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13 Best Online Sales Training Courses in 2024: Best Programs for Beginners and Professionals

April 9, 2024

Online sales is a high-pressure job that offers lucrative opportunities with good performance. You need to equip yourself with the best skill set if you are to find success as an online salesperson. The best way to learn effective online sales techniques is to study the best sales professionals in the business. I’ve compiled a list of the best online sales training courses, with each of them having their own unique approach and strategy. The best course for you will be the one that suites your specific style, situation, and goals. These courses are great for both beginners and professionals alike.


Just a reminder: I am not an affiliate for any of the programs on this list. 

If you choose to purchase one of the four sales training courses outlined in this article, I don't receive any compensation. 

Best Sales Training Courses

Straight Line Persuasion by Jordan Belfort

Straight Line Persuasion is a comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and strategies necessary to master the art of persuasion in sales and communication. The course focuses on the "straight line" approach, which emphasizes the systematic process of building rapport, identifying needs, handling objections, and closing deals seamlessly. Belfort's strategy centers on understanding human psychology, honing communication skills, and implementing proven persuasion techniques to achieve unparalleled success in sales and beyond.

Price: Straight Line Persuasion costs $498.50

More Info: Straight Line Persuasion Review

Cardone University by Grant Cardone

grant cardone review

Cardone University is a comprehensive sales training program aimed at empowering individuals with the skills and strategies needed to excel in the competitive world of sales. The program offers a strategic approach that covers various aspects of sales, including prospecting, negotiation, and closing techniques. Through a combination of video content, interactive modules, and live coaching sessions, you are equipped with practical tools and actionable insights to boost their sales performance. Cardone's strategy emphasizes a proactive and persistent approach to sales, focusing on building rapport, overcoming objections, and maximizing productivity.

Price: Cardone University Basic Membership costs $97 a month.

More Info: Cardone University Review

Closer School Masterclass by Brad Lea

Closer School provides a comprehensive strategy for mastering the art of sales closing. With a focus on practical techniques and real-world applications, the course equips participants with the necessary skills to excel in sales environments. Lea's approach emphasizes understanding customer psychology, effective communication strategies, and leveraging persuasion techniques to close deals successfully. Through a blend of video lessons, interactive exercises, and live coaching sessions, students gain valuable insights and hands-on experience to enhance their sales performance.

Price: Closer School costs $497.

More Info: Closer School Masterclass

Acez Academy by Ali Charafeddine

Acez Academy, created by Ali “Ace” Charafeddine, is an educational platform offering interactive virtual training for sales professionals at various levels. The academy emphasizes practical skills such as effective follow-up techniques, script writing, and sales closing tactics.

The academy's strengths include interactive lessons, weekly live calls, adaptability to different skill levels, and a mobile application for ease of access. However, drawbacks such as the time investment required for sales closing, expensive personal coaching, and a lack of social media selling training are notable. Ali Charafeddine is a seasoned business coach and author.

Price: Acez Academy's Individual Package costs $99. The Team Package costs $997.

More info: Acez Academy Review by Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon's is an online consulting platform dedicated to empowering students in mastering "leadership-driven sales." It specializes in sales training and recruitment, particularly targeting coaches, consultants, and online service-based businesses. With overwhelmingly positive reviews across platforms like TrustPilot and notable features in publications such as Men's Journal, is recognized for its effectiveness in enhancing sales performance.

Cole Thomas Gordon is the owner, founder, and CEO of, as well as the creator of 7-Figure Selling Academy and Remote Closing Academy. Transitioning from a modest income as a bartender to achieving significant success in phone sales, Cole mastered the art of remote closing and has now established himself as an industry expert, earning up to $30 million annually. 

Price: The website does not mention any pricing information, but a WealthByDefault report suggests their services cost $8,400.

More info: Review

7 Day Remote Closer by Mike Vestil

The 7 Day Remote Closer course by Mike Vestil provides an intensive program to master remote sales, promising to guide individuals from beginners to achieving substantial monthly commissions. Mike's Silver Lining Method, a central part of his teachings, is a strategy aimed at earning high-ticket commissions through effective remote closing techniques, leveraging psychology and sales tactics. The course includes a comprehensive daily plan, covering everything from mindset mastery to specific sales strategies, including overcoming shyness in sales situations.

