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eCom Elites Module 2

August 15, 2020

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 02 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store

You got products? Great stuff! Now you need to get them on the shelves.

This is where Module 2 comes in. Franklin shows you how to set your Shopify store up the correct way, with as little hassle as possible. 

There are some great tips in here, so don't skip through the content. 

MODULE 02 - Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Module length: 2 hours, 43 minutes

Video 01-Start Your Store And Unlock It (Start Here)

The basics on why you use Shopify (The main reason most people use it: it’s basically very easy to use). Franklin offers you a free 21 day trial of Shopify (as opposed to the standard 14 days free trial) and 10% off for a year.
Franklin walks you through how to create a store and quickly set it up. You’ll need your credit card details, even though you start with a free trial. Franklin shows you how to unlock your store – not many other courses show you this and it’s usually something you need to figure out for yourself. 

Video 02 - General or Niche Store

Franklin explains the difference between the two options when you start out and tells you which one to choose (and why).

Pros of a general store – saves you money and is great for testing.
Cons of a general store – doesn’t convert as well.

Pros of a niche store – branding, converts better
Cons – costs more, more work required

Video 03 - Getting Your Store Setup

Franklin explains how to setup your store, and choose your themes. He gives some tips on currency and setting your time. Franklin shows you where to get free themes and shows which one he has used in the past.

He then goes on to show you exactly how to set up the theme by adding different pages, headers, logos, creating collections, adding trust badges, adding slideshows and a sale category on your main page etc.

Video 04 - Setting Up Payment Options

Franklin tells you when to use Shopify payments, and when not to (good advice).

Franklin discusses the two alternatives that he uses and why you should not only use PayPal. He tell you why it is important to have an alternative.

Video 05 - Getting Shipping Setup

In this video, Franklin discusses the two shipping options he offers to buyers; Free + Shipping Rates, and Free Shipping Rates.

He shows you when to use which option and how to set it up in your Shopify store.

Franklin is quite thorough and covers all the angles regarding shipping including something like weight limits, and giving away a free product but making money on the shipping. This type of detailed advice is invaluable.

Video 06 - Customizing Checkout Page

Franklin shows you how to change the look of the Checkout Page, including a banner or logo, trust badges, and how to set the Processing Info to your liking.

Video 07 - Essential Plugins

Franklin covers his recommended apps and plugins. The pre-installed apps don’t always do the trick.
Some of the apps create urgency for buyers to buy, get recommended products, get email addresses from clients etc.

Some of the apps are free, whereas others are on a subscription basis.

Video 08 - Setting Up Product Automation

Frankiln shows you how to use Oberlo with AliExpress products, in order to easily import them into your Shopify store.

Another great feature of Oberlo comes into after a customer buys a product from your store.

With a click of a button, the app does the order through AliExpress for you. (It’s much easier than ordering from your suppliers through Shopify.)

Video 09 - Setting Up Abandon Cart Emails

Franklin walks you through the process of setting up your abandoned cart emails.

If someone does not go through with a payment, you can send them automated messages to entice them to buy the product.

Franklin shows you the best app for this and how to set it up.

Franklin gives some advice on how to word your initial email and set up subsequent emails that includes discounts or special offers.

Video 10 - Create An Upsell

Through upsell, you offer the buyer related products at checkout. Franklin shares his preferred app and shows you how it works and how to set it up.

Video 11 - Branded Domain Setup

Franklin shows you how to get your own preferred / branded domain name for under $10 a year. Franklin shows a practical example of where to go, how to buy a domain name, how to link your domain to your Shopify store (via DNS settings  - it’s easier than you think, but truth be told, GoDaddy is easier to set up...)

Video 12 - Email Setup

Franklin covers getting a free professional email address linked to your domain so that you don’t have a gmail account. Instead of having you’ll have

Franklin also shows how to forward an email to your personal email address.

Video 13 - Customer service

This is a very important aspect of your business. Customer service can make or break your business. It is therefore very important to be able to reply to queries and questions and handle them in a timely and efficient fashion.

Franklin shows you which app to use to set up a contact form that can be used on both the contact page and for support. Franklin also covers how to set up a FAQ Page / Help Centre Page in detail.

Video 14 - Store Funnel

Franklin urges you to set your store up like a sales funnel. Always entice the buyer to buy, not hang around and window shop. Franklin has a great tip to increase your sales.

Most online stores have a 5 stop process, whereas he advises a 4 step funnel process.

(Great advice but one of the few tutorials where Franklin has a presentation as opposed to showing a practical example. For other trainers, presentations work, but coming from Franklin you can’t help but feel disappointed. The guy is great as a teacher, because he uses practical step by step real life examples in his store. You miss it immediately when he doesn’t use the formula you’ve become used to in the course…)

Module 02 - My Key Takeaways 

Franklin's recommendations for your Shopify store apps are invaluable. He covers every single one, showing you what they do, and why he uses those specific apps. It's a great video to watch, even for those more seasoned Shopify owners. Some of the apps though, are not free. 

Another great video to watch is video 8, where you use Oberlo to automate your ordering. It's much easier to use than the Shopify order fulfillment process and will save you tons of time.


Content: 8/10 Essential content to build a Shopify store

Franklin shows newcomers exactly how to set their Shopify store up, step by step from registering a domain, all the way through to setting up a support email address. 



This module is essential learning for Shopify novices. For those who have been through the process of setting up their own store before, most of the store setup information can be skipped.

Depending on your level of expertise, this module will either be very helpful or only there to skim through.

Unfortunately, Franklin doesn't offer much to more experienced Shopifyers in this module.

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