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Top 15 Digital Marketing Courses in 2024 (PLUS 15 Freelance Course Options)

July 19, 2024


Some of the top digital marketing courses in 2024 are:

  • VSL Masterclass by Peter Kell
  • Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe
  • Digital Marketing Career Blueprint by Seth Jared Hymes
  • My Marketing Coach by Terry Dean
  • Chat Money System by Marcel Fernandes
  • List Building Lifestyle by Igor Kheifets
  • Local Lead Generation Training Program by Dan Klein

Digital marketing courses allow marketers, aspiring business owners, and entrepreneurs to level up their digital skills in online omni-channel marketing and increase their industry knowledge. According to Emeritus and Great Learning, these programs can help you climb the corporate ladder, improve your digital strategy and planning, or bump up your potential income. They also help businesses enhance their branding and positioning to boost product sales and online presence. FutureLearn's article entitled Why is Digital Marketing Important for Business? reveals that joining such courses drives businesses to hone their content curation, target audience analysis, customer journey mapping, and digital community management capabilities.

Over 55% of marketing these days is digital marketing, according to the management consultancy firm The Winterberry Group. Every business should have a solid online presence if they want to succeed in the highly competitive industries and markets of 2024. However, there are only a small number of technically skilled digital marketers worldwide. That's why the demand for them is growing yearly. A quick Google search reveals that there are 74,000 searches monthly for "digital marketing jobs". This means more and more individuals are actively joining digital marketing courses to outpace the competitors.

Reddit user Sharan_dev shared how learning digital marketing is a long-term investment for your income potential, skill improvement, and career advancement. He mentioned that this industry is continuously growing because of technological upgrades and high internet penetration. Sharan_dev also suggested consistently adapting to industry trends and learning the latest strategies to stay competitive.

Sunil Kumar Saw, owner of digital media agency Add4profit, mentioned in a Quora post how the demand for a strong online presence is growing. He said that digital marketing agency owners and marketers can make significant income by offering services like SEO, content marketing, and PPC advertising. However, he points out that success in this industry is only possible through in-depth market research, strategic planning, and providing high-quality services.

Attracting and retaining clients means having a broad range of digital marketing skills. This way, you get to offer top-notch services that drive impact and results. If you're planning on upskilling or venturing into this saturated industry, investing in reputable courses or experienced mentors is key. There are many online courses available on the internet (both paid and free). So, it's best to identify the skills you want and need to learn. Some of the most in demand digital marketing courses focus on skills like SEO, copywriting, paid advertising, and social media marketing.

In this article, we look at the best digital marketing courses in 2024. We'll also feature the top 15 freelance digital marketing courses to look out for. Plus, you'll get dibs on my personally recommended course to make money online in the 21st century.

Expensive Digital Marketing Courses

VSL Masterclass by Peter Kell

The "Video Sales Letter (VSL) Masterclass" is a 3-week online course created by Peter Kell, a prominent VSL advertiser from Las Vegas. Designed for dropshippers, affiliates, agency owners, and entrepreneurs, the course teaches how to create effective video sales letters, a key tool in modern marketing used by brands and marketers to drive action from potential clients. Peter Kell shares his signature techniques over 9 modules and 7.5 hours of content, covering topics from mindset shifts to spy tools and campaign finding. Highlighting the importance of VSLs in marketing, Kell notes the challenges and expenses involved in creating successful VSLs, including the necessity of research, teamwork, and authoritative voices for the product.

Price: VSL Masterclass costs $3,000, down from an initial pre-selling price of $16,000. 

More Info: VSL Masterclass Review

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe

Legendary Marketer is an online marketing education platform by David Sharpe. It offers several training courses focusing on “four core high-ticket online business models,” namely affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching & consulting, and events & masterminds. Their mission is to help learners start or grow their own online businesses “using online and cutting edge marketing strategies.” Legendary Marketer provides their learners with “robust digital courses, personalized virtual coaching and highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events.” 

Price: Legendary Marketer cost varies per course. Most of David's courses costs $2,500.

More Info: Legendary Marketer Review

The Influencer Bootcamp by Christina Galbato

The Influencer Bootcamp is an online digital marketing course that teaches influencers how to grow their social media presence on Instagram. You learn how to build your brand from scratch using a secret method to growing an engaged audience. Christina reveals what tools to use and even what camera preset settings to implement so you can bring your IG photos to life. You'll learn how to reach out to brand contacts and PR agencies to establish a professional relationship. The course is well laid out and presented in a clear and modern format. You also get access to a media kit and email pitch templates.

Price: Influencer Bootcamp costs $2,497.