Price: 7 Day Remote Closer costs $67. 

More Info: 7 Day Remote Closer Review

Elite Closers by Gentry Chidester

Elite Closers is a comprehensive mentorship program that promises job placement upon completion. It targets both newcomers to sales and experienced sales representatives, aiming to develop their skills to close deals effectively and handle customer objections. The program assesses and enhances essential skills, such as active listening, understanding sales fundamentals, and problem-solving in sales situations. Elite Closers also focus on teaching techniques to engage leads and build trust rapidly.

Price: The price is given during the discovery call. It is estimated to be at the high thousands.

More Info: Elite Closers Review

Next Play by Richie Contartesi

Richie Contartesi’s Next Play is a three-step accountability system aimed at helping sales leaders and representatives enhance their performance and reach higher income goals. This program centers on clarity, focus, and accountability to attain an additional $20,000 in net commissions monthly within 90 days. Richie developed Next Play in January 2012 to help aspiring students create a personal roadmap for consistency and improved sales performance. The program includes a free strategy guide, one-on-one coaching sessions, and Richie Contartesi's extensive experience as a keynote speaker. Next Play is ideal for sales teams, leaders, and entrepreneurs who aim to boost sales and increase income. However, the program isn’t beginner-friendly and has limited online information about its specifics and pricing.


More Info: Next Play Review

NEPQ Training by Jeremy Miner

nepq training review

Jeremy Miner's NEPQ Training offers a series of courses on telesales techniques, aiming to improve closing rates using the Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Question (NEPQ) method. It includes NEPQ 2.0 and 3.0, plus an Inner Circle program, covering topics like persuasive questioning and objection handling.

Price: NEPQ Training costs change constantly from $3,000 for NEPQ 2.0 to as high as $30,000 for the Inner Circle.

More Info: NEPQ Training Review

Free Challenge Model by Ashley Shaw

Ashley Shaw offers an innovative approach to marketing through her Free Challenge Model, specifically tailored for the fitness and wellness industry. Free Challenge Model is designed to engage potential clients through interactive challenges. This model stands out for its ability to build audiences effectively while requiring less effort compared to traditional content-based strategies.

Ashley Shaw also has a wide range of done-for-you plans catering to various needs within the industry, providing editable social media templates and AI-driven challenges at accessible price points. Overall, Shaw's expertise and comprehensive offerings make her programs a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike in the fitness and wellness space.

Price: Ashley Shaw's programs has a price range of $27 to $1497.

More Info: Ashley Shaw Review

Inside Closer by Mike Barron

Mike Barron's Inside Closer program is a comprehensive high-ticket sales course that offers training on becoming a successful closer for high-ticket coaching programs, with the potential to earn $1,000 - $2,000 daily. The program focuses on specialized techniques to acquire high-ticket coaching leads and skills in closing deals. Despite the lucrative promise of significant earnings, the program emphasizes that this is not a passive income stream, requiring extensive phone work and facing potential setbacks like no-shows and fluctuating income.

Price: Inside Closer costs only $37 from its original price of $1,495.

More Info: Inside Closer Review

ConversioBot by Giri Prakash & Simon Wood

Simon Wood
Giri Prakesh

ConversioBot was created by Simon Wood and Giri Prakash in 2016. It offers an AI chatbot affiliate marketing program. The program includes 20 AI bots, training, and traffic generation insights. It allows for either pre-built or custom bot creation. Notable is its ongoing cost requirement and lack of a refund policy. ConversioBot aims to automate marketing to increase leads and sales. But, it has received mixed reviews. People question its cost and sales claims.

Price: The program costs $997.

More Info: ConversioBot Review

Offer Creation by Alex Hormozi

offer creation course review

Offer Creation Course is a sales and marketing training program focusing on creating compelling offers for any product or service. It aims to increase cash flow and scale businesses. The course doesn't require personal details for access and there's no upsell involved. However, it doesn't provide in-depth training or a coaching program. Hormozi's strategy targets businesses that can grow significantly, aligning with his business acquisition interests.

