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Wealthy Affiliate Review: Module 4

February 26, 2022

Wealthy Affiliate - The Complete Review

This is the second to last part of the main Wealthy Affiliate course, and we're going to show you what you can expect if you choose to join.

In this lesson, you'll be learning how to get additional traffic to your sites using things like social media.

Let's go!

Level 4: Social Engagement

Lesson 1: What Does It Mean For Your Business?

  • First off, Kyle explains a little bit about the history of social media platforms running ads to increase their profits.
  • Then, he mentions the main four platforms that run ads- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • The point here however, is not to run ads on social media but to use these platforms to get FREE traffic. This helps you diversify your traffic sources so you aren't relying solely on Google in case you get slapped by Google Panda.
  • Kyle mentions that social engagement on your website is a metric that is increasingly being used by search engines to help determine your rankings.
  • The cool thing about using social media is that your content becomes instantly shareable, which can then generate new customers through viral content.
  • After that, Kyle prompts you to create a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest account.

Lesson 2: Creating Engagement (14 minute video)

  • Here, you learn about the concept of engaging with your audience so that people communicate with and share your posts.
  • He also gives you an example of a good plugin that you should install on your blog so that people can share your blog posts to their social media with a single click or tap. As long as your content is top notch, you'll get some good traffic from this strategy.
  • An interesting thing about this lesson is the part about utilizing the very comments that people leave on your blog as a way of engaging and possibly creating more sales.
  • Kyle states that he has a rule where he generally replies back to their comments within 24 hours, if not sooner.
  • This create the possibility for that same person (or others) to ask another question in the future. Remember, help, then sell.
  • Another great idea is to encourage people to ask questions at the end of your articles (see image above for an example.) More comments lead to better rankings, Kyle states.
  • After that, he teaches you to constantly clean out the spam comments that might otherwise try and promote their own products with YOUR traffic. (The nerve, right?)

Lesson 3: How To Use Facebook Correctly (3 minute video)

  • First, he explains the benefits of both friend followings and business "likes."
  • Then, you learn what a "fire starter" status update is, and how it can help your business.
  • Continually engaging people will lead to anticipation. This is like when you get onto Facebook hoping/expecting to see a new post from that one friend of yours... THEY are the fire starters.
  • Six different types of engagement that Kyle mentions are images, videos, controversy, topical status updates, posts with a negative context, or positive/ warm and fuzzy posts.
  • Facebook EdgeRank is also explained here, which basically means that you have to work to get all of your posts seen by your followers. It isn't automatic anymore.
  • The average post you create on Facebook is only going to reach 10-12% of your contacts if you don't engage.

Lesson 4: Pinterest And More (12 minutes of video)

  • Here, Pinterest is discussed as a powerful form of traffic generation centered around images.
  • This is yet another means with which you can attract a following that converts into traffic on your website, thus generating more sales.
  • Next, you're tasked with pinning at least one of your blog posts (after creating a Pinterest account, of course.)
  • After that, Kyle asks you to follow at least ten other Pinterest accounts.
  • He then shows you how to target certain categories so you can find more followers that like your particular niche.
  • Now, you're told to write and publish one more blog post before "pinning" it on Pinterest. This is explained as something you should be doing with all of your pages and blog posts. Images should also be used frequently!

Lesson 5: Twitter Mob (11 minutes of video)

  • this is a short and sweet lesson that teaches you how to set up a Twitter account (kind of a no-brainer...)
  • Something pretty cool about this lesson is that is tells you to not only tweet about every single post you write, but also to use hashtags, keywords, trending topics, and current Twitter conversations to maximize exposure.
  • Then, Kyle asks you to tweet at least one of your pages and one article.
  • Something really interesting is the Current Trends Map that Kyle shows you. This basically shows what topics are trending geographically all over the world. This can be used to great advantage if you know what you're doing!
  • One or two tweets a day is that Kyle recommends. This will show your audience that you're an active user, while not performing all of your actions at once.

Lesson 6: Google + (This training will soon be replaced because Google + doesn't exist anymore.)

