Top 8+ YouTube Automation Courses (Best Courses to Learn YouTube SEO, Automation, & More)

July 24, 2024

What is YouTube Automation?

YouTube automation is the process of leveraging others' work in order to free up your time. Despite the name, there isn't any program or software that will automate your entire channel. The "automation" process is more like efficient streamlining.

Anyone can create content for free and post it on YouTube, but that will require skills (video editing, script writing, etc.), effort, and hours of your time. Using automation tools, like TubeBuddy, for repetitive tasks (like linking new videos to existing video descriptions and cards) can cut your workload in half.

These top 5 YouTube automation courses will help you learn how to create cash cow channels, repurpose your content for other channels, how to choose a niche, and more. But remember- YouTube is very saturated, and you may not get any views unless you appear at the top of search results. If you are looking for a business model that requires less technical skills, takes up little of your time, and generates passive income without automation, check out local lead generation.

How Do You Automate a YouTube Channel?

Automate a YouTube channel by outsourcing the production and management to a team of freelancers or an agency. You can also automate engagement, although this is against YouTube's policy.

What Else is YouTube Automation Called?

Automated YouTube channels are also called faceless channels, as you don't need to show your face or have an online personality in order to create videos that attract many viewers.

What is a Cash Cow Channel?

YouTube cash cow channels are faceless channels that have the entire production process outsourced. The only thing you need to do is come up with the concept and niche of the channel and assemble a team to do all the work, ranging from scriptwriting to narration and video editing. You can even hire a manager to handle various channels.

How Much is a Channel Worth?

A YouTube channel is worth around $18 to $1K a week, depending on ads and views. By allowing ads to run through your videos, you earn every time someone watches long enough to see the ad. There are 2 other ways to earn from the traffic that your YouTube channel receives:

  1. Sales - If your channel was created for a specific niche to sell your product or service, creating interesting quality videos can increase your sales output.
  2. Affiliate marketing - You can earn through commissions from posting affiliate links to products and services related to your niche.

Why Enroll in a YouTube Automation Course?

Enroll in a YouTube automation course to join the world's 2nd largest search engine. Taking a YouTube automation course is great for those who don't have the time or skills to run their own channel. These courses usually teach you how to effectively create ideas for your channel, assemble a team, and delegate the work. But, you need to make sure the ones you take are quality to shorten to time to income and learning curve. A course can also show you if the business model is good for you and if YouTube automation is worth it in your situation. 

How to Choose the Best YouTube Course?

The best YouTube Automation courses are the ones that specialize in their own unique business approach. Choosing the best YouTube course for you will depend on what specific requirements you have. Do you have a product you are trying to sell? Are you an affiliate marketer? Do you want to run ads on a cash cow niche channel?

The best YouTube course for you will be the one that fits your situation and teaches strategies that maximize profits and allow fast scaling.

Top 5 YouTube Automation Courses

Online Business Academy by Dave Nick

online business academy

Online Business Academy is a learning platform by Dave Nick (Dejan Nikolic) that offers several courses on various online business models. Dave's YouTube Automation Systems course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to generating consistent traffic to your offer on your YouTube channel. 

You should enroll in this course if you want to get hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors to your business. The course has 58 step-by-step lessons on how to generate automated traffic for your channel and beat the YouTube algorithm. 24/7 global live support and access to the private Facebook group are included.

If you buy this course, you will also learn Dave's revenue maximization process, in which you'll find other methods of earning from the traffic that goes through your channel. The course is self-paced and includes lifetime access.


Dave's main channel, which he started when he was 15, is 7 years old and has over 36 million views.

Training materials are comprehensive and step-by-step.

You'll learn other methods of maximizing revenue from the traffic, such as affiliate marketing.


Dave had other courses that no longer exist or were absorbed into his current courses. The lifespan of his current programs is questionable.




There have been some reviews from clients saying that the results did not meet their expectations but that they had mostly recuperated their investment. Refunds have been honored for unsatisfied clients.