More Info: The Influencer Bootcamp Review

ReviewPro Launchpad by Mike Schmidt

ReviewPro Launchpad, created by Mike Schmidt, is a comprehensive training course designed for marketing agencies, business owners, digital marketers, and freelancers. It focuses on making money online through reputation management services, offering a 6-section course with lifetime access to resell ReviewLead. The course claims to help businesses achieve five-star reviews and emphasizes the importance of online reputation management, a field where professionals earn an average annual salary of $65,367 according to Glassdoor. While it teaches how to improve and manage online reviews, it cautions that service quality, beyond control of the manager, can impact effectiveness and income.

Price: ReviewPro Launchpad costs $1,497, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

More Info: ReviewPro Launchpad Review

Laptop Lifestyle Master Program by Jet van Wijk

The "Laptop Lifestyle Master Program" is a 3-month coaching program created by Marjet (Jet) van Wijk, aimed at helping individuals become successful high-ticket digital marketing freelancers. It provides lifetime access to resources and training in various high-income skills like copywriting, web development, and digital marketing. With the growing freelancing industry, which reached 60 million in the US in 2022, this program seeks to give newcomers an edge in a competitive market, where 50% of freelancers reportedly fail within the first year. 

Price: Laptop Lifestyle Master Program cost is undisclosed.

More Info: Laptop Lifestyle Master Program Review

Authority Income Accelerator by Justin Saunders

Justin Saunders's Authority Income Accelerator (AIA) is a specialized coaching program for consultants and coaches looking to expand their business. AIA focues on Instagram Ads for client acquisition. AIA also includes personal guidance, accountability check-ins, and access to a private community of high-earning professionals. Justin Saunders started his digital marketing journey in 2017 for health care providers and solar business owners. 

Price: Authority Income Accelerator's starting cost is $2000, according to its students.

More Info: Authority Income Accelerator Review

Flexxable by Dan Wardrope

Flexxable is a training platform designed to teach the Pay Per Lead (PPL) model, specifically targeting users interested in using Facebook paid ads to generate leads. Flexxable offers a variety of educational resources, including step-by-step guides, courses, and personal coaching, aimed at teaching effective strategies for finding profitable niches and creating high-conversion ad campaigns.

Price: Flexxable's Pay Per Lead Agency Blueprint course costs vary from $2,900 to $7,800.

More Info: Flexxable Review

Seven Figure Agency by Josh Nelson

The Seven Figure Agency offers programs that help digital marketing agencies scale through a series of strategic implementations and refined processes. The platform recommends specialization, urging agencies to focus on a specific niche, which enhances their market positioning and authority, thereby attracting more qualified leads and improving client retention. Nelson's fulfillment approach involves leveraging modern digital marketing tools and tactics to streamline service delivery and maximize client satisfaction.

Price: Seven Figure Agency OnRamp course costs $2,500 and the coaching program costs $3,000/month.

More Info: Seven Figure Agency Review

Affordable Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint by Seth Jared Hymes

The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint, created by Seth Jared Hymes, is a comprehensive course covering key aspects of digital marketing like Google Ads, Analytics, WordPress, SEO, and web design. The course includes practical elements like resume building and job search strategies and is priced at $797, with a three-monthly payment option. 

Price: Digital Marketing Career Blueprint costs $797 but Seth Jared Hymes offers a 3-payment plan, which is $297 each month.

More Info: Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Review

My Marketing Coach by Terry Dean


My Marketing Coach is a comprehensive platform providing a range of online marketing courses such as email newsletters, funnels, landing pages, and ad automation. It emphasizes efficient marketing techniques that enable individuals to work just one hour a day while potentially earning up to 6-figures. The platform features various programs including the Golden Glove Persuasion Map, Authority Lists & Traffic, 1-Hour Work Day, 21 Money Multipliers, Magnetic Mentoring, Client Funnel Formula, Autoresponder Alchemy, and personalized coaching with Terry Dean, aiming to equip users with the skills needed for successful online marketing.

Price: My Marketing Coach has several prices: Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ for $99, Authority Lists & Traffic for $198, 1-Hour Work Day for $99, 21 Money Multipliers for $79, Magnetic Mentoring for $499, Client Funnel Formula for $199, Autoresponder Alchemy for $179, and One-On-One Coaching With Terry Dean for $600 (email coaching only) or $1,200 (email coaching and 45-minute phone sessions)

More Info: My Marketing Coach Review

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income or SPI Academy, an integral part of his diverse online business ventures, offers invaluable insights and strategies for creating successful online enterprises. Pat offers various courses tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs and focuses on generating passive income through various digital channels. Pat leverages his extensive experience to teach effective methods in affiliate marketing, podcasting, and digital product creation. The SPI Academy stands out for its comprehensive and user-friendly approach, catering to both beginners and experienced online business owners.