This lesson has been removed, due to the fact that Google Plus is no longer a factor in the online world.

This text here is mostly a visual placeholder so the article doesn't confuse the readers' eyes.

Kyle does mention that a new training will be put in its place, however! (In the future, that is.)

Lesson 6: How To Post Within The Wealthy Affiliate Platform And Make $$

  • Blog posts placed in the Wealthy Affiliate platform get indexed very quickly thanks to the trust built up by their website and brand name.
  • If somebody clicks on your post and joins WA, you'll earn affiliate credit for the sale automatically since you created the content.
  • After this, you're asked to create a blog post within the WA community, both documenting your progress and giving yourself a big ol' pat on the back for your progess thus far.
  • It's incredibly easy to create a blog post in the community, you basically just click one button and start typing.
  • You also learn how to ask a question within the community.

Lesson 8: What Is Social Branding And How Does It Affect Me?

  • As mentioned previously, the main goal of your content is for people to WANT to read it. (It's gotta be good.)
  • Kyle (somewhat repetitiously) explains that your website, articles, videos, social media, and comments should all be creating an engagement with your audience, and not just sitting there looking cute.
  • He then says that creating content with this goal in mind rather than selling will actually lead to more sales in the long term. 
  • After this is a little bit of information about creating a brand, and how you should be building toward a specific goal with every single post and Tweet/Post you make.

Lesson 9: Use The WA Community (9 Minutes Of Video)

  • Here, Kyle talks about the things you can do on the Wealthy Affiliate platform itself.
  • The resason why you'd want to do this is that you can actyally earn a revenue just interacting in the community.
  • One of the ways he mentions is to create your own network of friends. This is by obtaining followers on the WA platform, and you can achieve this by being active in general.
  • Another way you can be active on the WA platform is by helping people through chats and comments.
  • Creating content is also a great way to give value to the community, either through blog posts or creating new traiing resources.
  • Sharing content that others have created in the community is another great way to get a little clout.
  • After this, there is a link to learn about becoming an ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate.

Lesson 10: A Jack Of All Trades Is A Master Of None

  • Here, Kyle talks about how social media can be great for your business, but overuse can drag you away from your goals, kicking and screaming. (I think this is true of life in general, frankly...)
  • He recommends that you pick a certain time of day to use social media, and if you find that you're spending too much time on it, you've officially made it into a bad habit.
  • He also gives you a couple of ways that you can use social media, such as adding content related to your business, starting discussions, posting brand new content, and offering support for your customers.
  • After this, he gives you a few reason WHY you might usse social media, such as gaining more followers, increasing traffic to your site, building a stronger brand presence, and offering customer service to your current and potential customers.
  • Kyle recommends that you spend no more than 15 minutes three times per day, for a total of 45 minutes daily. Sounds pretty reasonable.
  • After that, he talks about looking for signs that your social media might not be generating the success you're looking for. If this happens, then it might be time to go into "share only" mode. This means you don't write your own posts, but share the content that others have produced. That way, you can get back to writing more blog posts.

What Are The Highlights of Level 4?

Some of this lesson is a little bit lackluster, but the crowning moments were probably the (super cool) current trends map which quite nicely shows you what topics are trending on Twitter and where on the globe this is occurring.

I also thought it was pretty interesting how you can blog from the Wealthy Affiliate site itself and get indexed super easy, despite me not being really "sold" on the concept of generating an income this way.


Video Quality: 8/10

No problems here!


Sound: 8/10

There isn't as much video in this lesson, but as usual, I can hear it just fine.


Content: 6.5/10

A lot of this lesson seems like I've read it in previous lessons. One such instance is talking about becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador, which was certainly discussed in a previous lesson and mentioned here again.

That being said, there are some important concepts that are outlined here.



Overall, this lesson definitely had some vital training in it.

That being said, I feel that the concepts of using social media were only discussed in a basic way. Things like using hashtags and existing discussions were mentioned, but only explained on an extremely simple level.

I think more training is definitely needed to gain true success with social media.

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