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eCom Success Academy Training Module 4

August 16, 2020


eCom Success Academy- The COMPLETE Review


This is an in-depth review of eCom Success Academy's Training Module 4 by Adrian Morrison. This module deals with the ins and outs of email marketing for dropshipping.


Total Videos: 8
Video length: 1 hour 41 minutes

Lesson 116 - Setup

In this lesson, Adrian introduces you to his favorite email auto-responder, MailChimp.

Adrian explains the benefits:
  • Shopify has a MailChimp plugin/app
  • With MailChimp, you can see exactly how much money your emails make for you
  • Customers / leads are automatically imported toy your email list.
Customer info that is passed on from MailChimp is whether they are
  • buyers / non-buyers
  • what the item was that they purchased, and 
  • the amount the customer spent
Adrian shows you how to register an account and walks you through the dashboard. 
Adrian also shows you how to create a list.

The next step is to install the app onto your Shopify Store. Adrian shows a TOP TIP inside your Checkout Settings. The entire video is worth watching for this bit of useful info. 

Lesson 117 - Email Template - Video 1

In this video Adrian reveals his $16k email template. 

He takes you to the MailChimp settings and shows you how to create a marketing email. 

Lesson 117 - Email Template - Video 2
In this video, Adrian shares some stats about emails he has sent out, proving that email marketing can be very successful. 

It's great to have 48 276 people open your emails within three days. 


He did neglect to mention how long it took him to get over 600 000 subscribers...

I guess that's where the "Results May Vary..." disclaimer comes into play...

Lesson 118 - Free Offer Email Promotions

In this lesson, Adrian talks about sending emails that exclusively contain FREE + Shipping emails. 

It's important to note the following:
  • These emails are generally higher revenue generating promotions
  • They are "catalog-style" emails with 10 or more different items 
Adrian cautions you not to overdo this type of promotion and to only use it twice a month.

Lesson 119 - Retail Offer Email Promos

Main goals of Retail Promotions is to build your brand and to prep your list.

Don't mix Retail products with FREE products.  

It does generate less revenue than the FREE + Shipping offers, but it creates scarcity for when you do use the FREE promo.

Retail promos also builds credibility with your list and creates the appearance of a bigger brand /  company. 

Lesson 120 - Mailing Non Openers

Non openers are those people on your mailing list who do not open the first email.

You re-target this segment again two days after the initial email with the same email to give them a second chance. 

Strangely enough, this method picks up "tons of extra customers" according to Adrian.

Lesson 121 - Mailing Non Clickers

This lesson deals with both the Openers and Non-openers that did not Click on the offer. 

It follows the same principal as the previous video. This method serves as a dual email promotion targeting both non-openers and non-clickers.

This email promotion is usually sent four days after the initial email marketing promotion. 

Lesson 122 - 3 Day Email Promo Formula

This is a follow-up video of Lesson 117 Video 1. In this lesson, Adrian explains the "16k sequence" to follow on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

EMAIL MARKETING TRAINING: Total Videos = 8. Video length = 1 hour 41 minutes

- My Key Takeaways 

Place foot in mouth...

In the previous training module I said that Adrian doesn't cater to more experienced or advanced dropshippers... Well, uhm, in the email marketing training he does. Sort of. 

This training module will appeal to dropshippers who have managed to build up a sizable email list. 

And therein lies the problem. Not many people have email lists that number in the thousands, so this entire module will probably be wasted on most of us.

Until of course you have a mailing list...and you need a pretty big one (in the thousands), before you make some money.


Content: 8/10  Good content - for those who have built up their email lists.



This training module from ESA offers good content regarding email marketing using MailChimp. 

However, this is the only email marketing option offered and newcomers to dropshipping might be hard pressed to fork out up to $299 per month...
Monkey business..?

There are so many different  Email Marketing Tools for Shopify. And some of them have higher ratings, more features AND are cheaper than MailChimp...

I guess it comes down to personal preference...

One last thing: Adrian also doesn't dig deep into everything that MailChimp has to offer. A lot of the powerful options and tools were not discussed...

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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