30 day money-back guarantee


Tube Money Masterclass by Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller's Tube Money Masterclass is a YouTube automation course that teaches you how to generate passive income by creating a faceless YouTube cash cow channel and monetizing it.

If you want to have an automated cash cow channel by managing a team that does all the work for you, enroll in this course. The course teaches the A-Z, from picking a niche to full automation and scaling.

An average YouTube channel earns $18 per 1K views from ad revenue. You should buy this course if you want to earn passive income through ad revenue from your cash cow YouTube channel. Tube Money Masterclass is self-paced but is designed as a 7-week course.


A-Z comprehensive training on creating and automating a faceless YouTube channel.

3-month refund policy provided you do not consume over 40% of the training materials.


No support groups.

Dylan has made claims about being featured on big publications like Forbes and Business Insider but no articles appear to exist.




Mixed reviews. They also have an affiliate program, which may lead to overly positive reviews.




90 day money-back guarantee


Pro University by Philipe Reis

Pro University is an educational platform by Philipe Reis that teaches 4 ways of earning money online. You can enroll in his Youtuber Pro Automation course on its own or as part of a package.

If you are a beginner with little to no skills in creating a YouTube channel, you will want to enroll in this course. The course gives you comprehensive training on how to create, master the algorithm, and automate your YouTube channel. You will learn how to get 100K subscribers in 4 months and earn through ad revenue.

By buying Youtuber Pro course, you will also learn how to repurpose your content for other social media platforms in order to maximize your income. Purchasing this course will give you lifetime access to the regularly updated 5 module training.


Access to the private Discord group where you can ask Philipe and other students for support.

Free lesson on how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Discounts for the tools and software that you will use in the business.


The course is fairly new and lacks real-world success stories.

Philipe has some questionable suggestions and practices on his other ways to make money tutorials on his YouTube channel.




Mostly positive, although these may be from affiliates of the program.




No refund guarantee.


Cashflow Channels Systems by Ryan Hildreth

Ryan Hildreth's Cashflow Channels System course teaches you how to create and automate a faceless YouTube channel in a profitable niche that is targeted by advertisers. His expertise is in increasing ad revenue income to where it can be sold for 4-7 times the annual revenue in 5-10 years. 

You should enroll in this course if you are looking to build a long-term automated cash YouTube channel you can cash out in 5-10 years. Ryan teaches you how to leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to drive more traffic to your YouTube videos.

If you buy this course, you will learn how to pick not just a trending niche, but a profitable and educational one that advertisers are targeting. You will have lifetime access to the self-paced course.


Long-term strategy includes opting to sell your channel for about 5x its annual revenue.

With 7 automated channels, Ryan has a lot of experience in this business.


No price transparency.

You aren't even given an overview of the structure of the training course before you purchase it.


No indicated price.


Questionable. Lack of transparency means it's hard to verify the reviews.




No indicated refund policy.


Tube Mastery 3.0 by Matt Par

Matt Par's Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 is his updated YouTube automation course and mentorship program. The course teaches the step-by-step process of creating and automating a faceless YouTube channel.

You should enroll in this course if you want a long and complete training on everything there is to know about creating a faceless, automated YouTube channel. The main training program comprises 10 comprehensive modules. You will learn everything from how to choose a niche to how to monetize your channel in a variety of ways.

You should buy this course as a complete newbie, as the training is very comprehensive and holds your hand. If you have an existing channel, you can learn how to read analytics and scale your business. You have lifetime access to the course, which is constantly updated.


Comprehensive training lessons. You may find the pace of the training slow as the lessons are rich in details.

Access to private Facebook community and many bonus content.

Coaching comes with weekly live coaching calls with Matt.


Aside from having a mentorship program, the course does not have a unique selling point.

The training for the basics is generic and found in many other courses.


$997 for just the base course. $4,000 for coaching.


There are bad reviews from some people who tried to buy the course from suspicious sites that offer a discount. Beware that you can only get the course from the official site. There is also an affiliate program, so take this into account when reading positive reviews.




60 day money-back guarantee.