Price: Pat Flynn's SPI Academy courses vary per course. The All-Access Pass quarterly billing costs $179, while the annual billing is $599.

More Info: Pat Flynn Review 

SWAS Accelerator by Pavel Ketsuk

Pavel Ketsuk

Pavel Ketsuk's SWAS Accelerator offers a free learning platform introducing the Software-with-a-Service (SWAS) agency model, combining white-label SaaS sales with digital marketing services. While the course provides valuable insights into agency setup and client acquisition, it heavily relies on HighLevel's CRM tool.

Despite the lack of depth in digital marketing techniques, the course offers practical guidance for entrepreneurs aiming to establish passive income through recurring service fees. However, white labeling is known to be prone to oversaturation. More so since HighLevel offers 40% affiliate share, which a lot of influencers have already jumped in.

Price: According to the latest update on the course website, SWAS Accelerator costs $497.

More info: SWAS Accelerator Review

Conversion Rate Academy by Oliver Kenyon


The Conversion Rate Academy, a digital course created by ConversionWise Ltd. and led by Coach Oliver Kenyon, provides an extensive 67-video curriculum centered on the innovative ConversionDesign™ system. This system equips marketers, affiliates, e-commerce store owners, website developers, and performance marketing professionals with the tools and strategies needed to optimize landing pages, websites, and affiliate marketing campaigns for higher conversion rates. Designed for those looking to enhance their conversion rates in a short span of time, the course is beneficial for team leaders seeking to elevate their team's CRO skills and knowledge.

Price: Conversion Rate Academy is $47 monthly or $297 annually (saves $367).

More Info: Conversion Rate Academy Review

7 Figure Visionary by Dino Gomez

7 Figure Visionary is a mastermind that teaches a specialized marketing strategy using mini-workshops to increase lead generation and sales conversions. This program integrates 1-on-1 coaching calls, training sessions, and quarterly mastermind retreats, and a support community. The program includes practical modules covering everything from creating attractive offers to designing and delivering effective workshops that maximize sales.

Price: 7 Figure Visionary packages begin at $400/month.

More Info: 7 Figure Visionary Review

Local Marketing Vault by James Bonadies

Local Marketing Vault course teaches students how to use paid ads like Facebook and Google Ads to generate leads for small businesses. The program includes step-by-step training on finding clients, creating and managing ad campaigns, and using tools like ClickFunnels for optimized landing pages. The course also offers weekly coaching calls, a private Facebook group, and additional support options.

Price: Local Marketing Vault costs $89/month or around $5,000 depending on the program.

More Info: Local Marketing Vault Review

Cheap Digital Marketing Courses

Chat Money System by Marcel Fernandes

Chat Money System is a digital marketing training that teaches you how to become a digital marketing broker by sending direct messages to businesses on Instagram and connecting them with digital marketing service providers. This training program has over 13 training modules that show you what steps you need to take to make money. You also get DM scripts you can use when reaching out to business owners. Chat Money System shows you how to locate potential clients. This business model works in any country that allows social media.

Price: Chat Money System costs $97 and $28.62 per month for continued coaching.

More Info: Chat Money System Review

List Building Lifestyle by Igor Kheifets

List Building Lifestyle by Igor Kheifets is an online academy and mentoring program focused on email list building and digital marketing. It targets individuals seeking to transition from traditional employment to full-time online marketing, promising financial freedom and a reduced workload. The program offers a subscription-based membership and provides exclusive features such as live hot seats with Igor for personalized feedback and access to a network of industry insiders.

Price: List Building Lifestyle costs $97 per month for basic club membership.

More Info: List Building Lifestyle Review

Local Lead Generation Training Program by Dan Klein

The Local Lead Generation training program shows you how to rank services sites you own and send free organic traffic to local businesses who need more customers. In the process, you get a sliver to deliver those leads to them. There are live coaching calls twice per week where Dan and other highly successful students touch on current strategies that help you rank your sites. If you want to reach financial freedom, this is the best digital marketing course. You are taught every step of how to make money online.


You learn how to build each service site so that if makes site visitors want to take action. 

All of the SEO methods taught in this course are white hat, current and proven to rank sites locally and nationally.

You'll learn about PBN's which will help your sites rank locally.

Highly active private Facebook group where you get access to many contacts and resources that help you succeed.


The cost of the Local Lead Generation Training Program is revealed over the phone with the sales team. 


Freelance Digital Marketing FAQs

Which Digital Marketing Skill is Best for Freelancing?

