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Best Personal Development Courses in 2024 (Pros & Cons, Topics, and Course Details)

April 11, 2024

The best personal development courses in 2024 are:

Personal development courses help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses to improve their emotional intelligence, skill sets, financial literacy, entrepreneurial mindset, and personal ethics. According to The Women's Organisation, PeopleSense, and, these programs allow you to create opportunities for growth and success in 2024. The best personal development courses are pathways for greater self-awareness, personal branding, resiliency, and even professional development. In fact, career advancements stem from healthy personal habits such as practicing conflict resolution and debt management, as mentioned in Business Graduates Association's blog.

The latest data from Global Market Insights and Grand View Research's Market Analysis Report reveal that the personal development industry is expected to grow by 7% yearly until 2030. This means that coaching programs, online courses, and consulting services will continue to grow in 2024 and beyond. The industry's profitability and demand will continue to attract aspiring and existing coaches. In fact, personal development or life coaches earn around $100 to $1,000 per hour, according to Talyaa Vardar of Flow Coaching Institute.

Adrian Marta, a Project Manager based in Seattle, Washington, commented on the increasing benefits of personal development courses. In his Quora comment, he mentioned that such courses help individuals develop unique personalities, more specific goals, healthier relationships, and stronger self-confidence. Moreover, he said that personal development courses enable you to identify your personality traits and make in-depth success roadmaps.

While personal development courses are helpful, aspiring course takers must look for reputable coaches or experts in the industry. Famous self-development professionals include Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, and Clark Kegley. They offer reliable insights into wealth-building habits, love languages, mental exercises, and many more.

This article dives into the best personal development courses in 2024, their pros and cons, topics covered, and other course details.

Best Personal Development Courses in 2024

Expensive Personal Development Courses

Your Ultimate Identity by Brian Ridgway

Your Ultimate Identity is an advanced support program designed to aid in personal development, including financial stability, mental block removal, and relationship improvement. The program is born out of Ridgway's own struggles and traumas, seeking to guide others in realizing their life's purpose through a variety of methods including self-improvement programs, meditation, and his book "Break Yourself".

Brian (D) Ridgway is a writer, speaker, life mentor, and the founder of Level 5 Mentoring born in Columbus, Ohio. He studied in Sheridan Elementary School in San Francisco, then studied at South Carolina State University in 1998. During the same year, Brian launched his own business as the CEO of Brian D. Ridgway Consulting, offering 1-on-1 and public speaking consultations.


Your Ultimate Identity comes with a program coordinator.

Your Ultimate Identity includes daily exercises to do.

Brian Ridgway has a public Facebook group and 2 private groups.


Your Ultimate Identity has no private community.

The online course has no guarantee of success.

Your Ultimate Identity focuses on self-improvement and does not teach money making skills.


Your Ultimate Identity Review cost $777 OR $295 for a 3-month payment plan.


Your Ultimate Identity uses audio lessons for its training format.


Your Ultimate Identity has no mentioned group on the website. However, you get a program coordinator as your support system. Additionally, Brian has an Unconditional Happiness public group with 10.4K. Both Conscious Creation: Mastering The 5 Keys (387 members) and Beyond Soulmates (215 members) are private groups.

Refund Policy

Your Ultimate Identity has a refund policy of 2 months and 10 days OR a 10-week money-back guarantee.


Your Ultimate Identity started in 2023.


Brian Ridgway has 4.9 rating on Facebook.

NCO Success Academy by Steven Foust

NCO Success Academy by Steven Foust is an online platform tailored for Army non-commissioned officers (NCOs) striving for career advancement and personal development. Foust's program offers a comprehensive array of tools, resources, and training sessions, including counseling templates, leadership workshops, and live coaching sessions, aiming to equip SPC(P), CPL, and SGT-ranked individuals with the necessary skills and support for success in their military careers.