Best YouTube Automation Courses for Beginners

YouTube Shorts Mentorship by Robert Benjamin

YouTube Shorts Mentorship is a marketing course that shows you how to grow your YouTube channel through the creation of YouTube shorts. Robert reveals his content marketing strategies of what to post, when to post, what thumbnails to post, and more. You also learn how to stay up to date with the latest trends so that you ensure your YT shorts are optimized for the algorithm.


6 step course teaching you about how YouTube works. 

Weekly check-ins with coaches. 

Training on how to improve your YouTube shorts. 


They apply the same strategies to different accounts even though they say each plan is personalized.

Mediocre support for students. 

YouTube videos can take a long time to before they go viral, IF they go viral.


YouTube Shorts Mentorship costs $297. 


Jet Video Academy by Greg Kononenko & Alen Sehovic

Jet Video Academy will show you how to start and scale a YouTube channel. There are 10 training modules that cover all aspects of monetizing a YouTube channel. Greg and Alen cover the basics of getting setup, choosing a niche, creating content, getting your first 1,000 subscribers, and more. 


You learn all of the newest changes to the YouTube algorithm.

Greg and Alen teach you the tactics they use to monetize YouTube channels.

Training on how to create YouTube channels without having to be on camera.


There is no guarantee that your YouTube channel will become profitable. 

YouTube is getting more saturated each year.


Jet Video Academy costs $497.


Grow Channels by Razvan Paraschiv

Razvan Paraschiv's Grow Channel is an online course that helps students achieve remarkable results by mastering high-value marketing techniques through automated YouTube channels. Grow Channels provides step-by-step guidance on creating faceless YouTube channels and leveraging freelancers for content creation.

Razvan Paraschiv, a Romanian YouTuber, has garnered over 25,200 subscribers and 534,000 views since joining the platform in August 2021. In his channel, he mainly shares content that helps people make money without showing their faces on YouTube, plus tips on starting YouTube cash cow channels.

Price: The course costs $6,000, according to course student Justis Mullin.

More info: Grow Channels Review 

Money Toaster Monthly by Christian Martin

Christian Martin's Money Toaster Monthly is an online course designed to teach users how to use AI and automation, specifically leveraging tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, for generating free traffic and scaling businesses. It simplifies online marketing with its Money Toaster Method, offering a guide to effectively utilize AI for tasks like content creation and lead generation. The course includes weekly updates, 1-on-1 AI coaching, a supportive community, and consistent content updates.

Price: Money Toaster’s subscription is priced at $97 per month, $497 yearly, and $1997 for lifetime access.

More Info: Money Toaster Monthly Review

YouTube Business Academy by George Vlasyev and Ron Rauwerda

George Vlasyev and Ron Rauwerda’s YouTube Business Academy is an 18-lesson online course priced at $197. It’s also known as the YouTube Shorts Acceleration Program. This course teaches beginners how to use YouTube Shorts for channel growth and automation. YouTube Business Academy discusses niche selection, “Content Machine” creation, team management, viral marketing, and channel monetization. It also offers comprehensive resources like lifetime access to training modules, live coaching, and a private Discord group. Despite the limited course information on its website and the creators' lack of deep experience in YouTube automation, the program promises significant results, aiming for 1 million views within 30 days, and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

YouTube Business Academy Review

AI Auto Tube by Tristan Bull

AI Auto Tube by Tristan Bull offers a curriculum for AI-driven YouTube channels. It covers making and profiting from AI content in seven modules. It includes ChatGPT for scriptwriting and content automation. It targets passive income through many revenue streams. The course is comprehensive. It has two bonuses on affiliate marketing and newsletters. But, it is expensive and lacks external reviews. Student feedback is positive, but success depends on individual effort and market trends. It's a tool for using AI in digital content creation. But, buyers should consider its cost and practicality on YouTube.

Price: The AI Auto Tube course costs $2,497.