SEO is the digital marketing skill that is best for freelancing, according to Upwork’s Top In-Demand Skills 2023 list. SEO entails improving a brand’s visibility in search engines like Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Bing to get more organic traffic. SEO is a preferred marketing channel for many businesses because it can be a highly efficient form of marketing that generates results for the long-term when done right. Although other digital marketing skills have been effective in the past, many are starting to decline in value.

Is Freelance Digital Marketing Legit?

Yes, freelance digital marketing is legit. According to a recent survey by Fiverr Pro, 54% of marketing leaders claim that there are more freelancers on their team than ever before. Freelance digital marketers provide companies with a highly effective solution to meet marketing initiatives compared with hiring employees that come with additional overhead costs.

Furthermore, you’re likely to make more money as a freelance digital marketer compared to other jobs available in the economy. When comparing the average freelance digital marketing salary of $78,000 against the 2022 median household income as reported by the US Census Bureau of $74,580, freelance digital marketers earn nearly 4.6% more than other jobs. With more companies hiring freelancer digital marketers and solid income potential, you no longer need to question whether freelance digital marketing is legit.

Is Freelance Digital Marketing a Good Career Choice?

Yes, freelance digital marketing is a good career choice. The global digital advertising and marketing industry is expected to grow at a strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9% through 2030. Opportunities for freelance digital marketers are likely to grow substantially as a result. Freelance digital marketing also comes with many benefits, including increased work flexibility, uncapped income potential, and extensive autonomy. However, freelance digital marketing isn’t a good career choice for everyone. If you want to avoid periods of income instability, freelance digital marketing isn’t optimal because the nature of freelancing is that you take on temporary assignments for multiple clients.

How Much Can a Freelancer Earn in Digital Marketing?

A freelancer can earn between $2,800 and $100,000+ in digital marketing, depending on factors like experience level, specific digital marketing role, client acquisition method, and country of operation. For example, a freelancer can earn in digital marketing based on experience level. According to Thinkful, it's between $41,828 and $82,483 yearly. Furthermore, a comprehensive digital marketing job like freelance digital marketing manager pays much more than jobs that rely on a single digital marketing skill, such as a graphic designer or content writer. 

How To Become a Freelance Digital Marketer?

  1.  Choose a digital marketing skill to specialize in.
  2. Develop your digital marketing skills through education and experience.
  3. Create a portfolio of your work experiences.
  4. Set your pricing.
  5. Find and pitch clients on your services.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of online strategies such as social media, search engines, and email marketing to promote brands to consumers. The aim is to generate online traffic and boost revenue faster than it would take you if you implemented traditional marketing methods such as cold calling, door knocking, billboards, and more. According to one study, digital marketing can increase brand awareness by 80% which is why 99% of business do well in implementing a digital marketing strategy.

The Best Way To Make Money Online in 2024: Digital Marketing or Local Lead Generation?

Digital marketing courses can help you gain industry insights, expand your digital skill set, and discover proven marketing strategies. However, lots of these courses are overpriced yet offers only basic knowledge or information you can get from free resources. It's also difficult to find cheap digital marketing courses that are taught by skilled, experienced, and reputable professionals in the industry. Because of the abundance of free resources, aspiring digital marketers find it easy to dive into this saturated market. It's mentally and physically draining to keep on upskilling and learning just to be competitive enough to acquire clients, not to mention retaining them.

On the bright side, the local lead generation business model has way less competition because of its localized niches. The market is always ready to buy. You won't experience constant grinding just to acquire and retain clients like in digital marketing. When you have leads, local business owners will always contact you. Plus, you have more control over your business. You can choose who to send leads to. It doesn't involve burning all your time monitoring marketing campaigns all day. Once your sites are ranked, they stay ranked.

You don't need to keep on training or joining multiple programs just to succeed in this industry. All you need is a good mentor with skills and years of experience to teach you the basics and how to build a local lead gen business step by step. Plus, local lead generation is very beginner friendly, unlike digital marketing where you need to establish a portfolio of client work over years of experience to get decent paying opportunities. This is because you bring clients an already functioning marketing channel ready to start generating them leads immediately instead of working on marketing initiatives that could potentially bring them leads.

Starting a local lead generation business entails selecting a local niche and building websites for each local service. Then, use SEO to rank your sites organically on search engines like Google. Once you're on the first page of search results, you immediately get free leads your way. You can then rent out your websites to local businesses or sell the leads you've collected. This method allows you to build a scalable business because local lead generation websites require minimal maintenance. You spend time working on digital assets that you can monetize.

Build an online business you have 100% control over. Discover how local lead gen websites can help you generate over $50K per month.

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