Steven Foust is the owner of Tower Digital Media LLC. He formerly served on active duty in the United States Army from 1985 to 1998. According to him, he “quickly climbed the enlisted ranks, from PVT/E-1 to SFC/E-7 in 8-years” and then ranked to SSG/E-6 “in less than 5 years.”He would later join the United States Army Reserve, filling different leadership roles for 8 years.


Steven Foust is a trusted authority. With his experience as an Army and corporate world, Steven can provide excellent guidance for students seeking career advancement and promotion.

Membership rates are fixed. Monthly and quarterly members get to keep the price they initially paid for. They remain unaffected when the platform raises prices in the future.

Private coaching is available for all members. Everyone in the program gets private mentoring and Q&A sessions with experienced leaders.

The program’s content continues to evolve. NCO Success Academy regularly holds monthly training sessions and adds updated templates.

Supportive community. The program has a “super-engaged” NCO community with over 41.4k members where members can interact with and gain knowledge from expert coaches and fellow non-commissioned officers.


The program is fairly new. NCO Success Academy’s NCOOnFire website was only registered March 31, 2021 while the private Facebook group was created April 29, 2021.

No public reviews. The 4 short testimonials posted on the website are screenshots from the private Facebook group. Upon research, we see no reviews or relevant information on Better Business Bureau, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, TrustPilot, and other online sources.

No indication about how long it will take to complete the program. While the website points out that the training courses are self-paced and all materials are accessible 24/7, we read nothing about how long it takes to finish the program. Since new trainings and templates are added regularly, this can mean additional expenses for Monthly and Quarterly users.


NCO Success Academy costs $39 per month, $78 per quarter, or $497 for one-time payment (lifetime membership).


The private Facebook group Optimized NCO has 47.4k members, so far. Students can interact and network with expert coaches and fellow NCOs for mentoring and collaboration opportunities, among others.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of NCO Success Academy is a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied students can request for a full refund, no questions asked.


NCO Success Academy started in 2021.


Steven Foust is a former US Army and corporate leader. As a teacher and coach, he has plenty of valuable insights to share with students.

Kevin Q Academy by Kevin Qiu

Kevin Qiu’s Kevin Q Academy is a comprehensive online program offering an 8-course lifetime membership to improve various life aspects, such as fitness, wealth, confidence, stress management, and relationships. It suits individuals aiming to enhance their personal and professional lives through self-improvement and entrepreneurship. It includes access to over 250 videos and 8 workshops focusing on practical skills and personal accountability.

Kevin Qiu is the founder of Kevin Q Academy, KQ Media, KQ Properties, and Rebel Coffee. He is a personal development coach and an entrepreneur with multiple 6-figure businesses and a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. Kevin lives and works in the New York City Metropolitan Area in the United States. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Economics and Finance. He also attended the New York Film Academy to study Acting.


Kevin Q Academy covers different self-development topics like confidence, wealth, fitness, relationships, and career advancement.

The program has flexible payment terms. You can also customize the courses you want to avail.

Kevin Qiu has a significant social media following.


Kevin Q Academy has limited testimonials on third-party platforms.

Kevin Qiu has no media publications despite owning multiple 6-figure income businesses.

The online program doesn’t go in-depth on a specific topic.


Kevin Q Academy costs $479 OR 2 monthly installments of $287.


Kevin Q Academy offers self-paced learning videos.

Refund Policy

Kevin Q Academy has a 7-day refund policy.


Kevin Q Academy has 25.7K Instagram followers, while Kevin Qiu has 71.4K Instagram followers, 25K Facebook followers, 4.7K TikTok followers, and 500+ YouTube subscribers.

Affordable Personal Development Courses

College 101 by Shane Hummus

shane hummus review

Shane Hummus's "College 101: Graduate College Debt Free With Your Dream Degree" is a comprehensive course that guides students through the process of choosing the right college and major, minimizing debt, and accelerating their education to enter high-paying careers quickly. Shane, leveraging his own experience of graduating with a doctorate in under 6 years, offers strategies for efficient studying, job searching, and career advancement. The course, suitable for high school graduates, working professionals, and parents, focuses on practical steps to achieve academic and professional success without accruing significant debt.