More Info: AI Auto Tube Review

No Face YT by Thomas Garetz

Thomas Garetz's No Face YT teaches how to create and monetize faceless YouTube channels for passive income. The course helps students qualify for the YouTube Partner Program by posting anonymous content that plays into the growing market of animation and voiceover-driven videos. No Face YT includes modules on YouTube Studio features, content production, and cash cow channel strategies. Garetz's method involves hands-on learning before outsourcing to reduce early-stage costs and risks.

Price: No Face YT costs $247 in its beta phase.

More Info: No Face YT Review

Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par

tube mastery and monetization review

Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par is a course designed to teach the creation of faceless, or 'cash cow', YouTube channels, which utilize existing content within fair use policies and outsourcing to automate video production. The course covers a range of topics over 10 modules, including niche selection, content creation, and video optimization, aiming to equip students with strategies for creating viral niche videos.

Price: Tube Mastery and Monetization costs $997

More Info: Tube Mastery and Monetization Review

YouTube Pilots by Samuel Snell

YouTube Pilots by Samuel Snell and Jacob Challinor is an instructional program tailored for beginners in YouTube automation. It offers a comprehensive guide to creating and monetizing automated YouTube channels. The course encompasses various aspects such as creating and branding a YouTube channel, producing and editing content, crafting custom thumbnails, and mastering monetization strategies.

It also covers key topics like achieving high Cost per Thousand Views (CPM), enhancing Click-Through Rates (CTR), optimizing channel views, and identifying profitable niches. Additionally, the course provides exclusive resources and tutorials, including secrets to viral success and advanced metrics for YouTube content, all aimed at scaling a YouTube channel to 5-6 figures monthly.

Price: YouTube Pilots costs £99.99 from its original price of £999.99.

More Info: YouTube Pilots Review

YouTube Mastery Program by David Omari

david omari review

The YouTube Mastery Program, created by David Omari, aims to teach individuals how to successfully grow and monetize YouTube channels. It offers strategies for creating viral content, increasing subscriber count, and generating revenue through different methods, like ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. The program emphasizes on leveraging YouTube's algorithm and social media trends to create engaging content that attracts a broad audience.

Price: David Omari’s YouTube Mastery Program costs $1,497.

More Info: YouTube Mastery Review

Automate Channels by Caleb Boxx

automate channels review

Caleb Boxx's Automate Channels course teaches the concept of YouTube automation, where channels are managed through outsourcing various content creation processes, including scripting, editing, and video production. This strategy focuses on generating income from monetized channels without the need for the owner to be a prominent YouTube personality. The course covers niche selection, team assembly, and monetization methods.

Price: Automate Channels costs $597. The mentorship costs $7,800–$20,000.

More Info: Automate Channels Review

YT Builder by Sebastian Robeck

Sebastian Robeck's YT Builders offers a service that creates and manages Faceless YouTube Channels. It aims to generate passive income through YouTube Automation. Although the faceless YouTube market is saturated, YT Builders' service can still be lucrative. However, the program's success depends on subscriber count and view rates, making the income somewhat unpredictable. YT Builders include handling all aspects of channel creation and management. YT Builders reportedly has a good reputation and claims successful outcomes for clients. The service is geared towards beginners and busy online investors. It requires $30,000 capital for monthly investment for content production. 

Price: YT Builder's price is not specified on the website. You need to book an introduction call to find out. 

More Info: YT Builders Review

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass by Greg Gottfried

Greg Gottfried's Youtube Affiliate Masterclass teaches aspiring affiliate marketers how to leverage YouTube for affiliate marketing. It covers joining affiliate programs, setting up equipment, video editing tips, and maintaining relevance to YouTube's algorithm. The course offers lifetime access and includes a private community for direct mentorship from Greg. However, its newness means limited user feedback and potential future changes.

Greg Gottfried has a solid reputation in the Print on Demand industry, and is also offering courses across various online business models on platforms like Udemy.

Price: YouTube Affiliate Masterclass by Greg Gottfried costs $497.