Price: Offer Creation is free

More Info: Offer Creation Review

Sales Igniters by Jonathan Gelardi

Jonathan Gelardi Sales Igniters

Sales Igniters by Jonathan Gelardi, offers a unique mentorship and placement program for aspiring high-ticket remote closers, promising immediate placement upon enrollment. With a 90-day coaching program and testimonials boasting quick placements, Sales Igniters stands out, though it lacks external reviews at the moment. Gelardi's 5C Method in remote closing guides students through a strategic sales flow, complemented by a 3-Pronged Approach to continuous education.

While some initial placements may not be high-ticket, the program's accelerated placement offers an entry point into a lucrative role. Still, expect some challenges typical of remote sales roles and manage your expectations with Gelardi's claims.

Price: The Sales Igniters' price isn't publicly available.

More info: Sales Igniters Review

Pros and Cons of Online Sales


Online sales allow you access to a larger global market.

Lower operational costs since there is no physical presence needed.

Data and analytics tools allow the analysis of customer behavior, preferences, and trends to tailor marketing strategies and improve sales.

Scalable through outsourcing and freelancing.

Access to networking groups can be very helpful in finding prospects.


Highly competitive industry.

Difficult for beginners without experience to break into.

High quotas can lead to a highly stressful environment and high turnover rates.

Unpredictable income.

Difficult for beginners without experience to break into.

Conclusion: How Lucrative Is Online Sales?

Online sales is a very lucrative work if you invest a lot of time and effort in honing your skills, finding clients, and making sales pitches. If you can adapt to the highly competitive and stressful nature of the industry, you can make a lot of money from commissions. Still, you have to keep in mind that success in online sales is not guaranteed. Your income will always be unpredictable and will depend on a lot of factors, such as the commission structure, market demand, sales volume, and more.

Beginner salespersons who are entering the industry may find it difficult when finding work, as clients often prefer those with experience over those without. You may need to gain experience first, such as working in retail or offering services of free, before you can find high paying online sales work. While there are some programs that offer job placement after training, these come with a price and are not 100% guaranteed.

How I make High Six Figures Online with Lead Generation

Years ago, I took Dan Lok's original sales training course, which was called High Ticket Closer. While this course no longer exists in 2024, I got a lot of value from it. 

Dan Lok talked about the Wealth Triangle, which is the three key components that contribute to achieving wealth and financial success.

  1. High-Income Skills: Specialized skills that have a high market demand and can command a significant income are the foundation of financial success. Examples of these high demand skills are high-ticket sales, copywriting, digital marketing, and coding. Dan emphasizes the importance of continuously improving and mastering these skills to increase earning potential.
  2. Scalable Business: As an individual is limited to 24 hours in a day, there is a limit to how much you can earn. The only way to scale your earning is to invest into a scalable business. Therefore, the end goal is to build a business that can generate passive income and grow exponentially.
  3. High-Return Investments: Once you have established a solid income stream from your high-income skills and scalable business, you need to invest in opportunities that have a high potential to generate long-term wealth. Examples of these investments include stocks, bonds, and real estate. These investments can also be low-risk sustainable businesses.

By following Dan's wealth triangle, you will have created a significant scalable short-term income stream and long-term sustainable investments. I've taken this lesson and found local lead generation.


Local lead generation is a business model that covers all 3. You need to learn SEO, which is a high-income in demand skill, for this type of business. Using SEO to rank websites (digital real estate), you can rent it out to local business to create monthly passive cash flow. In terms of scalability, it's as simple as ranking and renting out another website. As each website practically earns hands-free income every month, there is no limit to how much you can scale. A website can stay ranked on Google for years before needing any update. I have sites that I haven't touched since I launched them years ago. This means local lead generation creates sustainable long-term cash flow.

With local lead generation, I don't have to sell any products, run any marketing, or deal with any bosses. I am 100% in control of my business. A local lead generation business has a ROI of up to 95%. That means I get to keep almost all my earnings. You don't have to worry about commission rates and sales quotas. Since I started my local lead generation business, I no longer have to trade my time for money.

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