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Paid Traffic Mastery Module 2 Review

August 16, 2020


MODULE 2: C​ore Concepts

Video 1: Core Concepts

In this introductory video for the module, Molly breaks down what you can expect in this module.

Video 2: The Traffic Store

Molly mentioned that paid traffic is like a hose, remember?

When you need bread, milk or rice, you go to a grocery store.

Paid Traffic is like having different traffic stores you can go to when you need more eyeballs on your stuff.

Molly explains the concept of a traffic store. You don’t go to one store to buy everything you need.

She helps you understand how each platform works and how they relate to one another:

Google functions through search and tend to be more expensive than Youtube and Facebook.

Fun fact: The average person watches over 40 minutes of content on Youtube.

It’s the place where people are going to consume video content.

Youtube is more of a disruptive platform.

Facebook is kind of similar to Youtube.

While people are scrolling online, they see your ad just as if you were driving down the highway.

Molly explains why she loves Facebook:

  • Easy to use
  • Facebook knows a lot about us, what we’re actually interested in. They have like 50,000 data points on each person on Facebook so they can show us more relevant ads.
  • Usage is HIGH, over 2 Billion active monthly users
  • Your market is hanging out on FB

You can actually reach people who are interested in whatever message you put out.

Once you understand this, you’ll be able to build a traffic campaign that fits each one.

Video 3: Traffic Temperature

Molly and her company created this to explain where a person that you’re targeting through paid ads, falls on the value journey.

Don’t forget to be realistic.

Campaigns must have a specific objective:

  • introduce you to people who have never heard of you (awareness)
  • convert prospects into customers (acquisition)
  • sell a higher dollar product or repeat purchase (monetization)

Molly then goes into what your goals should be when it comes to dealing with each type of traffic level.

At the end of the day, traffic temperature gives a language to understand where the audience you’re targeting on paid traffic platforms fall in the value journey.

Remember that humans are all different so stop trying to achieve all of these goals mentioned at the same time.

Video 4: Content & Paid Traffic

This video is all about how content marketing fits in with paid traffic.

Depending on the temperature of your traffic, you send them to different parts of your website.

Molly’s friend and director of editorial at DigitalMarketer, Russ, speaks on the role of content marketing:

Russ takes the time to show you critical areas you’re going to need content as you move through and create your traffic strategy.

There’s always a possibility of adding content.

All 3 traffic temperatures need to be working together.

Russ mentions that if you can create offers and content along this journey that creates so much value in the life of a customer, they're always going to want to do business with you.

Your traffic creates that “road” that Molly spoke about, to get them those offers.

In the next videos, Russ will go in depth when it comes to content for each traffic temperature level.

Video 5: Cold Traffic Content

Russ gets right into content that engages and generates leads.

 He then gets into 3 Common types of Ungated Content:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Next, he shares 4 Steps to Creating content that converts:

a. Begin with the end 

  • begin with the action you desire from the person consuming the content such as: offer awareness, leads, sales

b. Choose topic: 

  • What does this prospect need to believe/learn/know
  • What barriers must the prospect overcome
  • What is the prospect researching before they take the desired action

c. Edit for Consumption

d. Give your ungated content “teeth”.

So many people create ungated content that has no bite

Your content needs to have a business purpose.

So produce content that you’ll be able to set pixels, retarget them with a relevant offer and make sure your call to action is relevant.

Make sure not to create a giant “mountain of copy”.

Russ also shares his headline swipe files to help you out.

Video 6: Warm Traffic Content

Now Russ speaks on Warm Traffic Content.

He starts off by identifying:

3 Common Types of Gated Content:

  • reports/white papers
  • templates/cheat sheets
  • webinars

He then goes on to mention the 5 steps to creating ungated content that converts.

It's exactly like gated content that he mentioned in the last video.

The difference here is that you use a squeeze page with compelling copy.

A squeeze page is also referred to as a landing page. It only allows customers to take the action you want them to take.

What are the results if you have a good offer on a squeeze page? 40-80% of people will take the action you want them to take.

You’re able to use landing page software to build the best squeeze pages possible with compelling copy.

Landing page software:

  • Unbounce
  • Leadpages
  • Instapages

Don’t ignore the fact that your copy has to be on point!

Video 7: Hot Traffic Content

Now Russ talks about hot traffic content that converts and ascends.

The goal here is to help the prospect make an informed buying decision.

He speaks on 3 common types of content that convert and ascend:

  • product demonstrations
  • comparisons (let Google tell you who the competitors are)
  • Customer stories - Ex. you’re Yoda, not Luke

With this he’s talking about making the customer the hero in the story. Position your business as the “Yoda” character and remember that the customer is the hero.

The focus is on the customer.

Great companies do this so pay attention to them as well as the next set of movies.

Chances are, they’ll be doing this.

Quite simply, feature the customer as the hero and make it so that your company is the person who helped them move through whatever problem.

Video 8: What's Next?

Molly gives you a preview of the next module:

  • Creating campaign assets

  • Ad copy
  • Creative
  • Targeting
Time to now put in some work!
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