More Info: Youtube Affiliate Masterclass Review

Passive Prospecting by Levi Lascsak

Levi Lascsak

Passive Prospecting, spearheaded by Levi Lascsak, offers an array of resources for those delving into YouTube lead generation within the real estate niche. With courses, memberships, events, CRM, video editing, and SEO services, it aims to equip individuals with tools for passive lead generation. While leveraging inbound practices, the strategy endorsed by Passive Prospecting, aligns with industry trends, generating organic leads through social media engagement.

More infoPassive Prospecting Review

YT Insiders by Chris Zissis

YT Insiders is a subscription-based program that teaches you how to create and monetize faceless YouTube channels. These are also known as YouTube automation or cash cow channels. The program includes done-for-you templates, step-by-step guides, weekly coaching calls, access to a private community, and new training videos every week. The YT training is based on Chris Zissis experience with creating over 250 faceless YouTube channels.

Price: YT Insiders costs $47 each month

More Info: YT Insiders Review

Best YouTube Personality Channel Courses

For those who want to create a personality-driven YouTube face channels, there are courses that teach you how to start and automate many parts of the business. Here are some of the best YouTube face channel courses:

Part-Time Youtuber Academy by Ali Abdaal

part-time youtuber academy

Ali Abdaal's Part-Time Youtuber Academy is a comprehensive course designed to guide individuals in creating and growing a YouTube channel part-time. Focused on content creation, video editing, monetization, and outsourcing, this course is tailored for beginners, full-time professionals, and current YouTubers seeking growth. The strategy involves consistently producing at least one video per week over two years to build a substantial income-replacing channel. Emphasizing personality-driven content, it’s not suitable for those preferring automated or faceless channel approaches.

Price: Part-Time Youtuber Academy costs $995. The Accelerator mentorship costs $4995.

More Info: Part-Time Youtuber Academy Review

Video Ranking Academy by Sean Cannell

Video Ranking Academy teaches you the skills necessary to become successful YouTube influencer. The core strategy includes brand building, content creation, audience engagement, optimization, and monetization strategies. Key components of the course include live streaming, content scheduling, defining audience demographics, and partnering with advertisers and other YouTube creators to scale one’s presence and influence online.

Price: Video Ranking Academy costs $3,997

More Info: Video Ranking Academy Review

YouTube Backstage by Patrick Shyu

"Youtube Backstage" is an online course developed by Patrick Shyu guiding individuals through starting and managing a profitable YouTube channel. This course offers insights on finding video topics, essential equipment setups like cameras and microphones, and the broader strategies for video editing and channel growth.

Patrick Shyu is a Chinese-American programmer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He worked in Facebook and Google as a tech lead and became a full-time YouTuber since 2019.

Price: YouTube Backstage by Patrick Shyu costs $397.

More Info: YouTube Backstage Review

YouTube Creator Academy by Jason Lee

Jason Lee's YouTube Creator Academy is a comprehensive course designed for aspiring YouTubers seeking to monetize their content swiftly using Lee’s strategies. Amid a platform teeming with 37 million channels and 2 billion users, the course focuses on essential tactics to rapidly attract subscribers and maximize video engagement for optimal earnings. It simplifies the content creation process, requiring minimal skills in retention editing or scriptwriting, and instead emphasizes delivering substantial value to viewers. The course includes modules on niche selection, engaging titles, effective keyword use, and more, aimed at efficiently launching successful YouTube channels.

Price: YouTuber Creator Academy costs $97 for a one-time payment or $899 for a 30-day one-to-one program

More Info: YouTube Creator Academy Review

Dream Studio Course by Kevin Shen


Dream Studio Course by Kevin Shen focuses on building a high-quality recording setup.This course helps aspiring YouTubers and experienced course sellers to improve their brand authority with the visuals and audio that only Hollywood can do. It has helped plenty of people turn their videos from generic phone camera shots to cable TV-quality documentary-like presentations. Aside from the modular courses, Kevin Shen has an automated consultation where he and his team will arrive at the client's doorstep to design the studio themselves. 

Price: Dream Studio Course is $1,200. It has two other plans: Dream Studio Lite for $500 and Done-For-You Consulting starting at $8,000.

