Pixel, so you have to use a workaround like Kevin does.

2. Kevin speeds through the process of setting up FB ads, pitching his Facebook ads training 5 different times, claiming he shows all the in-depth processes there, which is why he only goes through an overview in this training. 

2a. He spends a sizable portion of the video demonstrating the extremely specific targeting features that Zuckerberg's platform enables advertisers to do. 

3. Lastly, Kevin goes to and gives a few glimpses of his landing page template that he has constructed specifically for his FBA Ninja students as well as a copyable funnel.  

 Video: 9 minutes and 41 seconds 

Module 4 - My Key Takeaways 

In this module, Kevin lays out excellent techniques and services for both promoting and launching your products on Amazon. 

His experienced counsel regarding pricing (setting up split-testing to get the best prices) can be applied by both the novice and the veteran seller. 

Also, his guidance for making your product stand apart from the rest by going the extra mile to create an eBook to assist the buyer in getting the most out of your product is unique and still is an opportunity now in September of 2019. 


Video Quality: 7.5/10

moderate video quality. consistent throughout the course thus far. 


Sound: 8/10

The sound quality is a bit muffled at times, but the important parts of the course come through clearly. 


Content: 6/10  

Although he has made a large amount of great information, Kevin's structure of the content is in need of improvement as his lessons don't clearly build on each other. 



Kevin offers a lot of great tips and techniques in this fourth module, but as with previous modules, organization is lacking. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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