Shane Humason, aka Shane Hummus, is an American YouTuber and educator from Las Vegas, Nevada. His goal is to help people get high-paying jobs while avoiding getting buried in student debt. Shane Hummus went to The University of Kansas, where he took pre-pharmacy studies. He then earned a doctorate in pharmacy from the Roseman University of Health Sciences. Shane also previously worked as a pharmacist for less than 4 years.


Shane gives a lot of valuable tips and tricks for free on his YouTube channel.

You get discounts to the recommended courses when signing up using Shane's affiliate link.


Some of the information Shane shares are not exactly accurate or outdated.

You need to double check before taking any his advice as Shane posts information that are specific to his experience and situation.


Shane Hummus' College 101 course costs $397. His course is purchased through Teachable.

Refund Policy

College 101 offers a 14-day refund (guaranteed by Teachable).


College 101 started in 2017.

30X Life by Brad Sugars

30X Life is a 30-day coaching course by Brad Sugars that focuses on life, business, and wealth improvement. It offers 15 hours of training, live Zoom sessions, and a progress workbook. 30X Life also include extensive training and networking opportunities. Aside from 30X Life, Brad Sugars also offers 30X Wealth and 30X Business courses.

Bradley J Sugars is a motivational coach, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and influential entrepreneur. He was born in Brisbane, Australia, on the 28th of May 1971. Brad graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business-Accounting. Brad dreamed of being a business coach. In high school, he would save money to watch Jim Rohn preach on stage, and his passion for business grew with him. Brad always believed that the "hustle and grind" mentality was not enough to propel him to the pedestal.


30X Life offer 15 hours of in-depth video training with Brad Sugars himself.

The course has live Zoom coaching calls, where you can ask questions and build a network with other participants.

It offers daily insights on 10 core skills you need to master.

30X Life offers a workbook to track daily progress and growth.

The course has bonus lessons on 30X learning, productivity, and quick cash.


30X Life is relatively new and there are no unsolicited reviews online to back its worthiness.

Brad Sugars is notorious for upselling.

There are many controversies on the credibility and business practices of Brad Sugars.

There are some negative reviews on Brad's past courses (and franchises), stating that he is "the biggest scam ever" and that the course is "not worth buying".


30X Life costs $99 upfront.

Refund Policy

30X Life has a 100% money-back guarantee.


Action International was founded in 1993. The company changed its name to ActionCOACH Global in 2005.


30 years in the industry, Brad is the CEO of 9 companies and the multi-million dollar coaching franchise ActionCOACH.

More Info

Aligned Intelligence Method by Mia Hewett

Mia Hewett's Aligned Intelligence Method offers a transformative approach for entrepreneurs seeking to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve substantial business growth. Through her book, live intensives, and year-long coaching program, Hewett empowers individuals to identify and address their core traumas, enabling them to break free from self-sabotage and unlock their full potential.

Mia Hewett does entrepreneur coaching, mentoring, and writing books. She’s the co-founder of Aligned Intelligence Method aiming to help individuals reach their full potential. Mia co-founded Aligned Intelligence Inc. with her partner, Michael Della Volpe, in 2009. She has also been a mentor in the Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program since 2014. Mia is a contributing writer to Thrive Global, a wellness and fitness company for individuals and companies, since 2017.


Private Facebook Group: Get access to Mia and Michael, her partner, for your questions.

Replays: The Live Intensive has replays available.

Personal Concierge: Mia provides a personal concierge to assist students with any tech queries.


Fluff: The book is written like a story, so the point can be lost in between.

Unmentioned Business: Mia said she has a multi-million dollar businesses, but never mentioned its name or industry.