More Info: Dream Studio Course Review

YouTube Automation FAQs

What are the Best YouTube Automation Tools?

The best YouTube automation tools that operate within YouTube's policy are:

  1. TubeBuddy - generates tag suggestions, translates titles and descriptions into other languages. It can automatically add a link to your new videos in every other video description or card.
  2. VidIQ - analyzes success and competitor stats. Offers researched keywords, and AI optimizes titles, descriptions, and tags. Tracks and generates monetization reports.
  3. YouTube Studio - auto-generates subtitles and chapters for your videos, increasing accessibility for viewers. This is a great tool for channels with long format videos.
  4. - can automatically reformat your YouTube videos and post them on other social media platforms. This increases exposure and drives more traffic to your YouTube channel.

There are also tools that use AI to boost your subscriber count and views, but these are against YouTube's fake engagement policy and will get you banned. 

Where Can You Hire Freelancers to YouTube Videos?

Hire freelancers for your YouTube channel on UpWork or Fiverr. Upwork is a good site to find video creators and editors for your videos. Fiverr is an excellent place to find photo editors for your thumbnails and voice actors for your niche channel. 

What are YouTube Niches with High CPM?

The first step for a successful long-term YouTube channel is selecting a high converting niche. Here are 11 of the most profitable niches in 2024.

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Technology
  3. How to make money online
  4. Travel
  5. Software tutorials
  6. Business and luxury
  7. Personal finance
  8. Interesting facts
  9. Cars and other vehicles
  10. Happiness
  11. Cryptocurrency

What are Your Chances of Becoming a Viral YouTuber?

It's harder for faceless videos to go viral on YouTube. YouTube automation isn't a new idea, and there are many people who make faceless channels in all kinds of niches. You'll need to have a very good and unique idea for your videos if you want to stand out. Alternatively, look for a niche with low competition. If you automate all processes on your YouTube channel, then the quality will depend on the skill of your team.

What Does it Take to Become a Successful YouTuber?

To become a successful YouTuber, you need creativity and a unique personality. With faceless YouTube channels, however, you need to have the right skills or depend on the skills of the team that you assemble. This is harder than you think. It can take a lot of trial and error before you find the right skilled team that works together efficiently to make YouTube automation worth it.

How Long Does a YouTube Video Have to Be to Make Money?

You should make your videos at least 8 minutes so you can place extra ads that come in the middle of the video. There are 3 types of ads: pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll. Using all 3 can maximize your ad revenue but can create a bad experience for your viewers if your video is too short. But, there is no minimum length for monetizing YouTube videos. 

Conclusion: Is YouTube Automation the Best Way to Make Money Online?

If you are trying to sell a product or service, then creating a faceless, automated YouTube channel can help drive traffic to your business while earning extra from ads and affiliate marketing. However, if you want to earn solely from ad revenue through niche cash cow channels, you may find that it is easier said than done.

Here are some challenges you will face with faceless YouTube channels:

  • If there is over one video on one topic, viewers will generally select the one on top, which would typically be the one with the highest view count. You need to get lucky to find a high traffic niche with little to no competition. Using bots to increase your subscriber and view count is illegal and will get your account banned.
  • Automating your channel requires you to hire a team to handle the production process. This creates a risk that can end up leaving you with negative cash flow.
  • Using workflow automation tools is the closest you're going to get to a low risk YouTube channel business, but this means you will still need the skills and time to work on your own videos.

If you are looking for a low risk passive income business model that does not need automation, check out local lead generation. In this business model, you act as a sort of digital land lord in which you earn predictable income from your tenants.

It works by creating a site and ranking it on Google using free tactics such as SEO and renting it out to local businesses. These businesses pay you monthly for the leads they get from your ranked sites. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of locations so you don't have to worry much about competition.

Once your site is ranked, it can remain that way for years before you even need to update it. You don't need to hire a team to automate anything, as there is very little maintenance to be done. You just have to repeat the process repeatedly to scale your way to financial freedom. These are the reasons local lead generation is my number one passive income business model.

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