Mia Hewett's 5-Day Live Intensive costs $97. The Meant For More book costs $7. The Awakened Entrepreneur’s price is not publicly disclosed.

Refund Policy

The 5-Day Live Intensive program has a money-back guarantee. The Awakened Entrepreneur has an 8-week guarantee for the year-long plan.

Cheap Personal Development Courses

Millionaire Morning Routine by Craig Ballantyne

The Millionaire Morning Routine is a personal development program by Craig Ballantyne. Comprising a 21-day challenge, a digital copy of The Perfect Day Formula book, a Reality Maker Blueprint, and supplementary materials, this program aims to enhance energy, motivation, and productivity, positioning participants on the fast track to financial success. By instilling winning habits, the Millionaire Morning Routine offers a pathway to accelerated success, drawing on an age-old farmer's secret for just 15 minutes a day.

Craig Ballantyne is a book author, business coach, content creator, entrepreneur, investor, and motivational speaker. According to his website, his entrepreneurial journey began as a farm boy helping his father run a cattle farm in Ontario, Canada. In 2005, he made a living working 60 hours a week as a personal trainer at a city gym. His life eventually changed under the mentorship of Mark Ford, founder of Early To Rise. Over the years, Craig successfully managed to “build five 7-figure businesses in five different industries, write three books (including one Wall Street Journal best-seller), and mentor thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.”


The program is customized for each student. Millionaire Morning Routine prides itself for not using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Craig Ballantyne knows what he’s talking about. As someone who rose from poverty to becoming a successful business coach for elite entrepreneurs, students can be rest assured Craig speaks from personal experience. His insights are effective and valuable.

There is power in building morning habits. The world’s most successful people have established their own morning rituals and this program guides you in creating yours.


Most reviews available online are positive. This may seem like a good thing but some potential learners may feel wary about availing due to the lack of reviews that share both the positive and negative aspects of the program.

No personal coaching. Buyers only get access to the program materials - not one-on-one mentoring. Considering the cheap cost, this is understandable but other learners may still feel they can benefit better with help from a coach.

Expect upsells. Craig offers other programs and coaching packages so expect offers for those. However, most of these won’t come inexpensive since he and his team usually mentors top entrepreneurs.


The entire program currently costs $27, although the original price is at $180.95.

Refund Policy

Yes, there is a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days.


The Millionaire Morning Routine website displays testimonials from students who have used the program and/or have worked directly with Craig Ballantyne.

Why Consider Local Lead Generation Over Personal Development Courses in 2024

Lots of business models promise profitability and success, but don't follow through. Either they just want to promote their courses or the industry they're in is just not sustainable, lucrative, and scalable enough. Personal development courses are gaining popularity in 2024. However, making consistent income through this online business model is difficult because of market saturation. The barrier to entry is low since you can get certifications and training online. Once you have the necessary credentials, skills, and knowledge, the next challenge is to gain experience from acquiring actual clients. The problem is that beginners have less exposure and gets skipped during the selection phase. This makes it tough to gain paying clients, experience, and brand awareness.

Alternatively, local lead generation is a simpler, more profitable, and more scalable online business model. It doesn't require you to undergo training and coaching programs to acquire certificates to be official or legitimate. You just need in-depth knowledge of organic marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website building. And since the market is localized, you don't compete with hundreds of thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs. It's also easy to get leads because the market is ready to buy.


All you need is to create digital assets in the form of local websites. It doesn't take weeks or months to build. You just have to spend a few hours to choose a local service niche and create a customized website for your target audience. Then, use the best SEO strategies to rank your site on the first page of Google. Once it's ranked, you'll immediately receive calls and messages from hot leads. You can then sell these leads to local business owners or let businesses rent your digital asset. This lets you earn as high as $1,000 per lead or around $10,000 for every service site you make. You get 80%-95% profit margins with zero cost for generating the leads.

Create clear goals, establish a sustainable online business, and ensure financial stability in 2024 with local lead gen.

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